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Allen, Ethan. (See Ethan A. Allen.)

Allen, Ethan A., memorial of .

Allen, Wade, petition of

(See bill S. 202.)
Allen, Madison, petition of ..

(See bill S. 226.)
Allen, Benjamin. (See bill H. R. 351.)
Allen, Richard C., heirs and legal representatives. (See bill H.

R. 370.)
Almy, Blake, & Co., petition of
American archives, distribution of, resolution :,
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, memo-
rial referred . . . .

American Peace Society, memorial for the peaceful adjust-
ment of international difficulties .

American Shipwreck Society, memorial

American vessels, searched by British cruisers, resolution

message from the President - -

protection of trading to Buenos Ayres, petition 254
American citizens, protection of, in United States territory,

west of the Rocky mountains. (See bill H. R. 7.)
American Philosophical Society, memorial, duty on books,
maps, and scientific and literary apparatus - -

Ames, David. (See resolution S. 36.)
Anderson, John, legal representatives, petition -

Anderson, James, administrator of. (See bill H. R. 17
Andrews, Asa, petitions

- 85, 108
motion to discharge the committee, and refer. 150, 172
report and bill (see bill S. 115) - -

leave to withdraw
Annapolis harbor, beacon light at, resolution of Maryland


Appalachicola Indians. (See Thomas L. Judge.)
Appalachicola, Florida, memorial of the mayor and council,

relative to fortifications for the defence of that city ,
Appeal from the decision of the Chair, yeas and nays on
Appendix. .

Appleby, Joshua, petition

Appropriation act, civil and diplomatic, of 3d March, 1845, ex-

planatory of the 4th section of. (See bill S. 46.)
Appropriations, civil and diplomatic. (See bill H. R. 50.) ,
yeas and nays .

· 483,
Appropriations for certain objects specified.

yeas and nays -
Appropriations, to supply deficiencies of. (See bill H. R. 179.)
Archer, Hon. William S., attended ..

presented the credentials of Mr. Berrien, of Georgia,
and Mr. Pennybacker, of Virginia . .

resolutions submitted by, viz:
compensation of clerks of the circuit and district courts
change in the time of holding the spring terms of the
United States district courts at Richmond and Nor-
folk, Virginia, and at Knoxville, Tennessee ·



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64, 217, 377

Archibald. (See Sour John.)
Ardís, John S. (See George Guier.)
Arkansas, memorials and petitions of citizens-

Red river raft, removal of -
establishment of mail routes - 69, 91, 142, 161, 164, 21
increase of compensation to surveyors of public lands
in Arkansas -

164, 174
(See bill S. 195.)
Arkansas legislature, resolutions and memorials of

removal of Red river raft
sale of the public lands
application of lands granted for a seminary to the sup-
port of common schools -

(See bill S. 56.)
completing road between Memphis and Little Rock,

and opening a road from Little Rock to Fort Smith
construction of levees on the Arkansas and Missis-

sippi rivers, to reclaim inundated lands - -
reduction of postage'.
pre-emption to settlers on confirmed Spanish and

French grants; and confirmation of titles to lands
commonly called “ Bowie claims". .

See bill S. 94.) .
against the distribution of proceeds of the public lands
against a national bank, internal improvements, and
the present tariff .

establishment of mail routes.
Arkansas, establishment of an additional district court in, reso-

lution - - -
sale of lands (supposed to contain lead ore) in, res-

olution -
assent of Congress to a change in the compact between

the United States and Arkansas. (See bill S. 56.)
establishment of mail routes in, 69, 91, 142, 159, 161, 164,

184, 217, 314, 323
protection of overflowed lands in, resolution -
amendment of act 17th June, 1844, for the adjust-
ment of land claims in. (See bill Ś. 88.)

yeas and nays - -
surveyors of public lands in, increase of compensation
to, petition . ..

164, 174
(See bill s. 195.)
amendment of act 26th May, 1824, relative to land

claims in. (See bill S. 110.)
division of, into two judicial districts, report and bill,

(see bill S. 200) - .
sale of mineral lands in.' (See bill H.R. 8.)
grant of land to, for purposes of internal improvement

(See bill S. 206.)
reduction of the price of swampy and inundated
lands in, (see bill S. 216) and report


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írkansas, unconfirmed French and Spanish land claims in, reso.
lution .

- - 388, 391
sale of certain lands in. (See bill S. 236.)
Irkansas river, improvement of. (See bill S. 2.)
yeas and nays -

- 407
construction of levees on, memorial of the legis.

lature of Arkansas -
Irmories. (See National armories.)
cris manufactured at the national armories, report of the Sec-
retary of War - - -

irmstrong, Brigadier General. (See General Armstrong.)
irmstrong, Robert, petition - -
committee discharged

trmstrong, Andrew C., leave to withdraw .
irmstrong, Robert, and William Armstrong, memorial


adverse report - 163, 173
urmstrong, Edward, heirs-at-law of, memorial - -

Irmstrong, Thomas and Elizabeth, legal representatives of
Josiah Fletcher, petition -

irmy, memorials, &c. of officers, relative to brevet and staff rank 88, 100,

115, 134, 135

- 202, 228
memorials of officers for the establishment of a military
asylum for invalid soldiers..

: :: 153, 254
age beyond which officers shall not be called into active

service during war, resolution . . . .
non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates, pay

of, and the administering of oaths to recruits, resolu-

tion - - - -
increase of pay, and bounty land to. (See bill $. 212.)
alterations in the pay department of. (See bill S. 120.)

yeas and nays -
petition of lieutenants holding adjutant's appointments - 189
pay and allowances to officers of the army, letter from
the Secretary of War -

increase of the army. (See bill H. R. 38.)
increase of general and staff officers, resolution
appropriations for the army. (See bill H. R. 49.)
distribution to the, of public property captured, resolution
furnishing supplies for the army by contract, resolu-

tion . - - - - - - . 360, 378
army under General Taylor, killed, wounded, and miss-
ing of the, in the battles of the 8th and 9th May - 382

report of the Secretary of War
irmy Register, copies of, communicated -

irredondo, Jose de la Maya. (See Joseph Chaires.)

senals, inquiry into, and taking bail for offences committed in
dockyards, arsenals, and other places under the exclusive
jurisdiction of the United States, resolution -

(See bill S. 151.)
uit, works of, relative to the duty on, petition



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Ascension and Iberville, Louisiana, petition of inhabitants of
the parishes of, referred

(See resolution S. 6.)
yeas and nays . .

324, 354, 361
Ashley, Hon. Chester, attended

resolutions submitted by, viz:
additional district court in Arkansas . .
reference of the President's message - -
sale of lands in Arkansas, supposed to contain lead ore
publication of the laws -
counterfeiting United States coin
overflowed lands in Arkansas -
establishment of post routes in Arkansas

159, 164,
transportation of merchandise on Grand and Cowskin

rivers, through the Indian country ..
preparation and printing of a collection of land laws,

and the opinions and instructions under them -
extension of the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of

the United States district courts .
that the Senate sit on Fridays, and the business to be

transacted on that day -
disposition of petitions for the establishment of post of-

fices, or the appointment of postmasters - -
pension to Elizabeth Pistole -

extension of the criminal laws over the Indian territories
Atchison, Hon. David R., attended - - -

elected President pro tem.

resolutions submitted by, viz:
organization of a government for Oregon - .. - 57,71
establishment of military posts from Missouri to the

Columbia river, and the organization of a corps to

escort and protect emigrants -
granting land to settlers in Oregon -
organization of the militia of Oregon
establishment of Indian agencies in Oregon -
establishment of a mail route to Oregon city -

compilation of a map of the travelling route to Oregon 234, 231
Atherton, Hon. Charles G., attended - -

presented the credentials of Mr. Jenness, of N. H. -
presented the credentials of Mr. Cilley, of N. H. -

resolutions submitted by, viz:
hour of meeting ..
amendment of the general appropriation act of 17th

June, 1844, so as to allow the appointment of cer-

tain revenue officers
Attachments on processes from United States courts, resolution
Attorney General, report of, relative to the contract with Little
& Brown - .

. .
duties of. (See bill S. 197.)
Atwood, Hannah, widow of Francis A. Drew, petition of . &

committee discharged ..


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iditor, Second, report on disbursements for the Indians -- .

:: committee discharged
isman, Abraham. (See bill H. R. 349.
ithentication of papers by the Secretary of the Senate and
Clerk of the House of Representatives. (See bill H. R. 449.)
raline, James, and others, petition of, for the removal of the
Miami Indians from Indiana, and the payment of their debts 139
resolution relative to

- 154, 164
rot, Alexis, petition of

- - 262, 272
(See bill S. 174.)

abbitt, Elijah C. (See bill H. R. 138.)
agby, Hon. Arthur P., attended -

excused from the Committee of Claims

resolutions submitted by, viz:
to print copies of Frémont's report for the new Senators
defence of Mobile harbor
clerk to the Committee of Claims
payment for losses in the Creek war .
Dr. William P. McConnell's propeller.

papers of John C. Whitsett -
hour of meeting -

199, 365
yeas and nays

221, 379
allowance to the mother of James Tims

291, 294
allowances to Ellen, Mary Ann, and Elizabeth Sanders,
sisters of Lewis Sanders

Alabama volunteers and troops -
committee on a plan for reporting the proceedings and

the substance of the debates of the Senate · •.377, 381

construction of the 24th rule , . .
Bail, amendment of act 20th February, 1812, for the appoint-
ment of commissioners to take affidavits, &c., resolution : 184

(See bill S. 151.)
Baker, Zeba, petition of -

adverse report
Baker, Daniel B., petition of .

adverse report -

154, 163
Baldridge, Isabella, widow of John Baldridge. (See bill H. R.

Baldridge, John. (See Isabella Baldridge.) ,
Baldwin, John P., documents -

report and bill (see bill S. 25

Baldwin, John, petition of - -

Baldwin, Anna Maria, leave to withdraw

Ballard, Ebenezer, petition referred ,-
additional document

report and bill (see bill S.

Ballard, Benjamin, leave to withdraw .

report and bill (see bill S. 81)

Baltimore and Ohio railroad, completion of, resolution : '18i.. : 77, 80

sistersces to Ellen, ther of James

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291, 30%

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