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Baltimore, pilots of, memorial for the repeal of the pilot law

fortifications in the harbor of, resolution of Maryland

referred - - - - -
citizens, petition of, admission of steel free of duty
ship-owners, ship-masters, and others, petition of,

against the repeal of the pilot law
militia officers of Maryland residing in, memorial of,
for improvement in the militia system -

committee discharged
manufacturers in copper, memorial of, duty on copper

ordered to be printed . . .
Bank, national, resolutions of States against:

Arkansas - -
Pennsylvania ..

Banking privileges, laws of Iowa and Wisconsin granting, dis-

affirmed. (See bill H, R. 439.)
Baptiste, John, Viscount de Lamogue. (See Marie Loubert.)
Barclay, James T., memorial of
Barclay, Robert, petition of : .

report and bill (see bill S. 129)
Bargy, Peter. (See ). W. Nye.)
Barilla, relative to duty on, memorials . .
Barnard, William. (See Robert Barnard.)
Barnard, T. (See C. Alexander.)
Barnard, Robert, agent and attorney of Abraham Mann and

William Barnard, leave to withdraw ..
Barnes, Isaac, petition of .

committee discharged
Barnstable county, Massachusetts, petition of citizens against
· the repeal of the fishing bounties, and for increased duties on

salt and Epsom salts .
Barra, Nicholas, heirs of, petition -

committee discharged ..
Barrataria bay, survey of, &c., resolution
Barrow, Hon. Alexander, attended .

resolutions submitted by, viz: -
Red river raft.

establishment of a mail route-
Barry, G. R., resolution relative to accounts of

report and resolution (see resolution S. 30) -
Bartlett, Edwin, memorial of - -

adverse report
Barton, Rhoda, petition of, referred - -

committee discharged
Barton, Thomas P. (See Louisa Livingston.)
Bass, Sally, daughter and heir of Charles Pasteur, memorial of

adverse report - - - -
Batchelder, Gideon, and others, leave to withdraw .
Bates county, Missouri, citizens of, petition for land for a coun.
: ty seat

report and bill, (see bill

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ton Rouge, sale of certain land at. (See resolution S. 33.) ;.
tty, John. (See Whale-ship Margaret.).
yly, Mountjoy, heirs of, petition .

you Bonfouca, erection of a light-house at the mouth of, res-
olution of Louisiana · ·

· · · 278,
you Lafourche, improvement of the channel of, resolutions of
Louisiana . -

ach, Samuel, heirs of, petition

... adverse report

, 266, 268
ale, Robert, elected sergeant-at-arms

ardon, John. (See Hannah Petty.)
aver Meadow, Pennsylvania, memorials of operators, proprie-
tors, miners, and others, duty on coal . .

1, 445
etley, Hector St. John, petition of -

committee discharged ..
11, James, heirs of, leave to withdraw
legal representatives of, leave to withdraw

(See William Bell.)
11, Samuel W., memorial of . .

report and bill, (see bill S. 191)
11, William, and Margaret B. Cameron, heirs of James Bell,
memorial of -

referred - -

11, James, and Allen G. Johnson, petition of; . .. 191
lleville, proceedings of a meeting at, relative to the United
States claim to Oregon, and for giving notice to the British
government of the intention of the United States to annul the
convention of August 6th, 1827 .
loxi, erection of a light-house at, resolution', ; ;,.., . 86
nd, W.B., petition of .

committee discharged to

njamin, Meigs D., petition of

nnington, New York, citizens of, petition, pension to Zebulon
Meade - - -

nnington, Vermont, resolutions of Vermont, relative to the
cannon taken at the battle of .' .; .
nns, Charles. (See bill H. R. 17.) ;... .
nt, St. Vrain, & Co., petition of, referred

report and bill, (see bill
inton, Hon. Thomas H., attended . .

resolutions submitted by, viz:
allowance to the widow of Edward Dyer - . 59. 225
organization of a company of sappers, miners, and pon.:,'

toniers -
payment of the fourth and fifth instalments of the Mexi-
can indemnity
.'! .' ..

supplying the Senators with the Congressional Debates
for distribution -


innost of the committee
printing additional copies of the report of the committee

on the charges of corruption contained in the “Daily


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Benton, Hon. Thomas H., resolutions submitted by, viz.: .

proceedings of a court-martial on Major J. W. Ripley - 255, 2
increase of general and staff officers of the army, and

promotion of the efficiency of the volunteer force .

Lieutenant Abert's report - - - - 33
Berri, Emanuel, and John M. Reese. (See bill H. R. 132.)
Berrien, Hon. John McPherson, credentials presented, and oath

administered - -

resolutions submitted by, viz:
mail by sea between Savannah and Charleston . . 99, 1
estimates for increasing the military and naval defences
treaty with Spain of October 27th, 1795

G. R. Barry's accounts
Berrien county, Michigan, citizens petition, establishment of a

mail route -
Betts, Elizabeth. (See bill H. R. 335.)
Betts, Josiah T. (See bill S. 7.)
Bevin, Jean. (See François Le Beau.)
Biddle, Jesse, leave to withdraw
Bigelow, Joseph, administrator of Francis Cazeau, petition
Biggs, Polly, petition -

adverse report -
Bill, return of a, for the correction of an error in its engrossment 419, 4
Bills of Ist session 29th Congress, table of. (See end of volume.)
Billings, George W., petition of -

(See bill S. 132).
Bingley, Charles W. (See bill H. R. 274.)
Binns, John, memorial of
Bird, Nathaniel. (See bill H. R. 112.)
Black, Charles, petition of -
Black river, protection of lands in Arkansas overflowed by,

- - -
Blair and Rives, memorial of ...
Blanchard, Thomas, petition of -
Bogardus, James, memorial of -

(See bill S. 33.)
Boker. (See Jones, Boker, and others.)
Bolon, Edward, petition of ' n

additional documents - - . 121, 131, 1

· adverse report ..
recommitted :

report and bill (see bill S. 158).
Bomba Hook, construction of harbor at, 108, 114, 116
Bon, Jacques, leave to withdraw ..
Books, presentation of, to the Minister of Justice of France.

(See resolution S. 12.)
persons engaged in literary and scientific pursuits, and

in the importation and publication of books, memo-
rials of - . - - - - -

. 246,4
ordered to be printed he wi.

Black Nathan; memoria (See hill

'. 128, 1


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Books, relative to the duty on, petitions, &c., 170, 236, 246, 250, 363,

368, 373, 385, 398, 404, 428, 430
Boonen, Graves, and Company, and others, petition of
Boots and shoes, relative to the duty on, petition
Boston Marine Society, petition for a light-house on Minot's
ledge . .

Boston, merchants of, petition, value of foreign moneys as fixed
by bill H. R. 232 . .

specific duties of wines and liquors -
citizens of, petition for a light-house on Minot's ledge 328
that leeches may be duty free

importers of foreign goods in, memorial opposed to bill

H. R. 384, and in favor of specific duties - -
Bounties and allowance to fishing vessels. (See bill S. 45.)

reports of the majority and minority of the select com-

mittee on, of 1st session 26th Congress, referred
Bounties, allowances, and drawbacks on salted provisions and

pickled fish, fishing vessels, and refined sugar, documents

relating to -
Bounty on fishing vessels, petitions against the repeal of, 167, 209, 215, 254
Bounty lands. (See Lands.)
Bowden, Michael, petition of - ..

adverse report -
Bowen, James. (See Robert Jones.)
Bowie claims, confirmation of titles to purchasers of, resolution
of Arkansas ·

(See bill S. 94.)
Bradley, Joseph H., and others, petition for an extension of the
powers of the orphans' court in the District of Columbia

leave to withdraw -
(See bills H. R. 192 and 526.)

Branch, Hannah, petition of ..

adverse report -
Branch, Elijah, widow of. (See Hannah Branch.)
Brandon, railroad from Jackson through, to the western bound- ;
ary of Alabama. (See bill S. 19.)
yeas and nays - - -

. . 270
Brandywine shoals, erection of a light-house on, petitions 80,

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: 291, 302

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Breese, Hon. Sidney, attended - .

resolutions submitted by, viz:
suspension of the 34th rule

yeas and nays -
binding of Frémont's reports .
printing additional copies of the annual report of the

Commissioner of the General Land Office .
mineral lands in Illinois - - • •
securing of the titles to lands confirmed by the governors

of the Northwestern, Indiana, and Illinois Territories,
· and the establishment of a board to determine cases'
of suspended patents -

• . . .



Breese, Hon. Sidney, resolutions, submitted by, viz:

amount of the 3 per cent. fund paid to Indiana out of

sales of lands in Illinois
naval defences on the northern lakes
accommodation of the public and reporters in the
Senate chamber

. 181, 213, 225, 238,
certain maps to be finished
pay of officers of the navy .

allowance to certain officers of the Senate -
Bright, Hon. Jesse D., credentials presented, and oath admin-


Brimstone, crude, relative to the duty on, memorials .
Bristol, R. I., merchants and shipmasters, memorial of, against

the removal of the custom-house from Bristol to Warren -
Bristol, Pennsylvania, petition of the importers and dealers in

steel, for its admission free of duty - .
British cruisers, American vessels searched by, resolution -

message from the President
British provinces, adjoining, drawback on certain articles from,

resolution - -

(See bill H. R. 450.)
exportation of merchandise to, for the benefit

of draw back, resolution -
Brobson, W. P., memorial of - : -
Bronson, John, petition of .

** report and bill (see bill S. 142)
Brooks, Jehiel, memorial of ..
Brooks, John, senior, legal representatives of, petition

adverse report -. .
Brower and Neilson, petition of
Brown, Erastus, heirs-at-law of, petition of, referred

adverse report .
Brown, Margaret C., widow of Thomas Murray, jr., petition of

(See bill H. R. 320.)
Brown, Sampson. (See bill H. R. 155.)
Brown, Jonathan. (See bill H. R. 332.)
Brown University, faculty of, petition, duty on books ·
Brownell, Thomas, memorial of . .

report and bill (see bill S. 118) .
Bryant, William.. (See Thomas Bryant.)
Bryant, Thomas, heir of William Bryant, memorial of

adverse report
Buchanan, Elijah, petition of -

committee discharged
Buchanan, James, petition of - ,

leave to withdraw . "
Buckner, Simeon, leave to withdraw -
Buenos Ayres, protection of American vessels trading to, peti-

tion . . . .
Buffalo and Mississippi railroad, land for, resolution of Indiana

Buffenbarger, Semington. (See bill H. R. 19.)


oh, petition of


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