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the United States, published by Little
and Brown, under the provisions of
the resolutions of Congress, approved

March 3, 1845, and for other purposes.
211 A bill to provide for the organization of

366 371 371, 373 373
the volunteer forces brought into the
service of the United States into bri-
gades and divisions, and for the ap-
pointment of the necessary number of

general officers to command the same.
212 A bill to increase the pay of the non-com 365 389

missioned officers, musicians, and pri-
vates of the army of the United States,
and the militia and volunteers in the
service of the same, and allowing them

bounty land in certain cases.
213 A bill for the relief of Peter Engles, sen. | 365
214 A bill providing for rhe publication and

distribution of additional copies of the
narrative and scientific works of the
exploring expedition under the com-
mand of Commander Charles Wilkes

of the United States navy.
215 A bill for the relief of the legal represen-

tatives of George Mayo, deceased.
A bill authorizing the appointment of a 368

board of engineers to make an examina-
tion and survey of the Mississippi, with
the view to the improvement of its navi-
gation, and provision for the gradual
reduction of the price of the swampy
and inundated public lands lying there-
on, within the States of Louisiana, Mis-
sissippi, Arkansas, Illinois, and Mis-

217 A bill to provide for the completion of the

marine hospital and erection of a cus-

tom-house in the port of New Orleans
218 A bill for the relief of Welcome Parmeter

A bill for the relief of John England - 374 auto in

220 A bill for the relief of Josephine Nourse 378
221 A bill to establish and organize an execu 381 396, 408

tive bureau under the exclusive direc-
tion and control of the President of the
United States.

no da
A bill to establish a new land office in the | 381 4662 1466 Tota la

northern part of Michigan, and to pro-
vide for the sale of mineral lands in the
State of Michigan and Territory of


A bill to erect the office of surveyor gene | 382

ral of the public lands in the Territory
of Oregon, and to grant donation rights
to settlers therein, and for other pur-

224 A bill for the relief of Fernando Fillany | 382
225 A bill for the relief of the heirs of Robert | 382 389

226 A bill for the relief of Madison Allen - 3841 1..


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227 A bill for the relief of Milledge Galphin, 389

executor of the last will and testament

of George Galphin, deceased.
228 A bill to provide for the final settlement | 390 408

of the accounts of John Spencer, late
receiver of public moneys at Fort

Wayne, Indiana.
229 A bill for the relief of Joshua Dodge -

230 A bill for the relief of Sarah A. King, 390

widow and administratrix of the late

John T. King.
231 A bill for the relief of Erskine and Eichel 398

| berger.
232 A bill supplementary to “An act to au 398

thorize the Secretary of State to liqui-

date certain claims therein mentioned,"
1 passed April 18, 1814.
233 A bill for the relief of the legal representa- | 404

tives of Moses Shepherd, deceased.
234 A bill providing for the erection and com- 418

| pletion of certain defences on the gulf

coast of Florida:
235 A bill to procure a bust of marble of John

Rutledge, of South Carolina, formerly

chief justice of the United States.
236 A bill to direct the sale of certain lands in

| the State of Arkansas.
237 A bill for the relief of Michael Hanson.
238 A bill for the relief of Seneca G. Sim-

239 A bill to provide for transporting the mail 432

of the United States to Oregon.
240 A bill for the relief of Hobson Johns

Johns - ) 446 451

241 (A bill for the relief of Elizabeth Pistole,

widow of Charles Pistole, deceased.
242 A bill to amend the act of June 30, 1834, 451

entitled “An act to regulate trade and
intercourse with the Indian tribes, and

to preserve peace on the frontiers.”
243 A bill in relation to the time of holding 456 456

the circuit and district courts of the

United States for the district of Ohio.
244 A bill for the relief of the legal represen 4582

tatives of Rice Jones, deceased.
245 A bill for the relief of Artemas Conant -
246 A bill to set apart a portion of the public

lands with which to construct a railroad

from lake Michigan to the Pacific ocean.
247 A bill for the relief of Peter Frost
248 A bill to authorize the issuing of a new

register for the American barque Pons,
of Philadelphia, by the name of the

249 A bill for the relief of the heirs and rep-

resentatives of John Beardon, deceased.
250 A bill ir relation to claims for losses sus-

tained by Indian depredations and

otherwise in the late Seminole war.
251 A bill for the relief of John P. Baldwin, 472

| owner of the Spanish brig Gil Blas.

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4 Resolution appropriating a portion of the

86 89
public ground in the city of Washing-
ton for the erection of a monument to

George Washington.
5 Resolution declaratory of the principles 102

by which the United States will be goy-
erned in regard to the interposition of
the powers of Europe in the political

affairs of America.
6 Resolution concerning the Oregon Terri- | 103

6a Resolution in relation to the issuing of 110 310, 324, 329

grants of certain lands in Louisiana. 351, 354
7 Resolution for the relief of Orlando Salt- 113 348

marsh and William Fuller.
8 Resolution proposing amendments to the 113 124

| constitution of the United States.
9 Resolution to provide for the preservation 119 186
| of petitions and other papers presented

to Congress.
10 Resolution for statements touching the re- 128 401

lations between the United States and

the Indian tribes.
11 Resolution providing for temporary mail 135/156

service in Texas.
12 Resolution to authorize the transmission 140162

and presentation of books to the minis-
ter of justice of France, in exchange for

books received from him.
13 Resolution in relation to the rendition of 150
| judgments against the United States in

certain cases.
14 Resolution for the relief of True Putney 151 310

& Hugh Riddle.
15 Resolution in relation to mineral lands - 160 179
16 Resolution for subscription for Gordon's 175

17 Resolution for the relief of Peter Gorman 175190
18 Resolution for the relief of Mary Ann

19 Resolution declaratory of the act passed 185 376

August 23, 1842, entitled "An act for

the relief of Charles F. Sibbald.”
20 Resolution to provide for the publication 203

of a code of land laws and instructions.
21 Resolution to authorize the President to | 219 402, 444

sanction an agreement made between
the Wyandotts and Delawares, for the
purchase of certain lands by the for-

mer of the latter tribe of Indians.
22 Resolution authorizing the employment | 263

of Hiram Powers to execute certain

statues for the United States.
23 Resolution in regard to claims of citizens of 268

the United States upon the Republic of

24 Resolution for the relief of Lewis G. De 299 299

Russey, late a paymaster in the army
1 of the United States.

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