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Ne quid falsi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat.



Printed by A. MURRAY and J. COCHRAN.

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To cacb artick is annexed the number of the page of this volume in which it is to be found.

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01. 23. Nosa-Scotia assembly profess the warmest loyalty. 21.

Eftates confiscated in Providence and Pennsylvania. 18. 6. Rhode-illand assembly forbid corresponding with the British ministry, &c. 18. -7. Martial law proclaimed by Lord Dunmore in Virginia. 21. 10. Goe. Penn examined in the House of Lords. 72. - 13. Montreal taken by the provincials. 19. Dec... The New-York ailembly diffolved by Gov. Tryon. 93. - 31. An unsuccessful attack upon Quebec, in which Gen. Montgomery was killed.

94. 312, 14 1776. Jan. 1. Norfolk in Virginia burnt by the King's ships. 92.

11. Congress declare refusers of their paper-currency enemies to their country. 133. 15. The Duchess of Glocester delivered of a prince at Rome. 53.

17. Robert and Daniel Perreaus executed for forgery: si: Feb. 13. Gov. Wright of Georgia retires on board a King's ship. 248. Hart 17. Gen. Howe and the British army leave Boston. 254. - 32. A petition of the city of London in favour of America presented to the King. - 13. Congress pass an act for fiering out privateers. 246. il 12. The weight of the gold coin finally settled. 237. - 15. The trial of the Duchess of Kingston, for marrying while her former husband

was living, begun 186. - 15 The Queen delivered of a princess, Mary. 221, 99. May 6. The bege of Quebec raised. 311, 63. 15. Congress recommend to the respective colonies to adopt such form of govern

ment as they shall judge beft. 369. 18. Gen. Burgoyce arrives at Quebec. 363. jau 28. Sir P. Parker atracks Sulivan's iland, and is repulsed 430, 76.

- 29. Gen. Howe, with the Britilli army, land on Staten iland. 423. Falhe Congress declare the United States of America independent. 433. 7. Mr Matthews, mayor of New York, tried' by a committee of the provincial con

gress. 650. 10. Lord Dunmore forced from Virginia. 432, 77.

-18. The Ruffian fleet reviewed by the Empress. 451. -19. Congress publish Lord Howe's declaration for restoring peace, dated June 20.

436. -25. The foundation-stone of an observatory laid at Edinburgh. 393. Ang. :2. The British army land on Long island. 481. Sept. 4. The foundation-stone laid of a pillar, on Wimbledon common, in memory of

Hartley's invention for securing buildings against fire. 564.615. A pacific'ncgociation unsuccessful. 586, 7. 15. New York got poffeffion of hy the King's army. 542, 4. 19. A pacific declaration by the peace.commissioners. 585. 11. New-York city fer on fire by provincial incendiaries 543, 82.

1 30. A pardon offered by Gen. Howe to deservers. 588. Of. 13 The provincial fleet on Lake Champlain defeated 591, 3.

- 36: Near a thousand of the inhabitants of New York submit. 648. •19. The city of York congratulate the King on the success of his Majesty's arms in • 31. The King acquaints the parliament, that we must prepare for another cam

paign. 562. Nr. 16. Fore Washington and garrison surrender to the King's troops. 645, 8.

18. Fort Lee taken by the King's troops. 645 -28. The city of London cast in an action to get a pressed man discharged. 620. Det

. 9. The ropehouse in Portsmouth yard wilfully see on fire. 672. * 13.13. A national falt obferred all over Britain and Ireland. 673, 7.


America. 560.

find the date of any article expressed as falling on a certain week-das before or after a date mentioned.

[The isi, 8th, 15th, 22d, and 29th, of a month, fall on the same week-day. The month-day advances one week-day every commox year, and iwo every leap year.. fo, as 1776 was a leap year, January and February advance two days in 1977, and all the rest of the months. fall one week-day after thai on which the fame month-day fell in 1776.]... January,

Monday. May, Wednesday. | September," Sunday. February, Thursday. June, Saturday. October, Tuesday. March, Friday.


Monday. November, Friday. April, Monday. Auguft, Thursday. December, Sunday.

Pag: 363. col. s.l. 5. 6. read-in Florida, and to the province of Georgia, -A correction in a subsequent gazette.

Notes inclosed thus C ]; for explaining or illustrating any thing in a paper or extract, are generally our own. Notes added by the authors of the pieces inserted, or by the compilers of the collections from which we take them, are not fo inclosed. Examples of both may be fccn, – of the first p. 75. and of the second p. 103. of this volumc.

References made by letters and figures, when no book is named, point to this collection ; the letters directing to the volumes, and the figures to the pages : 6x. gr. Scots Magazine, vol. xxxvii. [or Mag. 1775.] p. 661. is thus referred to [xxxvii. 661.] in this volume, P: 49.col. 1. lin. 48. — Vol. i. answers to the year 1.739, vol. ii, to 1740, and so on, a volume every year. Figures without letters, point to pages of the volume in which the reference is made.

To the B IN DE R.


IUT away the blue covers, and the advertisements stitched in any of the Ma

gazines ; and place this quarter of a licet, containing the General Title. page, The Chronological Series of Events, &c. before the Magazine for January.

Place the map of the country round Philadelphia, so as to front p. 481.

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C O N T E N I S. An abstract of the Act for prohibiting trade Rivington's printir.g-utensils destroyed 230 with the thirteen colonies 1.

Gov. Franklin to the New Jersey assembly The clan MacGREGOR defended 3.

ib. Warlike preparations 24. Miibehaviour Recipe for FROZEN MEAT, &c. 4.

censured ib. Captures 25. King's troops go The present state of PARTY S.

into quarters ib. Provincial navy ib. Maj. An officer to his son in parliament, on the Conolly, &c. seized ib. A proclamation by AMERICAN dispute 6.

Gov. Martin of North Carolina declared to GENEROSITY in return to an injury 8. be a scandalous libel 26. A reft figned by PARLIAMENT. Nova-Scoria address 9. Pro the convention, &c. of that province ib.

ceedings on the militia-bill 12. on the in-|| BOOKS. G. Britain's rights asserted 26. Loch demnity-bill 34. A message of K. William on trade, &c. 32. British Antiquities ib. refused, with the address, and answer 14.15. Cullen on drowned persons 33. Religion, The person who beheaded CHARLES I. 16. Morality, Controversy, &c. 36. History, AMERICA. Congress on the rebellion-pro Law, Politics, &c. 37. America 38. Na

damation 17. Traitorous correspondence tural History, Medicine, Mathematics, &c. with the ministry forbidden 18. Estates 39. Fine Arts, Belles Lettres, Criticism, fequestrated ib. Military operations in &c. 41. Entertainment 42. Plays and PoeCanada 19. 30. Gen. Schuyler's letter 19. try ib. Scottish publications 43. 44. Montreal capitulation ib.' The King's || POETRY. Ode for the Queen's birthday 450 Standard erected by Gov. Dunmore in Vir. On a young lady's reading Young's Nightginia 2 1. His Excellency's proclamation 2!. Thoughts ib. The Thaw ib. Robert and Gov. Legge to the assembly of Nova Scotia Margaret 46. On breaking a china quart. ib. A loyal address in answer 22. Gov.

mug ib. A modern head-dress ib. Trgon to the inhabitants of New York ib. l HISTORICAL AFFAIRS, &c.



As obfisad of the att 10 prohibit all trade and daring designs; and for preventing

and effectually suppresling such wicked and intercourse with the colonies of New any aid, lupply, or afisance being lent Hampbire, &c. (xxxvii. 682.]

thither, during the continuance of the HE preamble sets forth, That said rebellions, and treasonable common

whereas many perfons in the tions, be it therefore declared and ecolonies above recited, have nacted, &c. That all manner of trade

fet themselves in open rebel and commerce shall be probibited with hon and defance to the just and legal the said colonies; and that all thips and authority of the King and parliament of vefsels belonging to the inhabitants of G. Britain, to which they ever have been, the said colonies, together with their and of right ought to be subject ; and cargoes, apparel, and furniture, and all

armed other ships and vessels which thall be force, engaged his Majesty's troops, and found trading to or with any of the said attacked his forts; have ufurped the colonies, or going to trade, or coming powers of government, and prohibited from trading, thall become forfeited to dirtrade and commerce with this king his Majesty, as if the same were the thips dom, and the other parts of bis Majes and effects of enemies. üy's dominions for the more fpeedily

And for the encouragement of the of



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