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man amongst them ? The first Na- I speak of take the bounty from us, poleon used to complain of what he and draw their pay from the enemy. called “les frondeurs” in the army What has brought this reproach of Italy, the fellows who were so that we hear

every day, of a beautifully candid that they al-want of policy on the Conservative ways thought the enemy did every- benches, but these men who bridge thing better than themselves-not over party, and contrive to make merely fought better, but fed their the Opposition benches a sort of people better, doctored them bet- outpost of the Treasury? They have ter, and rewarded them better. got up the cant, Pam is doing our

To do him justice, he made very work. Ay, but I answer, and he is short work with such folk when he taking the wages too. There is no once got hold of them. We, on the such need as people say to make contrary, caress and fondle them, common cause against the Radicals. we listen to their sentiments, and John Bright is a clever fellow mould our own to their liking; enough, but neither he nor his foland even when we see them cross lowing ought to frighten us for the over and join our adversaries, we future of the Constitution. Both are so magnificently generous, that the monarchy and the coal-fields we not only forgive the defection have a good many years before but actually exalt the deserters. them, and “the Great Tribulation Would Pitt have suffered this ? Coming” will not proceed out of would the Great Duke have en- Manchester, nor will Richard Cobdured it ? Are the Whigs of our den be its Prophet. own day so Christian-like in for- I am far more afraid of small degiveness that they would make fections than of great defeats, and I room on their benches for men own I'll never believe in the discipwho never rise but to vote against line of party till the day comes them?

that we hang a mutineer! The cry of our day is, “ There is Once for all, then, I say, no carno party;” but how can there be esses, no flatteries for those men who party, when the men who take no are not true to you. No blandishoath of allegiance to a leader are ments for those delicate followers deemed as faithful as the sworn who require to cross over from time soldier who fights bravely to the to time to the Government benches death? There is no army if there for a little warmth and sunshine, be no discipline, and this is exactly as invalids go to Italy for climate. what we see amongst the Conserva- No converse with the political ventives. The rewards are not given triloquists who sit on one side of to the valiant, nor are the rene- the House and talk from the other. gades handed over to the provost. If these people get acceptance, marshal.

once that they are unmasked and We have not outgrown party in exposed, political honesty is but England. To say we are too liberal, a sorry affair. Party, in its honor too enlightened, for party, is to ourable signification, cannot exist talk balderdash; but party has ceased where they prosper; and of the to have its distinctive marks, be- constituencies that return them, I cause certain people have invented say, as Chief Baron O'Grady did a uniform that enables them to of the disreputable counsel of a fight with either army, and take worse client-“ May you never be pay from both! For, these hybrids separated."


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2 F


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&c., 392-centenaries and commemo-
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the public schools, 221 et seq.

397— Part X., from Turin to Rome
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reformatories, 596 — some pros and
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viceroyalty, 603— Part XI., scientific
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et seq.


on, 388.

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