A Digest of the Laws of England, Հատոր 5

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Էջ 278 - That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of parliament.
Էջ 183 - There is a difference between covenants in general, and covenants secured by a penalty or forfeiture. In the latter case the obligee has his election. He may either bring an action of debt for the penalty...
Էջ 249 - That no person who has an office or place of profit under the King, or receives a pension from the crown, shall be capable of serving as a member of the house of commons.
Էջ 395 - There, in an action by the indorsee of a bill of exchange against the acceptor...
Էջ 96 - Subject-matter, as by the known usage of trade, or the like, acquired a peculiar sense distinct from the popular sense of the same words; or unless the context evidently points out that they must in the particular instance, and in order to effectuate the immediate intention of the parties to that contract, be understood in some other special and peculiar sense.
Էջ 445 - Keb., 115, 132, which was an action by the indorsee against the drawer of a bill of exchange. 'The...
Էջ 350 - ... out the whole as the invention of the patentee. But, if a combination of a certain number of those parts have previously existed up to a certain point, in former machines, the patentee merely adding other combinations, the specification should only state such improvements; though.the effect produced be different throughout 2 Mars.211.
Էջ 519 - Officer, cause the same to be levied by Distress and Sale of the Offender's Goods and Chattels...
Էջ 496 - Action may plead the General Issue and give the special Matter in Evidence...
Էջ 101 - ... touch and stay at any ports or places whatsoever, as well on this side as on the other side of the Cape of Good Hope, without being deemed a deviation.

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