Proceedings [of The] Annual Business Meeting, Թողարկում 53

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Էջ 250 - ... be recorded within one year after proper magistrates, courts, and registers shall be appointed for that purpose ; and per.sonal property may be transferred by delivery; saving, however, to the French and Canadian inhabitants, and other settlers of the Kaskaskias, St.
Էջ 256 - There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude within the State, otherwise than for the punishment of crimes whereof the party shall have been duly convicted. No indenture of any Negro or Mulatto, made and executed out of the bounds of the State, shall be valid within the State.
Էջ 160 - He wore a grand robe of China damask, all strewn with flowers and birds of many colors. No sooner did they perceive him than the women and children fled, at the sight of a man who carried thunder in both hands— for thus they called the two pistols that he held. The news of his coming quickly spread to the places round...
Էջ 172 - This I immediately seized, and held it for a few minutes, waiting to hear the drum beat to arms. In this dreadful interval I saw several of my countrymen fall, and more than one struggling between the knees of an Indian, who, holding him in this manner, scalped him while yet living.
Էջ 257 - Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall hereafter be introduced into this state, otherwise than for the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted; nor shall any male person arrived at the age of twenty-one years, nor female person arrived at the age of eighteen years, be held to serve . any person as a servant, under any indenture hereafter made, unless...
Էջ 174 - The die appeared to be cast I could scarcely breathe ; but I thought the throbbing of my heart occasioned a noise loud enough to betray me. The Indians walked in every direction about the garret, and one of them approached me so closely that at a particular moment, had he put forth his hand, he must have touched me.
Էջ 257 - ... service. Nor shall any indenture of any negro or mulatto hereafter made and executed out of this state, or if made in this state, where the term of service exceeds one year, be of the least validity, except those given in cases of apprenticeship.
Էջ 250 - No man shall be deprived of his liberty or property, but by the judgment of his peers, or the law of the land; and should the public exigencies make it necessary, for the common preservation, to take any person's property, or to demand his particular services, full compensation shall be made for the same.
Էջ 172 - ... purpose. It fronted the country, and the rear was covered by the river, nor was there any rising ground for a considerable way that commanded it ; a few straggling oaks were alone to be seen near it. In many places small...
Էջ 172 - Indian war-cry, and a noise of general confusion. Going instantly to my window, I saw a crowd of Indians, within the fort, furiously cutting down and scalping every Englishman they found.

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