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Էջ 823 - ... transportation" shall include cars and other vehicles and all instrumentalities and facilities of shipment or carriage, irrespective of ownership or of any contract, express or implied, for the use thereof and all services in connection with the receipt, delivery, elevation, and transfer in transit, ventilation, refrigeration or icing, storage, and handling of property transported...
Էջ 823 - It shall be the duty of every common carrier subject to the provisions of this Act, within sixty days after the taking effect of this Act, to designate in writing an agent in the city of Washington, District...
Էջ 927 - I move that the rules be suspended, and that the Secretary be instructed to cast the unanimous ballot of the Society for the two members nominated by Professor Selby.
Էջ 833 - RULE 2. Cars offered in interchange must be accepted if in safe and serviceable condition, the receiving road to be the judge in cases not provided for in Rules 3 to 56, inclusive.
Էջ 480 - Work. Contract made this day of AD 19 by and between of of the first part, and of of the second part, Witnesseth, That the party of the first part, for the consideration hereinafter mentioned, covenants and agrees with the party of the second part to perform in a faithful and workmanlike manner the...
Էջ 482 - In witness whereof, the parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands the day and year first above written.
Էջ 823 - ... it shall be the duty of every carrier subject to the provisions of this Act to provide and furnish such transportation upon reasonable request therefor, and to establish through routes and just and reasonable rates applicable thereto...
Էջ 83 - I think," said Lord Ickenham, shoving his oar in, "that before proceeding any further we ought to go into that point. If he called you a perishing old bottle-nosed Gawd-help-us, it seems to me that the first thing to do is to decide whether he was right, and frankly, in my opinion . . .
Էջ 312 - That this whole matter be referred to a special committee of three, to be appointed by the chairman to investigate and report back to the administrative committee.
Էջ 449 - The movement of a car to be loaded or unloaded, or the movement of a car between railroads, at a charge for the service rendered within designated switching limits, the road performing the service not participating in the freight rate.

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