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E. H. G--, Attorney and Claim Agent

Ellis, R., jr., National Bank Examiner, Cincinnati, Ohio


Extra Compensation Claimaut.





Page. Farrar, C. D., Executor of S. S. Farrar

447,506 Fay, Jno. B., Clerk Committee on Railways and Canals, House of Representatives

396 Fidelity Insurance Trust and Safe-Deposit Company, Philadelphia

197 Friendly Indian....

487 Fripp, Wm. P., legal representative of T. B. Fripp

489 G-, E. H., Attorney and Claim Agent....

32 Gering, Matthew, Clerk, Surgeon-General's Office, War Department

34,505 Goward, Gustavus, Secretary of Legation, Tokio (Yeddo), Japan...

175 Grant, Albert..

117 Graves, D. S., Executor of Thomas Wells...

136 Grayson, Joel, Assistant Document File-Clerk, House of Representatives.

4 Gregg, Chas. A., Clerk, Watertown Arsenal.....

142 Grice, Wilson, Cloak-room Keeper, House of Representatives.

1 Grigg, A. L., Auburn, Ala.....

237 Hallett, H. L., Commissioner of United States Circuit Court, Massachusetts. 281 Hobbs, Thos. J., Disbursiug Clerk, Treasury Department

401 Humphreys, F. C., Pensacola, Fla

408 Hyde, Wesley W., Assistant District Attorney, Western District, Michigan.. 475 Hypothetical Case

406 Internal Revenue Agents (repeal employment claim) ...

330 Judgment-Assignment Claimaut...

106 Kilpatrick, General Judson's widow

497 La Comte, A.'s legal representative ...

387 Lazarus, A. S., & Co., New York City

153 Leech, E. O., Bureau of the Mint, Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. 423 Manton, Walter, Disbursing Clerk, State Department

287 Margarum, Theo, F., executor of Judson Kilpatrick

497 Marshal

278, 298, 329 McMichael, Clayton, Marshal of the District of Columbia.

30 Mills, George, clerk, Watertown Arsenal

142 Missouria and Otoe Indians .......

493 Murdock, W. H., Shawano, Shawano County, Wis....

314 O'Connor, Jno. B., Clerk Committee on Naval Affairs, House of Representatives

396 Otoe and Missouria Indians..


Piatt, R. H ......
Printers' Fee Claimants

412 382

Repeal-Employment Claimants (internal-revenue agents)
Representatives in Congress
Richards, Channing, United States Attorney for Southern District of Ohio..
Roundtree, William G, Sheriff, Dallas County, Ala
Russell, D. B., Marshal, Little Rock, Ark ....
Schroeder, Jno., Consul, San José, Costa Rica
Shields, Jno. A., Commissioner Circuit Court, New York City....
Strobach, Paul, United States Marshal for Middle and Southern Alabama Dis-



98 255 184 406

374 350







Thomas, Alexander B., Cloak-room Keeper, House of Representatives

Thomas, 0. B., Attorney at Law

Thomasson, Jno. C., Henderson, Ky

Turner, Geo., Marshal for Middle and Southern Alabama
Walton, N. S., Austin, Traverse County, Texas ....
Winchester, C. and G. C., chair manufacturers, Ashburnham, Mass.

Zabriskie, James A., District Attorney, Arizona


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