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OCTOBER 25th. 1759.
Being the Day appointed by Authority to be observed

A Day of public THANKSGIVING,


Success of His Majesty's Arms,

More particularly in the
Reduction of QUEBEC,


Capital of CANADA.

A P P E N D I X,
Containing a brief Account of two former Expeditions against

that City and Country, which proved unsuccessful.


Pastor of the West Church in Boston.


Printed and sold by RICHARD Draper, in Newbury-Street;

Edes &GILL, in Queen Street ; and THOMAS & JOHNFLEA Tag
in Cornhill, 1759.

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COME things omitted in delivering the folD lowing discourses, on account of their length, are inserted in this publication. Some considerable alterations, besides, have since been made in the second of them, composed, both in haste, and while the author was uinder bodily indisposition. For which alterations, if they ihould happen to be amendments, as they were designed, he concludes, he shall fall under no blame from any of those that heard them, and have i ed their defire to see them published.

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DISCOURSE I. **************************s sex?

Of the great Things

which GOD hath done for us. *** *** *********** foto foto ngene

PSALM CXXVI. Verse 3d. THE LORD hath done great Things for us,

· whereof we are glad.

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O comment is necessary for the explanation of these words, which are very plain of themselves : Neither is there need of any preface, or incroduction, in order to accommodate thein to

the presenc joyful occasion ; since, it is supposed, they must appear, even at first view, sufficiently adapted to it. We may therefore immediately adopt them ourselves, and apply them to the business of this day. For the Lord hath, indeed, done great things for us, whereof we are doubtless glad ; having abundant reason to be so. And, in the language of the context, well máy." our mouth be now filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing."




It is proposed, by divine assistance, in the first place, to represent to you those great things which God hath lately done for us, for our land and nation ; and which are the occasion of our being assembled together in his house of praise at this time.

In the next place will be shown, the propriety of being glad and rejoicing on such occasions, and what great reason we have for it at present ; more especially on account of that important event, which is the more particular and immediate occasion of this solemnity.

Some needful regulations of our joy on this occasion, will then be subjoined"; that it may be taught to flow in a proper channel, and be agreeable to our character as chriftians, instead of degenerating into the mirth of fools.

And the whole will be closed with fuch reflections and exhortations, as the occasion itself naturally suggests; and which may, therefore, be particularly seafonable at this time..

To return then, it will be proper, in the first place,

I, To represent to you those great things which God hath lately done for us, for our land and nation ; and which are the occasion of our being now assembled together in his house of praise. And althoo many of you may, perhaps, have a more accurate knowledge, a juster conception, and a deeper sense, of these favors of heaven, than I have myself, yet it will be good for us to talk of them, to revolve them in our minds, and speak of the great goodnels of our God to us, with reference to them. If I do not inform you of any

thing, thing, which you knew not before ; yet I may possibly revive the remembrance of certain mercies, which had nipped the memories of some ; and contribute towards fixing both them, and others, in your minds; which, it is conceived, will be answering a valuable end. For the more thorough, or deeper sense, we have of these mercies, the more permanent it will be ; and the more permanent it is, the more lafting will be our gracicude to God for them; and the more lasting our gratitude, the more suitable returns Thall we make to him; which will be, in effect, beft to answer the true ends of this solemnity.

It is proposed, as was intimated before, to enlarge chiefly on that great and happy event, which is the principal, and more immediate occasion, of our public rejoicing and thanksgivings at this time. My 'difcourse in the afternoon, will be in a manner confined to this event ; which will also employ more of our time this morning, than any other particular one. However, it is humbly conceived, there will be no impropriety in taking a little larger compass, and extending our views, on this occasion, even beyond America. Accordingly, if you please, we will introduce this interesting affair, the reduction or surrender of the capital city of Canada, by taking a transient view of fome other of our lare military successes, which preceeded it ; looking back to the principal of those, which have come to our knowledge since the time of our last general and public thanksgiving ; and connecting these later with former ones, which were taken notice of on that occasion.

As you may remember, we then saw the war in general going on prosperously on the side of GreatBritain and her allies. We then saw the enemy driven, with great loss and Naughter, out of his Majesty's

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