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Cross REFERENCES: Department of the Air Force; Use of Air Force installations by other

than Air Force aircraft: See National Defense, 32 CFR Part 822. Federal Communications Commission, aviation services: Sec Telecommunication, 47 CFR

Part 9.



Note: Section 1501 (a) of The Federal Aviation Act of 1958, Public Law 85-726, 85th Congress, 72 Stat. 731, provides the following:

Sec. 1501. (a). All orders, determinations, rules, regulations, permits, contracts, certificates, licenses, rates, and privileges which have been issued, made, or granted, or allowed to become effective, by the President, the Department of Commerce, the Secretary of Commerce, the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics, the Civil Acronautics Board, the Airways Modernization Board, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Agriculture, or the Postmaster General, or any court of competent jurisdiction, under any provision of law repealed or amended by this Act, or in the exercise of duties, powers, or functions which, under this Act, are vested in the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Agency or the Civil Aeronautics Board, and which are in effect at the time this section takes effect, shall continue in effect according to their terms until modified, terminated, superseded, set aside, or repealed by the Administrator or the Board, as the case may be, or by any court of competent jurisdiction, or by operation of law.




Certification, identification, and marking of aircraft and related products.
Airplane airworthiness; normal, utility, and acrobatic categories.
Airplane airworthiness.
Airplane airworthiness; transport categories.
Glider airworthiness.
Rotorcraft airworthiness; normal category.
Rotorcraft airworthiness; transport categories.
Aircraft airworthiness; restricted category.
Aircraft airworthiness; limited category.
Certification and approval of import aircraft and related products.
Aircraft engine airworthiness.
Aircraft propeller airworthiness.
Maintenance, repair, and alteration of airframes, powerplants, propellers,

and appliances.

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