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4. Board of Trade

Ministries of PTO e British Food Mi:

tantopoulos, Ambas
* l'armar of the Deleg

Kuo Ping-wen, Vice Minister of Finance; Chairman

of the Delegation Hsi Te-mou, General Manager, Central Bank of

China Tsou Ping-wen, High Adviser to the Ministry of

Food Liu'J. Heng, National Health Administration Yang Shi-Tse, Director, Department of General Af

fairs, Ministry of Food
Chao Lien-fang, Ministry of Agriculture
Shen Tsung-ban, Ministry of Agriculture
Lee Kan, Commercial Counselor, Chinese Embassy,

Yin Kuo-yung, Ministry of Economics

Chu Chang Keng, National Health Administration
César García Alvarez, Minister Plenipotentiary, Eco-

nomic Counselor, Colombian Embassy, Washing

ton; Chairman of the Delegation Luis Tamayo, Colombian Consul General, New York,

New York Mario Camargo, Representative of the National Fed

eration of Coffee Growers of Colombia, New York, New York

Robes, Toder See 11 f the Delegation pert, Dean of the F

LE ford Mayor of
* Ofice of Econ

10. Ambassador to
oma ot the Delegation
1. Chief of the
e Detelopment,

National Economy
Baker, Agrigomis

than Brges. Private S firman of the Delege

Zelaya, Collector

Augusto Padilla van Embassy, W

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J. Rafael Oreamuno, Vice Chairman of the Inter-

American Development Commission, Washington;

Chairman of the Delegation CUBA Amadeo López Castro, Secretary of the Presidency ;

Chairman of the Delegation Arturo Mañas y Parajón, Executive Committee of

the Cuban Sugar Stabilization Institute; Secretary of the Asociación Nacional de Hacendados of

Cuba Félix Hurtado y Galtés, Under Secretary of Public

Health Ramiro Guerra y Sánchez, Honorary Representa

tive on the Inter-American Financial and Eco

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Anselmo Copello, Member of the Board of Directors

of the Banco de Reservas
E. I. Kilbourne, Member of the Board of Directors

of the Banco de Reservas
Andrés Pastoriza, Deputy to the Congress, and

Comptroller of Cocoa and Coffee
J. M. Bonetti Burgos, Deputy to the Congress, and

Comptroller of Flour
Harry E. Henneman, former Vice President, Na-

tional City Bank
Alfredo Peñaherrera Vergara, Sub-secretary of the

Ministry of Agriculture, Industries, and Mines;

Chairman of the Delegation
Gustavo Adolfo Fassio, Ex-President of the Medical

Surgical Society of Guayas
Arturo Meneses Pallares, Research Assistant, Office

of Labor and Social Information, Pan American

Union, Washington
Pedro Leopoldo Núñez, Ex-Minister of Public Credit

and Finances

Hussein Bey M. Enan, Under Secretary of State,

Ministry of Agriculture; Chairman of the Dele

Hussein Bey Fahmy, Under Secretary of Supplies
Héctor David Castro, Ambassador to the United

States; Chairman of the Delegation
Víctor C. Barriere, Director General of the Budget
Miguel Angel Gallardo, Office of the Director Gen-

eral of Health

nomic Advisory Committee
.Felipe de Pazos y Roque, Commercial Attaché,

Cuban Embassy, Washington
Jan V. Hyka, Commercial Counselor, Czechoslovak

Legation, Washington; Chairman of the Delega

Emanuel Sahánek, Acting Chief of the Section of

Agriculture and Economics, Secretariat of the
Council of Ministers

: Yilma Deressa, Vice Minister of Finance; Chair-

man of the Delegation
Araya Ababa
Berhanu Tesamma, Secretary to the Governorate of


Hervé Alphand, Inspector of Finance; Director of

Economic Affairs of the French National Commit

tee; Chairman of the Delegation
Pierre Berthault, Member of the Academy of Agri-

culture of France
André Mayer, Vice President of the College de
France, Paris; Member of the Academy of Medi-

cine of France
Richard Law, Parliamentary Under Secretary of

State for Foreign Affairs; Chairman of the

J. P. R. Maud, Ministry of Food
J. C. Drummond, Ministry of Food
R. R. Enfield, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheria;

bar Bajpai, A

Cheirman of 1 ne, Fire (hairma mai Perarchi

Trade Cum in Commissio

Director of
Cior, S. IF

J. M. Troncoso, Ambassador to the United States ;

Chairman of the Delegation
Rafael A. Espaillat, Commercial Attaché, Embassy

of the Dominican Republic, Washington; Vice

azereh, Miu Fan of the D 6 Iranian Cons

Amerie, Ir

Ali Jawdat, Minister to the United States; Chair-

man of the Delegation

Gabriel L. Dennis, former Secretary of the, Treas-

ury; Chairman of the Delegation Leo Sajous, Director of Public Health and Sanita

tion George A. Dunbar, former District Commissioner

Hugues Le Gallais, Minister to the United States;

Chairman of the Delegation
Léon Schaus, Counselor and Secretary General of the

Luxembourg Government

Manuel J. Zevada, Under Secretary of National

Economy; Chairman of the Delegation
Eduardo Morillo Safa, Assistant Secretary of Agri-

culture Luis Padilla Nervo, Aassistant Secretary of Labor Manuel Martínez Báez, Assistant Secretary of Public

Health Roberto López, Director of the National Bank of

Foreign Trade

L. C. Robbins, Economic Secretariat of the War

Cabinet Offices
J. H. Magowan, Board of Trade
Sir Kenneth Lee, Ministries of Production and Supply

E. Twentyman, British Food Mission GREECE Cimon P. Diamantopoulos, Ambassador to the United

States; Chairman of the Delegation GUATEMALA Julio Gómez Robles, Under Secretary of Finance;

Chairman of the Delegation Luis Beltranena, Dean of the Faculty of Economic

Sciences Arturo A. Bickford, Mayor of Guatemala City and

Chief of the Office of Economic and Financial

Coordination HAITI André Liautaud, Ambassador to the United States;

Chairman of the Delegation Pierre Chauvet, Chief of the Service of Control

of Industrial Development, Department of Com

merce and National Economy Edouard Baker, Agronomist, Department of

Agriculture HONDURAS Marcos Carías Reyes, Private Secretary to the Presi

dent; Chairman of the Delegation Gregorio Reyes Zelaya, Collector of Customs Colonel José Augusto Padilla Vega, Military At

taché, Honduran Embassy, Washington ICELAND Thor Thors, Minister to the United States; Chairman

of the Delegation Olafur Johnson, Director of the Iceland Purchasing

Commission in New York Helgi Thorsteinsson, Director of the Iceland Pur

chasing Commission in New York INDIA Sir Girja Shankar Bajpai, Agent General for India,

Washington; Chairman of the Delegation P. M. Kharegat, Vice Chairman, Imperial Council of

Agricultural Research Sir David Meek, Trade Commissioner, London H. S. Malik, Trade Commissioner, New York W. R. Aykroyd, Director of the Nutrition Research

Laboratories, Coonoor, S. India IRAN Mohammed Shayesteh, Minister to the United

States; Chairman of the Delegation Hossein Navab, Iranian Consul, New York, New York Sultan Mahmoud Amerie, Iranian Trade and Eco

nomic Commission Taghi Nassr, Economic Commissioner in the United


M. P. L. Steenberghe, President of the Economic,

Financial, and Shipping Mission of the Kingdom
of the Netherlands in Washington; Chairman of

the Delegation G. H. C. Hart, Vice President of the Economic,

Financial, and Shipping Mission and Chairman of the Board for the Netherlands Indies, Curaçao, and

Surinam; Vice Chairman of the Delegation P. Honig, Member of the Board for the Netherlands

Indies, Curaçao, and Surinam L. A. H. Peters, Agricultural Attaché, Netherlands

Embassy, Washington A. H. Philipse, Member of the Economic, Financial,

and Shipping Mission I. Snapper, formerly of Amsterdam University and

Peiping Union Medical College

Richard Mitchelson Campbell, Official Secretary, High

Commissioner's Office, London; Chairman of the

Delegation George Andrew Duncan, Director, Export Division,

Marketing Department Ernest James Fawcett, Director General of Agricul


León DeBayle, Ambassador to the United States;

Chairman of the Delegation
Guillermo Tunnermann López, Manager, National

Bank of Nicaragua

ng to an invitatio [ited States to be

Anders Fjelstad, Cabinet Minister of State (without

Portfolio); Chairman of the Delegation
Hans Ystgaard, Minister of Agriculture
Karl Evang, Surgeon General, Public Health Services
Kristian Fivelstad, Commercial Counselor, Norwegian

Embassy, Washington; Representative in the
United States of the Ministry of Supply and Re

construction Arne Skaug, former Chief of Statistical Division,

Ministry of Supply and Reconstruction; Acting
Manager of the Norwegian Government Disability

Services, New York, New York
Ramón Antonio Vega, Manager of the Banco Agro-

Pecuario Industrial; Chairman of the Delegation PARAGUAY París E. Menéndez, Director of the Central Labora

tory, Ministry of Agriculture, Commerce, and Industry; Chairman of the Delegation

Alexey D. Krutikov, Deputy People's Commissar for

Foreign Trade; Chairman of the Delegation
Vassili F. Starchenko, Deputy Chairman of the

Council of People's Commissars of the Ukrainian

S. S. R. Vassili S. Nemchinov, Professor, Director of the

Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in Moscow Dmitri D. Mishustin, Professor, Member of the Col

legium of the People's Commissariat of Foreign

Trade Georgi F. Saksin, Assistant Secretary General of the

People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs
Pavel I. Chtchegoula, Chief, Foodstuffs Division,

Government Purchasing Commission of the
U. S. S. R. in the United States

Klarer, Chief of
Conferences, Dei
States, was desi

be President of t
General of the

Le Chief, Divisio me Office of For

2. Tiited States Dep kustant Secretary zinable Marvin Joi oken of the United

manent Preside FeaT Session hel nite Committee on

Chairman 01 seni over by the Pres

situted a Steering waiposed of the foll

Marvin Jones, Judge of the United States Court of

Claims and Assistant to the Director of Economic

Stabilization ; Chairman of the Delegation Paul H. Appleby, Under Secretary of Agriculture W. L. Clayton, Assistant Secretary of Commerce Thomas Parran, Surgeon General, United States

Public Health Service Murray D. Lincoln, Executive Secretary of the Ohio

Farm Bureau Federation Miss Josephine Schain URUGUAY Roberto E. MacEachen, Minister to Cuba; Chairman

of the Delegation Francisco Gómez-Haedo, Professor of Political Econ

omy, University of Montevideo

Gerardo Klinge, Editor of La Vida Agricola, Director

of the Banco Agrícola; Chairman of the Delegation

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Joaquín M. Elizalde, Resident Commissioner of the

Philippines to the United States; Chairman of the

Delegation Major General Basilio J. Valdés, Chief of Staff of

the Philippine Army Arturo B. Rotor, Secretary to the President of the


ang Yong (Brazil)
3 Barcon (Canada)

2 (Great Britain
Shankar Bajpal (ID


rada (Mexico)
- grabbergbe Nieher
* Invikor (CSSR
erorie (Tugosiar

Wieslaw Domaniewski, Commercial Counselor, Polish

José Joaquín González Gorrondona, President of the

Import Control Commission; Chairman of the Dele

gation Rafael Cabrera Malo, Chief of the Nutrition Section,

Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance Roberto Alamo Ibarra, Institute of Immigration and


ang three memb the served on t of the Conference

Branko Cubrilovic, former Minister of Agriculture;

Chairman of the Delegation
Mirko Mermolja, Economic Adviser to the Yugoslav


Ornano (Costa L
Speed Shares eb (Iran
Alested (Norway)

ng Committee.
all the Technical
itembers appointe
Perence, Fag cons
23mo Chairma

Who met at Hot Springs, Virginia, on May 18, 1943, under the temporary Presidency of The Honorable Marvin Jones, Chairman of the Delegation of the United States of America.

The Honorable Henrik de Kauffmann, Danish Minister at Washington, attended the ses

Embassy, Washington; Chairman of the Delegation Tadeusz Lychowski, Chief, Economic Section, Polish

Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Shipping,

Stefan Krolikowski, Deputy Chief, Agricultural Sec-

tion, Polish Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and
Shipping, London

Andrew T. Brennan, Commercial Counselor, South

African Legation, Washington; Chairman of the

Andries P. van der Post, Senior Trade Commissioner

of the Union of South Africa, London
Robert Webster, Consul of the Union of South Africa,

New York, New York
Johan A. Siegruhn, Commercial Attaché, South Afri-

can Legation, Washington
William C. Naudé, Attaché, South African Legation,


store boala (Brazil)

Richard Law (Great Britain) Hugues Le Gallais (Luxembourg) Alexey D. Krutikov (U.S.S.R.)

In accordance with the regulations adopted at the opening Plenary Session, held on May 18, 1943, the Conference was divided into four Technical Sections, with Committees, as follows:

sions in response to an invitation of the Government of the United States to be present in a personal capacity.

Warren Kelchner, Chief of the Division of International Conferences, Department of State of the United States, was designated, with the approval of the President of the United States, as Secretary General of the Conference, and Ralph H. Allee, Chief, Division of Latin American Agriculture, Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, United States Department of Agriculture, as Assistant Secretary General.

The Honorable Marvin Jones, Chairman of the Delegation of the United States of America, was elected permanent President of the Conference at the Plenary Session held on May 18, 1943.

The Executive Committee of the Conference, composed of the Chairman of the Delegations, and presided over by the President of the Conference, constituted a Steering Committee of its members composed of the following:

Marvin Jones (U.S.A.), President of the Confer

ence, Chairman
João Carlos Muniz (Brazil)
G. S. H. Barton (Canada)
Kuo Ping-wen (China)
Richard Law (Great Britain)
Sir Girja Shankar Bajpai (India)
Ali Jawdat (Iraq)
Manuel J. Zevada (Mexico)
M. P. L. Steenberghe (Netherlands)
Alexey D. Krutikov (U.S.S.R.)
Branko Cubrilovic (Yugoslavia)

The following three members of the Executive Committee served on the Committee on Credentials of the Conference:

J. Rafael Oreamuno (Costa Rica), Chairman Mohammed Shayesteh (Iran) Anders Fjelstad (Norway) The Drafting Committee, composed of the Chairmen of the Technical Sections and three additional members appointed by the President of the Conference, was constituted as follows under the ex-officio Chairmanship of the Conference President:


Consumption Levels and Requirements

Chairman: Kuo Ping-wen (China)
Vice Chairman: Manuel J. Zevada (Mexico)
Reporter: W. R. Aykroyd (India)
Secretary: Frank G. Boud (U.S.A.)
Assistant Secretary: E. F. Penrose (U.S.A.)


Chairman: Karl Evang (Norway)
Vice Chairman: Tsou Ping-wen (China)
Vice Chairman: Miguel Etchenique (Bolivia)
Secretary: Hazel K. Stiebeling (U.S.A.)

Assistant Secretary: Katherine Bain (U.S.A.)
A. Food

1. Character and extent of consumption deficiencies in each country

2. Causes and consequences of malnutrition

3. Reasonable national and international goals for improved food consumption


Chairman: Roberto E. MacEachen (Uruguay)
Vice Chairman: Edouard J. Bigwood (Belgium)
Vice Chairman: J. Manuel Casanueva (Chile)

Secretary: Harold A. Vogel (U.S.A.)
A. Food

4. Measures for improving standards of consumption (education, etc.)


Chairman: José Garibaldi Dantas (Brazil)
Vice Chairman: Cimon P. Diamantopoulos

Vice Chairman: Gabriel L. Dennis (Liberia)

Secretary: A. W. Palmer (U.S.A.)
B. Other essential agricultural products

1. Pre-war consumption levels in various countries as influenced by prosperity or depression and by buying power of the population

2. Reasonable national and international goals for improved consumption with sustained em

João Carlos Muniz (Brazil) G. S. H. Barton (Canada) Kuo Ping-wen (China)

Chairman: J. P. R. Maud (Great Britain)
Vice Chairman: Jan V. Hyka (Czechoslovakia)
Vice Chairman: Gerardo Klinge (Peru)

Secretary: Frank A. Waring (U.S.A.)
A. Relation of national and international economic

policies to agricultural problems, with spe-
cial reference to the facilitation of the
movement of agricultural products in com-

1. Expansion of international trade

2. Broad policies for assuring increased production and consumption in general

COMMITTEE 2 Chairman: G. A. Duncan (New Zealand) Vice Chairman: Eduardo Morillo Safa (Mexico) Vice Chairman: Ramón Antonio Vega (Panama)

Secretary: Frederick L. Thomsen (U.S.A.) B. Improvement of agricultural marketing, process

ing, and distribution


Chairman: Hervé Alphand (French Delegation) Vice Chairman: A. P. van der Post (South Africa) Vice Chairman: Alfredo Peñaherrera Vergara

(Ecuador) Secretary: Frederick V. Waugh (U.S.A.)

Assistant Secretary: Faith M. Williams (U.S.A.) C. Special measures for wider food distribution

1. Improvement of consumption of low-income groups

2. International disposition of commodities in over-supply


Chairman: M. P. L. Steenberghe (Netherlands) Vice Chairman: Hussein Bey M. Enan (Egypt) Vice Chairman: Julio Gómez Robles (Guatemala)

Secretary: Robert M. Carr (U.S.A.) D. Buffer stocks and commodity arrangements to

assure equitable prices and adequate supplies


Recommendations for Continuing and Carrying Forward

the Work of the Conference

Chairman: Richard Law (Great Britain)
Vice Chairman: Amadeo López Castro (Cuba)
Reporter: F. L. McDougall (Australia)
Secretary: Loyd V. Steere (U.S.A.)
Assistant Secretary: Benjamin Gerig (U.S.A.)


Eæpansion of Production and Adaptation to Consump

tion Needs
Chairman: Alexey D. Krutikov (U.S.S.R.)
Vice Chairman: Sir Girja Shankar Bajpai (India)
Reporter: Murray D. Lincoln (U.S.A.)
Secretary: F. F. Elliott (U.S.A.)
A88istant Secretary: Clayton Whipple (U.S.A.)


Chairman: G. S. H. Barton (Canada)
Vice Chairman: J. M. Troncoso (Dominican Re-

Vice Chairman: Yilma Deressa (Ethiopia)

Secretary: Bushrod W. Allin (U.S.A.)
A. Measures for direction of production toward

commodities, the supply of which should be

increased B. Measures for shifting production out of com

modities in chronic surplus


Chairman: Héctor David Castro (El Salvador)
Vice Chairman: Stefan Krolikowski (Poland)
Vice Chairman: César García Alvarez (Colombia)

Secretary: Philip V. Cardon (U.S.A.)
C. Measures for improving agricultural productivity

and efficiency


Chairman: Joaquín M. Elizalde (Philippine Com

Vice Chairman: Roberto Alamo Ibarra (Vene-

Vice Chairman: Paris E. Menéndez (Paraguay)

Secretary: Mark L. Nichols (U.S.A.)
D. Measures for development and conservation of

agricultural resources

COMMITTEE 4 Chairman: E. McCarthy (Australia) Vice Chairman: André Liautaud (Haiti) Vice Chairman: Marcos Carías Reyes (Honduras)

Secretary: Conrad Taeuber (U.S.A.) E. Opportunities for occupational adjustments in

agricultural populations


Facilitation and Improvement of Distribution

Chairman: João Carlos Muniz (Brazil)
Vice Chairman: Branko Cubrilovic (Yugoslavia)
Reporter: G. H. C. Hart (Netherlands)
Secretaru: Howard S. Piquet (U.S.A.)

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