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Resolution No. 14

A Resolution Relating to a Financial Plan for the Administration

(Reception No. 298) RESOLVED

That the following Financial Plan for the Administration be adopted :

Administrative Budget and Program of Operations

Section 1. Program of Operations

The Director General shall prepare as soon as possible, and submit to the next session of the Council, a program of operations covering proposed activities of the Administration in connection with relief and rehabilitation including the care and transportation of displaced persons. This program may cover the entire period of contemplated operations of the Administration, or any part thereof. The operating program shall serve as a guide to the activities of the Director General, but, except as provided in Article IV, paragraph 2 of the Agreement, shall not limit his action when the situation requires other action. From time to time, the Director General shall submit to the Council revisions of, or supplements to the operating program which experience may show to be desirable. Section 2. Annual Administrative Budget

The Director General shall prepare annually a budget covering the estimated administrative expense of the Administration for a calendar year. The budget shall be accompanied by an explanation and justification of the amount required. The proposed budget shall be submitted to the Council in accordance with the regulations of the Council with respect to administrative expenditures and receipts. Section 3. Supplementary Administrative Budgets

The Director General may submit supplementary budgets to the Council covering the necessary administrative expenses not provided for in the annual budget.


Section 4. General Contributions

As to the amount and character of the contribution of each member government, to be determined by its constitutional bodies as provided for in Article V of the Agreement, the Council recommends that each member government whose home territory has not been occupied by the enemy shall make a contribution for participation in the work of the Administration, approximately equivalent to one percent of the national income of the country for the year ending June 30, 1943 as determined by the member government.

The Council recognizes that there are cases in which the recommendation above may conflict with particular demands arising from the continuance of the war or may be excessively burdensome because of peculiar situations, and therefore recognizes that the amount and character of the contribution recommended is subject to such conditions.

Section 5. Character of Contribution

Subject to the provisions of Article V, paragraph 1, of the Agreement the Council recommends that as much as possible, but not less than 10 percent, of the amount contributed by each member government as recommended in section 4 hereof, shall be in such form of currency as can be expended in areas outside of the contributing country; and that the balance thereof shall be in the form of a credit in local currency which shall be available for the purchase of the contributing country's supplies and services. Section 6. Contributions Toward Administrative Expenses

A member government may treat its share of the administrative expenses, as determined by the Council under Article VI of the Agreement, as included in its contribution made under sections 4 and 5 hereof.

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country, whether or not the government thereof is a member government. The consent of a member government must be secured for the use of any of its local currency to finance expenditures in any other country.

Distribution Section 16. Governments in a Position to Pay With Suitable Means

of Foreign Exchange It shall be the policy of the Administration not to deplete its available resources for the relief and rehabilitation of any area whose government is in a position to pay with suitable means of foreign exchange. Section 17. Determination of Whether a Government is in a Position

To Pay With Suitable Means of Foreign Exchange When a member government considers that it is not in a position to pay as in the foregoing section, the Director General, in consultation with the member government involved and on the advice of the appropriate committee or subcommittee of the Council, shall deter. mine whether the government or country is not in a position to pay for relief and rehabilitation supplies and services. In case of disagreement, either the member government or the Director General may refer the matter to the Council.

In making the determination the applicant's foreign exchange assets and its sources of foreign exchange shall be taken into account. Although payment for relief and rehabilitation supplies and services shall be considered to have a strong claim on the foreign exchange assets of the applicant country, due consideration shall be given also to its need of foreign exchange for other purposes.

The Director General, from time to time, shall review such determination in the light of changing circumstances. Section 18. Policy on Relief Debt Burdens

It shall be the policy of the Administration that an applicant government shall not be required to assume the burden of an enduring foreign exchange debt for the procurement of relief and rehabilitation supplies and services. Section 19. Supplies and Services for Which Member Governments

Are Not in a Position To Pay With Suitable Means of Foreign

Exchange The Council recommends that governments not in a position to pay in suitable means of foreign exchange for necessary relief and rehabilitation supplies or services make available to the Administration in whole or in part the local currency proceeds from the sale of supplies furnished by the Administration. It shall be the policy of the Administration to use any such local currency for relief and rehabilitation work, including the care and movement of displaced persons, and for such other purposes as may be agreed upon with the government. Programs for the utilization of such local currency shall be formulated by the Director General and the member government involved.


Section 20. Expenses Met With Local Currency

The Council recommends that so far as possible all expenses of the Administration within a liberated area shall be borne by the government of such area, and shall be paid in local currency made available by the government of the area or derived from the proceeds of the sale of supplies. Section 21. Distribution of Gold or Convertible Currency Forbidden

Under no circumstances shall any distribution of gold or convertible currency resources be made by the Administration to any member or non-member government except for purchases of essential supplies and services.

Custody and Management of Funds

Section 22. Form of Assets

All funds and currency credits of the Administration shall be retained, so far as advisable, in the form in which they are received until needed.

Section 23. Fiscal Agents

The Director General shall in consultation with the appropriate member government, select such fiscal agents for the Administration as he may require. Section 24. Accounting

The Director General shall prescribe a procedure to secure careful accounting for all funds and other property of the Administration and shall require all officials, employees, and agents of the Administration to comply with such procedure.

Section 25. Audit

All financial transactions of the Administration shall be audited annually by an auditor selected by the Council upon the recom-' mendation of the appropriate committee of the Council.

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