The Dublin University Magazine: A Literary and Political Journal, Հատոր 65

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W. Curry, jun., and Company, 1865
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Էջ 289 - The night has been unruly : where we lay, Our chimneys were blown down : and, as they say, Lamentings heard i' the air ; strange screams of death: And, prophesying with accents terrible Of dire combustion and confused events, New hatch'd to the woeful time, The obscure bird clamour'd the live-long night : Some say the earth was feverous, and did shake.
Էջ 129 - Well, and your afterwards daring to publish me your " friend," with your "proper name " annexed, I shall never forget. Nor can I forget your and Miss Lamb's sympathy and kindness when glooms outmastered me ; and that your pen spontaneously sparkled in the book, when my mind was in clouds and darkness. These "trifles...
Էջ 129 - ... which I fear may yet be apparent in this manuscript ; the truant looks sidelong to the garden, which seemed a mockery of our imprisonment ; the prize for best spelling which had almost turned my head, and which to this...
Էջ 59 - In like manner, while I would not seek to lay down any inflexible rule with respect to adoption, I hold that, on all occasions, where heirs natural shall fail, the territory should be made to lapse, and adoption should not be permitted, excepting in those cases in which some strong political reason may render it expedient to depart from this general rule.
Էջ 63 - Sepoy lines. But when rumours of disaster reached the houses of the chief English officers, they were commonly discredited. Their own letters were silent on the subject. It was not likely to be true, they said, as they had heard nothing about it. But it was true, and the news had travelled, another hundred miles whilst the white gentlemen, with bland scepticism, were shaking their heads over the lies of the...
Էջ 129 - ... while he was inflicting punishment — which is so much more terrible to children than the angriest looks and gestures. Whippings were not frequent ; but, when they took place, the correction was performed in a private room adjoining, where we could only hear the plaints but saw nothing.
Էջ 129 - To make him look more formidable — if a pedagogue had need of these heightenings — Bird wore one of those flowered Indian gowns, formerly in use with schoolmasters ; the strange figures upon which we used to interpret into hieroglyphics of pain and suffering.
Էջ 131 - CL" Some of them are not included in his collected works, as the "lines written in consequence of hearing of a young man that had voluntarily starved himself to death on Skiddaw." But a more important contribution, which I think has not been enough noticed, is one entire farce, which figures a little inappropriately in one of the numbers. It is called
Էջ 129 - languages" were taught in it then; I am sure that neither my Sister nor myself brought any out of it, but a little of our native English. By
Էջ 131 - The reckless coterie in young Blackwood were a little embarrassed between their admiration of one who was after their own heart, and their political fury against the " crew" to which he belonged. They were nettled at Hunt's rude admiration of him.

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