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... Relative excellence...Parental and filial relations the origin of

society... Parental claims... Attention Conformity... Assistance...
Consideration and frugality exciting forbearance... Deference...
Peculiar claims of pious parents... Parental disappointment... Self-
delusion... Peculiar duties of pious children... Anecdotes... Conduct
to brothers and sisters... Selfish altercations... Duty to younger
children... Anecdote... Influence of sisters on brothers...Cultivation
of family politeness... Alienation of affection to be guarded against
in occasional separations... In new connexions... Family confidence
... Early impressions of character abiding...Conduct to servants...

Haughtiness... Inconsideration... Familiarity to be avoided...Con-

duct to visitors... Shyness...Pride... Suitable deportment... The Black

Bonnet...Conduct in promiscuous society...Indiscretion... Vanity...

False assumption... Anecdotes...The pickpocket... The shoemaker's

daughter... Professor Porson... Rev. John Cooke... Aims at useful-

ness... Love to home... The orphan... Early friendships...The foes

who once were friends


VICISSITUDES... Breaking up of family and social circles... Acknow-

ledge the hand of God in all the changes that occur...Our expecta-
tions from worldly things should be moderate... We should dili-

gently discharge the duties of our present condition... Lessons of
prudence... We should prepare for our great change... God never
changes... Secure an interest in a world that is unchanging...

CONCLUSION... The writer's farewell wishes... Person...Circumstances

...Connexions... Fear of God...Repentance... Regeneration... Saving
faith...Converting grace...Love to Christ... Genuine holiness...




No person was sent into the world to be idle. To every individual, and every class of society, there are specific duties assigned ; and unless these duties are intelligently and faithfully performed, guilt is incurred, and injury both inflicted and sustained. The happiness of individuals, and the well-being of society, alike depend on the regular and orderly fulfilment of every duty, however seemingly small. As the failure or irregularity of one small wheel in a complicated machine would disarrange the movements of others, and throw the whole concern into confusion, so the indolence, or impetuosity, or irregularity, or selfishness of one individual, even in a humble sphere, will entail inconvenience and injury on every connexion; indeed it is impossible to say how widely the evil may extend. This is the spirit of a popular saying ; "For want of a nail the shoe was lost ; for want of a shoe the horse


was lost ; for want of a horse the rider was lost, being taken by his enemies ; and all for want of attention to a horse-shoe nail.” Let those, then, who, with false humility, excuse their negligences and faults by saying, “ I am such an insignificant creature, it cannot much matter what I do," consider, that if their value be no more than the nail, this may occasion the death of the rider; and that they, being reasonable and responsible creatures, will have to answer for all the omission of good, and all the infliction of evil occasioned by the non-improvement or abuse of their one talent. A good man, and an eminently useful man, well known to the writer, made a very

different use of the mean opinion he entertained of himself. Pointing to a handsome building, he said, “I regard myself in the church, and in the world, as a part of a building. It is not for me to pretend to be a polished corner-stone, or an ornamental pillar; but if I am only a little crumb of mortar, though lodged out of sight in the building, it is honour enough for me. The building would not be complete without me, and it would be a sin for me to withhold even that little crumb of aid. However small the place assigned me, it must be filled." This was true practical humility.

There is no class of society more really important than that of YOUNG FEMALES, and perhaps there is not one concerning whom, and by whom, more false notions are entertained. It is very common for young women to think far too highly of themselves as objects of attraction and admiration, and yet to overlook their real importance in the

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