Middle East Review

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Kogan Page Publishers, 2003 - 256 էջ
* The definitive guide to the most recent economic and political trends, developments and key events in the region * Key indicators and profiles for 32 countries * Leading-edge expertise from some of the world's top journalists and regional specialists * Key facts and essential business directory information Of interest to academic, public and corporate libraries; economic, geography and international relations specialists; professional, trade and government organizations; exporters and international investors ""Middle East Review 2003/4"" is used throughout the world as an essential reference source for those with an active interest in the region. The 27th edition now includes all the Central Asian states and provides both an analytical overview of the region and specific data for each of the 32 countries. Introductory chapters cover regional issues such as: the growth of Islamic banking and its implications for the wider economy; the impact of ex-Soviet countries on international oil and gas production; the significance of the Middle East's contribution to international terrorism. The main body of the book provides comprehensive economic and business reports for each country and includes: * Political and economic surveys identifying the trends, developments, problems and solutions * Country profiles, which analyze the different economic sectors of each country, summarizes its political parties and system, and provides condensed background information on a range of other important topics including demographics, languages, and industry sectors * Key facts with vital statistics for the country being analyzed * Business guide offering practical information for visitors to the country * Keyindicators setting out the country's key economic indicators over the last five years * Business directory listing the names and addresses of local organizations useful to visitors.

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