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The style is low and vulgar, and, if cannot be at a loss as to the origin of the written by Mr. Spaulding, as it was sub- above. sequently printed, it will doubtless stand The last part of the book is to a conpeerless and alone, as the most success- siderable extent made up by presenting in ful effort of the violation of every rule of an awkward way objections to infant baptaste and language which the history of tism, (Smith was educated in the Baptist our vernacular has ever furnished. Inter- Church,) mingled with Rigdon's doctrine nal evidence is not wanting that some of “ baptism for the remission of sins," manuscript has furnished the ground-plan which he (Rigdon) embraced when a of the work, but that another hand has Campbellite preacher, and made a progreatly enlarged the text, making such minent feature of Mormonism. Take the additions as the peculiar doctrines, &c., following as an illustration :of the system required.

“ And now, my son, I speak unto you concernA few extracts will show that a con

ing that which grieveth me exceedingly; for it siderable portion of the book was sug- grieveth me that there should disputations rise gested by the anti-masonic excitement of among you. For if I have learned the truth, western New-York, which commenced in

there has been disputations among you conthe neighborhood, and near the time that cerning the baptism of your little children.

oo For immediately after I had learned these Joe Smith professes to have found the things of you, I inquired of the Lord concernplates from which the record was taken. | ing the matter. And the word of the Lord The Lamanites, a wicked and ungodly came unto me saying, I came into the

world not to call the righteous but sinners to race who figure largely in the work, are

repentance; the whole need not a physician, represented as originating and perfect but they that are sick; wherefore little children ing a secret combination,” bound with are whole, for they are not capable of commit“ oaths,” and having “signs” by which ting sin, oo wherefore, my son, I know that they could recognize each other, &c.; and it is solemn mockery to baptize little children.

ooo this thing shall ye teach, repentance and one Gadianton, a kind of Jeroboam-the- baptism unto they which are accountable, and son-of-Nebat character, introduced this capable of committing sin. "oo and their lit“ secret combination" among the Nephtes, tle children need no repentance, neither bapor religious portion of the people. The

tism. • Behold, I say unto you that he

that supposeth that little children needeth following, as a specimen, will sufficiently baptism is in the gall of bitterness and in the illustrate this portion of the book :- bonds of iniquity; wherefore should he be cut

off while in the thought he must go down to “ And now, my son, these directors were pre- hell. OD And he that saith that little chilpared that the word of God might be fulfilled

dren needeth baptism, denieth the mercies of which he spake saying, I will bring forth out

Christ, and setteth at naught the atonement of of darkness unto light all their secret works him, and the power of his redemption. Woe and their abominations. And I will bring unto such ; for they are in danger of death, hell, to light all their secrets and abominations unto

and an endless torment."-Book of Moroni, every nation that shall hereafter possess the chap. viii, pp. 581–2. land. 0 Yea, their secret abominations have been brought out of darkness and made known Much more twaddle of a similar charunto us. Ooo Retain all their oaths and their covenants and their arguments. 0 • Yea, acter will be found in the book. This

, and all their signs. " • And only their wick doubtless, will be deemed sufficient. edness and their murders shall ye make known. These quotations furnish strongly preoo Ye shall teach them to abhor such sumptive evidence that all similar porwickedness and abominations and their mur

tions of the book were not written by ders. And the blood of those which they murdered did cry.” Book of Alma, chap. xvii

, Mr. Spaulding. As his manuscript was pp. 328–9, first edit., Mormon Bible.

finished some years before the mysterious

disappearance of Morgan, and the great Also the following, from another part :

excitement consequent upon that event, “Yea, woe be unto you because of that great and at a time when secret fraternities abomination which hath come among you; and were flourishing and popular, it is hardly ye have united yourselves unto it, yea, to that secret band which was established by Gadian- supposable that he would hold them forth ton. Ooo Behold there were men which were

in the unfavorable light above; and as judges which also belonged to the secret band Mr. Spaulding was a Presbyterian or of Gadianton, and they were angry,” &c., &c.- Congregational minister, if I am correctly Book of Helaman, chap. iii, p. 428.

informed, he would not have doomed Any person conversant with the period- everybody to “ death, hell, and eternal ical literature of the locality and time torment,” who held to infant baptism.

“The Book of Covenants," and " Pratt's at the “ endowment” of their temple Voice of Warning," are rather better so there? Why did he not say something far as style is concerned, yet equally het- of the murders and thefts committed in erodox in doctrine, and worse in morals | Missouri ? Or of Rigdon's famous “Salt than their bible ; both of which are re Sermon,” delivered on the fourth of July ceived as inspired, and binding on the in Far West Mo. ? in which he asserted conscience and life. The latter is a 24mo. that Judas was murdered by the apostles volume, of some one hundred and fifty for betraying his master; that Ananias pages, given by Pratt, one of the and Sapphira were killed by the young twelve apostles I think, or at least a men for lying ; and all this to stimulate prophet, and is a savage philippic against the “ Danites” to murder any who should the people of these United States, because dare to leave the Mormon fraternity; and they refused to embrace Mormonism, in the same discourse proclaimed war to announcing that “God's sword was bathed the death with Missouri if she should dare in blood in heaven;" that he had delivered to interfere civilly or otherwise with the it to the saints, (Mormons ;) and that who- Mormons. All this and much more is soever would not submit to the saints passed over in silence! If the writer was (Mormons) within ten years, I think, ignorant of these facts, what business had should become food for the vultures and he to write on the subject? If not, where wild beasts. It was published, as near as is the honesty in suppressing them ? Yet I recollect, in 1838, and is just as clear all this “eminently interesting history” a denunciation of destruction to the Amer- is passed over in entire silence, while ican people by the Mormons, if they do others, whose fathers, brothers and sons not embrace Mormonism, as is the denun- had been murdered by the Mormons, are ciation of destruction to the Canaanites held forth as the “ ruffian population of by Israel, in the Bible.

the neighboring country,” simply because The former is made up of various they would not allow a horde of pirates revelations, given at different times, to to fatten in their midst. different individuals, and on different sub The greatest outrage upon truth, howjects. These two volumes and their bible, ever, remains yet to be noticed. It reads coupled with the convenient arrangement as follows :-(See p. 487, Nat. Mag., for obtaining a revelation at any time and June, 1854.) upon any subject as occasion may require, “Whatever charges were preferred against constitute the Mormon rule of faith. One Smith and his disciples to justify the outrages important revelation, and one on which to which they were subjected, the history of the Mormons practiced largely, establishes of illustrations of the fact that the rufian popu

their expulsion from Nauvoo is simply a series the two following propositions :-1. The

lation of the neighboring country set on foot earth is the Lord's, and the fullness a vast scheme of robbery, in order to obtain thereof in every sense.

2. The saints the lands and improvements of the Mormons (Mormons) have a right, as the Lord's without paying for them.” children, to take the Lord's property The above rash and unqualified sentence wherever they can find it, and whenever I have read with perfect astonishment. they want it. And it was their bold and How any respectable man would dare to open practice upon these principles, con risk and ruin his reputation for candor and nected with many other kindred and inhe- veracity, in the estimation of all who know rent evils that led to their expulsion from the facts in the case, by such a non-truth Illinois.

is more than I can comprehend ; and I Who the writer of the article under am bold to say that a more flagrant perreview is we are not informed, and cer version of truth was never perpetrated in tainly it is not a matter of importance to the English or any other language. know. Evidence is furnished that he is Please permit me to ask, What is to moderately well acquainted with the earlier be done when the bands of civil society history of the sect, but lamentably igno- are all broken ?—when the terms law and rant of their latter history. Why did he order are made the mere catch-words to not tell his readers of the bogus money, authorize violence, outrage and murder ?— and shinplaster bank, &c., of Smith and when frequent appeals to the civil authorCo., while residing in Kirtland, Ohio ? | ities have only resulted in the defeat of Or narrate their two days' drunken frolic | justice and increased outrage? Is there

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nothing in life, liberty, and the pursuit of from $15 to $25 per acre. Many of the happiness, worth contending for? Are we old settlers had been plundered, swindled, not to be allowed to appear and remove and dragooned in this way out of their those who will not allow us to possess property, and it was boldly proclaimed by those blessings quietly?

the Mormons, that they intended to take The bare supposition that any portion the entire county and the adjoining counof the American people would “set on ties in the same way. foot a vast scheme of robbery” to drive Add to this the following picture from off a flourishing city of fifteen or twenty Governor Ford's “ History of Illinois,' thousand peaceable and orderly inhabit already alluded to :-(See pp. 320–322.) ants is absurd. Permit me to state what

“ No further demand for the arrest of Joe can be proved by a thousand unimpeached Smith having been made by Missouri, he became and unimpeachable witnesses now living. emboldened by success. The Mormons became Within less than a year from the estab- more arrogant and overbearing. In the winter

of 1843 and '44, the common council of Naulishment of the Mormons in Nauvoo, and

voo passed some further ordinances to protect some time before they became an object their leaders from arrest on demand by Misof either fear or favor politically, there souri. They enacted that no writ issued from had been a concerted plan of theft and any other place than Nauvoo for the arrest of plunder carried on by the Mormons in all any person in it, should be executed in the city

without an approval indorsed by the mayorthe surrounding country. It was no very (Smith was mayor :) that if any public officer, strange thing for a Mormon to take his by virtue of any foreign writ, should attempt team, drive into a neighboring field, load to make an arrest in the city without such his wagon with oats, corn, or wheat, and approval of his process, he should be subject to take it off to Nauvoo ; or to ride out upon

be imprisoned for life, and that the governor

of the state should not have the power of the prairies, herd as many beeves as he pardoning the offender without the consent liked, and drive them to the same place; of the mayor. When these ordinances were rather stealthily at first, but boldly toward published, they created general astonishment. the last. When an appeal was made to the Many people began to believe, in good earuest,

that the Mormons were about to set up a sepacivil authorities and the criminal arrested,

rate government for themselves, in defiance of fifty or a hundred Mormon witnesses were the law of the state. Owners of property stolen called in, an alibi was proved, leaving the in other counties made pursuit into Nauvoo, sufferer to pay costs, with a threat that

and were fined by the Mormon courts for daring

to seek their property in the holy city. To if he was troublesome about it his house

one such I granted a pardon. Several of the would be burned, or some other evil in- Mormons had been convicted of larceny, and flicted. To avoid paying their debts the they never failed in any instance to procure a following arrangement was made :

petition signed by fifteen hundred or two thou

sand of their friends for their pardon. But " It was discovered," says Governor Ford, in

that which made it more certain than anyhis History of Illinois, p. 405, "* o that that thing else that the Mormons contemplated a people had an institution in their Church called separate government was, that about this time * Oneness,' which was composed of five persons,

they petitioned Congress to establish a Terriover whom 'One' was appointed as a kind of

torial Government for them in Nauvoo, as if guardian. This One,' as trustee for the rest,

Congress had any power to establish such a was to own all the property of the association ; government, or any other, within the bounds so that if it were levied upon for debt by an

of the state. execution, the Mormons could prove that it be

" To crown the whole folly of the Mormons, longed to one or the other of the parties as

in the spring of 1844 Joe Smith announced might be required to defeat the execution.”

himself as a candidate for President of the

United States. His followers were confident This arrangement enabled them to

that he would be elected. Two or three thouswindle all to whom they were indebted; sand missionaries were sent out to preach their

religion, and to electioneer in favor of their and they were not backward in carrying prophet for the presidency. This folly at once it out. This overbearing and perfectly covered that people with ridicule in the minds lawless course had been pursued until all, of all sensible men, and brought them into conor nearly all the original inhabitants of

flict with the zealots and bigots of all political Nauvoo had left, and was then commenced their religious pretensions had already aroused

parties; as the arrogance and extravagance of on the old settlers of the county in gen- the opposition of all other denominations in reeral. When they proposed to sell and ligion. move away, none would buy but Mormons, could be got from the best men who had seceded

“ It seems, from the best information that and they would offer only from $1 50 to

from the Mormon Church, that Joe Smith, about $2 per acre, for farms that were worth this time, conceived the idea of making him

It is a

a temporal prince as well as a spiritual leader there ;-that many appeals had been made of his people. He instituted a new and select to the law, and that justice could not be order of the priesthood, the members of which were to be priests and kings, temporally and obtained there ;—that society had been disspiritually: these were to be his nobility, who solved ;-that the Legion had been ordered were to be the upholders of his throne. He out to oppose the serving of a civil process caused himself to be crowned and anointed in Nauvoo :— thus committing treason king and priest far above the rest; and he pre- against the United States and the state scribed the form of an oath of allegiance to himself, which he administered to his principal of Illinois. And I submit it to any man followers. To uphold his pretensions to roy- of sense, whether the people were not alty, he deduced his descent by an unbroken justifiable in expelling them from the state. chain from Joseph, the son of Jacob; and that

“Ruffian inhabitants !” indeed. of his wife from some other renowned personage of the Old Testament history. The Mor- slander, and utterly false. Many of them mons openly denounced the government of the were from “ruffian” New-England, and United States as atterly corrupt, and as being have been as orderly and as quiet before about to pass away, and to be replaced by the

and since the expulsion of the Mormons, government of God, to be administered by his servant Joseph. It is now at this day certain

as their fathers and brothers who were also, that about this time the prophet reinsti- left behind. tuted an order in the Church called the Danite The death of Joe Smith was an unlawBand.' These were to be a body of police and ful, high-handed affair ; but neither Hanguards about the person of their sovereign, who were sworn to obey his orders as the orders cock County, nor the adjoining counties, of God himself. About this time he gave a nor the state of Illinois, are responsible for new touch to a female order already existing it. It was the work of a company of men in the Church, called spiritual wives.' A doc- mostly from Missouri, who had some old trine was now revealed, that no woman could get to heaven, except as the wife of a Mormon debts, and probably the murders of fathers elder. The elders were allowed to have as and brothers to avenge-murders commany of these wives as they could maintain ; | mitted by the Mormons while in that state. and it was a doctrine of the Church, that any part of the company was from Hancock female could be sealed up to eternal life,' by and adjoining counties, and was composed uniting herself as wife or concubine to the elder of her choice. This doctrine was main- of men whose feelings and rights had been tained by an appeal to the Old Testament Scrip- outraged in the most egregious manner. tures, and by the example of Abraham and But the act was wrong ; Smith was under Jacob, of David and Solomon, the favorites of God in a former age of the world."

arrest on the charge of treason, and the

executive of the state had pledged his Add to all this, and much more, that word that his person should be secure. their city charter organized the Nauvoo The Carthage Grays had pledged their Legion, which was now drilled regularly word to the governor that the persons of and well furnished with arms, partly from the prisoners should be protected. Soon the state, but mostly from other sources, after the governor left Carthage for Nauand numbered from four thousand to six voo, the Grays, left as a guard, learned thousand men, as they reported ;—that that some two hundred desperate men, Smith had sent several expeditions or se well armed, were in the neighborhood, and cret embassies to Missouri, to murder the determined on the death of the Smiths. governor of that state, and had threatened | They could not have defended them if several prominent individuals with the they had tried; but they should not have same fate ;—that he had his Danites sworn tacitly consented to their death. Rather, to obey his commands as the commands they should either have fought to the last, of God-who looked upon him as the fol or let the prisoners go free, and favored lowers of Mohammed looked upon their their escape. They did neither, and are prophet—all this, and much more, carried justly censurable ; although any course afon at the bidding of a coarse, loafing, vul- forded but a poor prospect of escape for gar blackguard, called a prophet, backed the prisoners. But why charge Illinois by twenty thousand people, all of the same or Hancock County with their death? It spirit;—that Nauvoo was the head-quar was neither known, planned, nor executed ters of a well-organized band of highway- by the one or the other. We might as men, burglars, thieves, and cut-throats ; well charge the author of the article rethat no arrest could be made in the city ; viewed with their murder. that this had been growing worse and worse That the settlers had no part in the from the beginning of eir settlement matter-indeed were afraid to have com

went to war.

mitted the act-is shown from the fact that ficers were all Mormons or Jack-Mormons, they almost universally fled, lest the Nau- and no criminal could be convicted. In voo Legion should subject them to an this state of affairs, a company of Mormon indiscriminate massacre. And all that thieves had been followed to a Mormon prevented such a catastrophe, probably, neighborhood, near Lima. Search was was the fact that Governor Ford arrested made for the stolen property, (a wagonthe two messengers that had fled from load of leather,) and it, with many other Carthage to Nauvoo with the intelligence, stolen articles, were found hid under the just as they were about to enter the city ; floors of the Mormon cabins. The people took them back to Carthage; and then sent (mob if you please) then ordered them to a letter, probably dictated by himself, and leave in two days after which they tore written by two Mormon leaders, of a pa- down the cabins, and burned them in whole cific character, which, with measures im or in part. The Mormons left for Nauvoo, mediately adopted, gave them to under some twenty miles distant. Buckinstos, stand that though they might obtain a the Jack-Mormon sheriff, ordered out the temporary advantage, they would soon posse-comitatus—but not a man would go. have the whole force of the state arrayed He then went to Nauvoo, where he raised against them, and of course, sooner or several hundred armed Mormons, with later, would either be hung or shot, if they which he swept the whole country, took

possession of Carthage, and established a Thus was illegally punished a knave permanent guard there. The people fled with the blood of scores of murdered vic- everywhere from this horde of plunderers tims on his hands.

-some to Missouri, some to Iowa, and For about a year after the death of the some to other parts of Illinois. During prophet, the depredations of the Mormons the ascendency of the sheriff and his posse, ceased to some extent, and the country and in the absence of the people, the Morwas comparatively quiet. After this the mons“ sallied forth and ravaged the counapostles and preachers of Mormonism were try, stealing and plundering whatever all called in ; and, says Ford, (Hist., pp. was convenient to carry or drive away.” 360-1 :)—

M’Bratney was shot by this gang; another " It was announced that the world had re- party murdered a man by the name of jected the gospel by the murder of the prophet Daubneyar; F. A. Worrell was waylaid and patriarch, and was left to perish in its sins. and shot, and then pierced many times In the mean time, both before and after this, with bayonets by the Mormons; and a man the elders at Nauvoo quit preaching about religion. The Mormons came from every part by the name of Wilcox was murdered in pouring into the city; the congregations were Nauvoo," as it was believed, by the order regularly called together for worship; but in of the twelve apostles.” stead of expounding the new gospel, the zealous

This, of course, brought matters to a and infuriated preachers now indulged only in curses and strains of abuse of the Gentiles ;

crisis. Troops were ordered out; and and it seemed to be their design to fill their when they arrived at Carthage it was very followers with the greatest amount of hatred to evident that the Mormons or the people all mankind except the saints.'

must leave. The governor, and other inwas no more than an inflammatory stump speech relating to their quarrels with their enemies, fluential men in the state, used all their and ornamented with an abundance of profan- influence to induce the Mormons to leave; ity. From my own personal knowledge of and they finally agreed to do so as soon as this people, I can say with truth, that I have the grass grew. The reason that some never known many of their leaders who were not addicted to profane swearing. No other

of them left in the winter was, they were kind of discourses than these we heard in the told by those in high authority, that if they city. Curses upon their enemies, upon the remained until the Mississippi opened in the country, upon government, upon all public of spring, the United States troops would be ficers, were now the lessons taught by the elders to influence their people with the highest upon them, and that every criminal would degree of spite and malice against all who were

be arrested and tried. The “apostles," not of the Mormon Church, or its obsequious and leaders of course, left, although they tools.”

might have remained until spring. The From this time burglary, theft, counter reason is at once obvious. Many went in feiting, and robbery, were practiced by the spring ; yet from one thousand to two them, and the perpetrators were protected thousand remained, who still continued and secured in Nauvoo. The county of their old practices, saying, that they did

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