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made known with violence; it is rather a book which was then seldom to be met an interpretation of the divine will and of with, and almost unknown. It excited the true worship of God, an explanation his liveliest interest; he was utterly asof the Scriptures, a sermon of the word tonished to find that the book contained of God, namely, the gospel of Christ. something beyond the fragments from the

Now he is united with the gospels and epistles, which were selected prophets, of whom he loved talk; now by the Church, for people to read at they greet him as their fellow-laborer, and public worship on each Sunday in the with him thank the Lord who collects and year. He had always thought that in maintains his Church.”

these was comprised the whole word of Three times has the centenary festival God; but here he found pages, chapters, of his death been celebrated in Wittemberg; entire books, of which he had never an but still Germany and the German Evan- idea before! His heart beat high as he gelical Church await a second Luther. held in his hand the whole of that ScripTo many has been given the power to ture which is divinely inspired. With an develop in an equal or a higher degree eagerness and interest that no words could some one single feature of his sublime express, he ran over all those leaves of the being; but where find a second time that Book of God. The first page that caught inexhaustible depth of faith, with the same his attention, told him the story of Hannah irresistible command of the popular lan- and the boy Samuel, and in reading it he guage, united to the same strength of will could with difficulty control his emotions. and readiness for action? where this That child, lent by his parents to the Lord blessed absorbing in God, with the power for the whole of his life; the song of of ruling mankind? where find once more Hannah, in which she declares that the that union of qualities, the non-existence Lord raiseth up the poor out of the dust, of which as thus united has constituted for and lifteth up the beggar out of the dung. centuries the hereditary want of Germany ? hill to set him among princes; the boy Even to-day we still ask this at the grave Samuel growing up in the temple before of the German reformer.

the Lord—the whole history—the whole

word then discovered, made him exWe close this series of articles with a perience feelings before unknown to him. beautiful engraving of Campbell's picture, He went home with a full heart, thinking, “ Martin Luther's first view of the Bible.” “O that God would give me such a book Luther, it will be remembered, entered the to be my own!” Luther did not yet know University of Erfurt in 1501, being then Greek or Hebrew. There is little probin his eighteenth year. It was here, ability of his having studied those tongues while in quest of knowledge, that the during the first two or three years of his grand episode of his life occurred—the university course, and it was a Latin opening of his mind to the blessed truths of Bible that had thrown him into such a Christianity as they exist in the Bible. transport of joy. He was not long in Here he first distinguished himself, and returning to his treasure in the library ; formed the principles which had after- he read and read again ; and with minward so much effect upon the Christian gled surprise and delight he still returned world.

to read. It was then that the first dawn Every moment that could be spared of a truth, entirely new to him, gleamed from his academical labors, the young upon his mind. student spent in the university library. What a blessing to mankind was this Books were as yet hard to be had, and ac- simple but wonderful discovery of the poor cess to the treasures brought together in student of Erfurt! Throughout all time, that vast collection was to him a great wherever the light of the gospel shines, privilege. After having been two years the name of Martin Luther will be reat Erfurt, and being then about twenty, | vered. When monarchs, warriors, and he happened one day to be turning over a statesmen are forgotten, and the laurels number of books in the library, to see who they won shall have faded away, the their authors were, when a volume, which narrative of his glorious deeds and selfhe opened in its turn, struck his attention ; sacrifices will be related with the same until that hour he had seen nothing resem enthusiasm that they are now, and, we bling it; he reads the title—it was a Bible! | trust, with equally good results.

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A TRIP FROM ST. PETERSBURGH TO and desolate wastes is as interesting as

The sight of any object upon these dreary CONSTANTINOPLE.

the appearance of a sail at sea; the horizon has all the monotonous sameness of that of the ocean.

It was a repetition of my Russian posting,

and you may imagine the weariness with HAVE at last reached Bucharest; which I was hurried over these distances,

the journey from Jassi, over the mo- nearly as destitute of all signs of animal notonous plains which separate the two life as of vegetation and of relieving incapitals, was more wearying than I can equalities of surface. The villages are possibly describe. If one could only for- very few, and entirely unlike any picture get his troubles in slumber during the your imagination would draw from the entire route, it would be a relief; but it word. Here a few miserable hovels, would require a Rip Van Winkle sleep to partly underground and built of clay and produce insensibility to the jerks and straw, are dignified with the name of a plunges of eight or ten horses, driven at village, though on account of the pastoral their utmost speed, by postillions whose habits of the people, and the uncertain shouts and cries are enough to wake the government of the country, it is not undead. I made many efforts to isolate frequent for whole towns composed of myself in a world of thought, less noisy these perishable and valueless structures, and disturbed, while sweeping over the to disappear entirely from one spot and dreary sameness of the way; but the rise up in another many miles distant. hurrahs of the driver, or a frequent as Indeed, a town or village is no more a cent of some two or three feet into space, fixture to be determined by latitude and effectually ended my meditations. The longitude in these provinces, than the only incident which varied the journey locality of a flock of birds. America, was our arrival at the posts where we itself, is rivaled in the facility with which change horses. Nothing could be more cities are created here out of the smallest primitive than these same post A collection of wooden houses The cabins consisted only of branches of immediately becomes a city; if a few of trees, and the stables were of the same them are brick or plastered with lime, it is material: the horses were never found in a chief place of the district or perhaps a the latter, however, as they had the good bishopric. sense to prefer the grass of the surround After my wearying and painful journey, ing plains. Upon reaching the post, two you may imagine my dismay upon arriving men on horseback drive at full gallop into at Bucharest, to find that there were aba herd of thirty or forty grazing animals, solutely no hotels or even public-houses which, thus disturbed, are driven in a in the place. There are some vast buildstraight line, like a squadron of cavalry, ings or caravansaries, designated as the with loud cries and whip-crackings, toward red khan or the yellow khan, in which the waiting vehicle; the necessary number straw takes the place of furniture ; tumbled are forthwith attached to it, and as we start upon this in picturesque confusion are off in triumph, the whole remaining troop found Wallachians, Moldavians, Hunagain betake themselves, neighing and garians, Transylvanians, Germans, Alkicking their feet into the air, to their banians, Turks, and Greeks. green pastures.

with its contrasts and clamors, would The level and mountainous regions of afford the very best suggestions for an the Principalities are entirely distinct, Ostade or Teniers. and unfortunately for


my passion The hospitality of the inhabitants is, for mountains, the three hundred miles however, proverbial; the yellow khan, which separate Jassi from Bucharest especially, is a kind of ambush, where any were entirely through the dead plains ; respectable traveler may be seized and which, notwithstanding the rapidity of the carried to some private residence to be horses, seemed to stretch themselves made comfortable; the generous-hearted further and further, as we passed over citizens disputing with each other for the them. An entire day's journey is fre- possession of the guest. I was fortunately quently unrelieved by a hill or even a tree. furnished with letters of introduction,

The scene,

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