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Index to Volume 32-January to June, 1931

NOTE.—This is a SUBJECT INDE X. Names of authors do not appear as main entries
Accident prevention, general:

A scientific approach (Heinrich).

June 73–4
Safety. Compressed-air work, Massachusetts regulations, and rules, text..

Jan, 115-20
Safety codes. Basic principles of standards council, American Standards Association
(A. S. A.), text.----

May 63-4
- Lighting, factories, mills, and other work places, standard code, revision..

Apr. 110
Acident prevention, United States, by industry. Mining, safety work, Bureau of Mines,
year ending June 30, 1930.....

Feb. 91
Ardideat prevention, United States, by locality. New York State. Safety campaign, labor
mnians cooperating with State authorities.

Feb. 91-2
Accident statistics, by industry:
Iron and steel. By State, department, and year, 1913 to 1929..

Apr. 93-110
Longshoremen. Compensation cases, Federal act of 1927, by occupation, 1929–30.. Mar. 105-6
Manufacturing industries. Death, temporary, and permanent disability cases, 1926 to

May 1-5
Mining. India, death and injury rates, 1929..

Apr. 85
Mining, cal. France, 1928.

Jan. 122-3
- Mexico, 1929.....

Jan. 123
Mining, metal. France, 1928.

Jan. 122-3
Mexico, mines and mills, 1929.

Jan. 123
National Safety Council. Deaths in industry, estimated number, 1929.

Mar. 93-4
- Experience, member plants, by industry, 1929.

June 72-3
Quarries. France, 1928..

Jan. 122-3
Acident statistics, by locality:
Canada. Fatal accidents, by industry, 1929 and 1930..

May 64
District of Columbia. Compensation cases reported, by industry, 1929–30..

Mar. 106-7
Erie (Pa.). Fatalities, 1930....

Apr. 111
France. Mines, quarries, railroads, 1923 to 1928...

Jan. 122-3
Hawaii. Accidents and accident costs (compensation, medical costs, etc.), 1929.

Mar. 100-1
New Hampshire. Fatal and severe, by industry, 1929-30.

Apr. 111
New Jersey. Accidents and accident costs (compensation, medical), by industry and
cause, 1929..

Mar. 101
New York. Compensation cases reported, 1929.

Mar. 102
North Dakota. Fiscal years 1919-20 to 1929–30.

Jan. 120-1
Pennsylvania. Married men, leaving dependents, 1929.

Jan. 121-2
Philippine Islands. Fatal, temporary, and permanent, 1925 to 1929.

June 74
Cnited States. Compensation cases, Federal employees, by department, 1929.

Mar. 103-5
Vermont. Compensation cases reported, by industry and cause, 1928–29 and 1929–30... Mar. 102-3
Az limit for employment. (See Older worker in industry.)
dod persons, care of. Ancient Order of Gleaners, new home for, Alma, Mich..

Feb. 89
Agriculture (except Wages and hours, which see):
Crops. California, Mexican labor, preference for....

Jan. 87
Governors' messages, recommendations, 14 specified States, 1931...

Apr. 58-60
Harvest labor, recruiting and distributing, United States Employment Service-

Jan. 26-7
Mechanization, growth of, and its relation to labor productivity..

May 40-3
New Jersey. Fruit and vegetable farming, migratory children in, legislative commission
inquiry and report, 1930...

June 61-6
Alien labor. (See Immigration; Naturalization.)
American Federation of Labor. Relations with International Federation of Trade Unions. Apr. 30
Apprenticeship (except Wages and hours, which see):

Electrical workers. Philadelphia, Union No.98 and public schools in cooperation, train-
ing system....

May 81-4
Oregon. Act of February 28, 1931, text..

May 80-1
Arbitration award (decision). (See specific industry.)

Bakery and confectionery workers. Reporting time and minimum pay, agreement clauses..
Barbers. Reporting time and minimum pay, agreement clauses..

May 143
May 143

Benefits and benefit funds:

Canada. Benefts paid, by kind, specified unions, 1930....
Establishment. Unemployment insurance and guaranty plans, specified companies...
Labor organizations. Out-of-work benefit plans, local, national, and international

Photo-engravers, amount and kind of benefits paid, 1930.
Sick benefits. Gary (Ind.) Railways Co. agreement clause providing-

Five-day week and other proposals for a shorter work week: A list of references (Thomp


National economic councils. List of references (Thompson).. Births. (See Vital statistics.) Blacksmiths, drop forgers, and helpers. Reporting time and minimum pay, agreement

clauses. Boiler makers and iron-ship builders. Reporting time and minimum pay ,agreement clauses. Bonuses and premiums. Hawaii, pineapple canneries, 1929.... Bookbinders. Reporting time and minimum pay, agroement clauses. Boot and shoe industry. Stabilization of employment (Stewart). Brewery, flour, cereal, and soft-drink workers. Minimum pay, agrcement clauses.. Brick and clay workers. Reporting time and minimum pay, agreement clauses.. Bricklayers, masons, and plasterers. Reporting time and minimum pay, agreement clauses. Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers' International Union of America. Old-age pensions,

amount and requirements for receipt of, 1930...... Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers, International Association of. Old-age

pensions, amount and requirements for receipt of, 1930.... Budgets, cost-of-living, United States:

Maintenance budgets, graduated according to size of family.........

San Francisco. Street-car men's family budgets, expenditure by item, 1924-25. Budgets, cost-of-living, foreign countries:

Argentina (Buenos Aires). Laborers' families, annual income and expenditure, by sup

porting member, 1929.. Canada. Family budget, cost per week, specified months, 1921 to 1930..

- Family budget, quantity of 36 items... China (Shanghai). Family budget, annual expenditure, by income group, 1929. Japan. Household budgets, salaried workers and wage earners, first official study, 1926–

27, results..

New Zealand. Family budgets, study of.. Building construction industry. Costs, per cubic foot, by class of building, Detroit, Mich.,

1915 to 1931.. Building permits. (See Housing.)

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Cargoes, ship, loading and discharging. (See Water transportation.)
Carpenters and joiners. Reporting time and minimum pay, agreement clauses.
Carpenters and Joiners of America, United Brotherhood of. Old-age pensions. Amount

and requirements for receipt of, 1930... Census, industrial. Unemployment, by class, sex, State, and geographic division, April,

1930, and January, 1931....
Cement finishers. Reporting time and minimum pay, agreement clauses.
Child labor and welfare, United States:

California. Mexican children, health relief and delinquency conditions.-
Conferences. (See Conventions, meetings, etc.)
Governors' messages, recommendations, 9 specified States, 1931.
New Jersey. Vegetable and fruit farming, migratory children in, legislative commission

findings, 1930.. Philippine Islands (Manila). Woman and child labor employed in inspected establish

ments, statistics, 1928.. White House Conference on Child Health and Protection, recommendations.. Work certificates. Children receiving regular employment certificates for first time, by

State and city, 1928 and 1929; Children's Bureau report.... Child labor and welfare. Syria, act of 1930, principal provisions... Cleaners, dyers, and pressers. Reporting time and minimum pay, agreement clauses.. Clerks and freight handlers, railway and steamship. Reporting time and minimum pay,

agreement clauses. Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and station Employees, Brotherhood of Railway and

Steamship. Labor-management cooperation... Clothing industry, women's. New York City, children's and house dressmakers, impartial chairman's findings and award...

Cotize industry. Hawaii, acreage and production, 1929.

Apr 17
Colleges and universities. Family allowances for professors and ministers.

June 115-16
Compressed-air work, Maine, act of 1931, text.....

June 92-100
Compressed-air work, safety rules. (See Accident prevention.)
Conciliation and a bitration, United States:

Arbitration awards (decisions). (See specific industry.)
Department of Labor. (See article Conciliation work of the Department of Labor, each

issue of Rertew.)
Mediation, United States Board of, annual report...

Jan 146-7
Trade-board decisions. (See specific industry.)
Conciliation and arbitration, foreign countries:
Great Britain (England). National railways board award, March 5, 1931.

May 159-60
- (England). Railroad shopmen, negotiations and terms secured, 1931-32.

May 161
(South Wales). Coal miners' wage scale, local board award, March 6, 1931.

May 161
Conductors of America, Order of Railway. Labor-management cooperation....

May 44
Conferences. (See Conventions, meetings, etc.)
Construction work (bridge, road, sewer, etc.):
Board and lodging. Minnesota highway construction camps, 1930..

Apr. 81
Labor conditions. Minnesota highway construction camps, 1930..

Apr. 80-3
Living conditions. Minnesota highway construction camps, summer of 1930.

Apr 82
Continuous-operation industries. Cereal foods, Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich., adoption
of t-hour day December 1, 1930, results April 14..

June 148-55
Contracts, employment, Oregon, discrimination against labor organizations, illegal, act of
March 6, 1931...

May 72
Convalescents. (See Medical and hospital service, industrial.)
Conventions, meetings, etc.:

Child welfare. White House Conference on Child Health and Protection, November
20-22, 1930.-

Jan. 101-2; June 15-22
Governors of States. Unemployment conference, Albany, N. Y., January 23-25, 1931.. Mar. 64-6
Trade Unions, International Federation of. Congress at Stockholm, July, 1930, eco-
nomic program...

Apr. 32-3
Unemployment. Central Conference of American Rabbis, permanent preventives... Mar 66-72
- Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, permanent preventives... Mar. 66-72

Governors' conference, seven industrial States, Albany, N. Y., January 23–25, 1931. Mar. 64-6
- National Catholic Welfare Conference, permanent preventives....

Mar. 66-72
Convict labor:

Convict-made goods, importation of, Treasury Department regulations promulgated
November 24, 1930, text.....

Jan, 128-30
Governors' messages, recommendations, seven specified States, 1931.

Apr. 66-7
Cooperation, United States:
'Consumers' societies, wholesale and retail, sales, net profit, and membership, 1929 and

May 99-100
Cooperative Workers' Union established, Mesabe Range district, Minnesota, purposes. May 94
Cooperative Youth League. Activities in Cooperative Central Exchange territory... Mar. 122
Credit unions. Postal employees, number of unions and membership, assets, loans, etc.,
1923 to 1930...

May 101
- Societies, borrowers, and amount of loans, by State, 1929.

Mar. 120-1
Housing. Apartment houses and residential hotels, societies operating, 1929.

Jan. 47-51
Insurance service, casualty and fire, Cooperative League, new activities.

Feb. 95
International Cooperative Alliance, membership and business statistics.

May 109
Llano Cooperative Colony, California and Louisiana, vicissitudes, 1914 to 1930.

May 101-9
Massachusetts. Shoe factories, stock-selling practices, legislative investigation, results. Mar. 123-5
Recreation. Minnesota and Wisconsin societies, joint activities...-

Mar. 121-2
Cooperation, foreign countries:

General. International Cooperative Alliance, membership and business statistics... May 109
Belgium. Cooperatives afiliated to Socialist Party, increase in sales and activities,

Feb. 98-9
('anada (Quebec). People's Banks, number and membership, loans and deposits, 1925
to 1929

May 109-10
Finland. Cooperative rural banks, development since 1902.

Feb. 99
Germany. Housing societies, summary data, 1929.

Feb. 99
Great Britain. Condition of cooperative societies, by type, 1928 and 1929.

Feb. 95-6
— (England). Cooperative Wholesale Society, manufacturing plants, by kind of out-
put, and number of employees, 1929..

May 110
Italy. Silk-cocoon drying societies, business handled, 1927 to 1930.

Feb. 100

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