Nursing Ethics

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Elsevier Health Sciences, 18 օգս, 2006 թ. - 432 էջ
This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. The authors have developed a holistic approach that explores: ethics in hospital and community settings, inter-disciplinary teamwork, ward and hospital management, nursing research, performance management and the political ethics of nursing administration, health service re-structuring and reform. The content has been substantially revised for this edition and significant new material added to reflect developments in theory and practice.
  • covers a wide range of ethical issues - much more than just 'clinical' dilemmas and decision-making skills
  • a down-to-earth and practical approach to applied ethics
  • user-friendly layout
  • material on moral theory kept to a minimum (but dealt with thoroughly at the end of the book)
  • focuses on ethical issues in nursing and case studies taken from nursing practice i.e. the concrete concerns of nurses and other front-line workers
  • pedagogical features include: chapter aims, learning outcomes and further reading for possible essay, tutorial and project topics
  • also useful as a general work of reference on ethic in health care
  • An up-to-date analysis of professions in the context of modernity, to enable health professionals to make sense of global cultural & social developments
  • An analysis of the ethics of evidence-based practice
  • An examination of professional accountability and ethics in performance management to help practitioners/managers understand the ethical basis of management
  • useful web links and teaching notes on a dedicated website:

From inside the book


Cultural issues methods and approaches to nursing ethics
Nursing ethics what do we mean by ethics?
Socialisation professionalisation and nursing values
Power and responsibility in nursing practice and management
Professional responsibility and accountability in nursing
Direct responsibility in nursepatient relationships
Conflicting demands in nursing groups of patients
Ethics in nursing management research and teaching
health policies and resource allocation
strategic planning and ethical policy development
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Dorothy Horsburgh is Lecturer, School of Acute and Continuing Care Nursing, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK.

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