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regard physical alterations of structure, to the neglect of that - vital force which overrules the whole machine; and who, above all, practise in a hard, cold spirit, without exhibiting anything positively wrong, or inhuman, or unkind, but yet without the sympathy, the heartiness, as it were, requisite for genial and successful influence upon man in his entire nature. This is the fault which leads them to be ready rather to foretell impending mischief than to prevent it; and it is most curious to observe how prevalent the custom of giving hopeless but wrong prognoses has been, in the case of diseases of these very organs, the accurate diagnosis of which is among the greatest triumphs of modern medicine.

There are few, perhaps, who cannot call to mind some condemned case of phthisis, or of disease of the heart, in which the sufferer has continued to live out his time, in defiance of mortal diagnosis. The moral we would draw is, the necessity of caution in all cases in giving opinions which exclude all hopes of recovery, AND OF NEVER NEGLECTING, IN




AMERICA, employment of inhalations in, 9, 16, 17.

Andral's writings, reference to, 7, 113.

Aphonia, 55, 68, 74.

Asthma, cases, 57-8, 61-3.

acute sufferings in, 57.

Hay, 102-4.

Auscultation, importance of, 99-102.

Bell, Sir Charles, quoted, 81-7.

Bennett, Dr., quoted, 5.

Blood-letting, injurious results of, 36, 42-3.

-, spitting of, 40, 64-5.

Bronchitis, cases, 45-53, 87, 94-7, 110.

Carpenter, Dr., on inhalation, 10-11.

Carswell, Dr., quoted, 6.

atarrh, mucous, simulating consumption, case, 66.

Chest, occasional examination of, how necessary, 99-102.
Chlorine, 26-8, 35.

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inhalation of, introduced by M. Gannal, 26.

Dr. Cottereau's remarks on, 27-8.

cases successfully treated by, 33, 38, 41, 53, 56, 59, 66, 67,

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Cough, common, too often neglected, 51.

chronic cases of, 46, 49, 54, 56, 58, 60, 67, 77, 79.

following measles, case of, 53.

-, nervous, case of, 54.

simple, case of, 98.

Crichton, Sir Alexander, on inhalation, 15-16.

Debilitating measures always, if possible, to be avoided, 43.

Delpit quoted, 12.

Despondency, mental, how inimical to recovery, 116.

Digestive functions, their influence on the heart, lungs, and other organs,


Dry cupping, 38.

Effusion of fluid into the pleura and heart, 63.

Green's, Dr., prefatory remarks to American edition, ix.

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Influenza, chronic cough after, 49.


Inhalation, medicated, no novelty, 96.

high authorities quoted in favour of, 12-28.
the rationale and method of, 8, 31.

no catholicon, 2.

always a certain palliative, if not curative, 44.

as a preventive measure, 50-2.

general remedies usually combined with, 28.

the good effects of, often thwarted by an improper mode of

administration, 30, 68, 96-7, 107-8.

causes of success and failure, 15-16, 68, 96-7, 107-8.

general conclusions respecting, 29.

juices, medicinal, preferable to tinctures in, 68.

Inhalers, common, very defective, 33.

Iodine, inhalation of, its decided curative effects, 20-6.

inhalation of, cases successfully treated by, 38, 43, 46, 49, 63, 65, 74.

often injurious when taken by the stomach, 24.

Johnson, James, Dr., quoted, 47.

Juices, medicinal, preferable to tinctures in inhalations, 68.

Laennec, references to, 5.

Laryngitis, cases of, 65, 68, 74.

Larynx, nervous affection of, 55.

Liver, derangement of, affecting other organs, 81-7.
Lungs, prevailing complaints of, easily accounted for, 1.

Measles, cough following, 53.

Mental exhaustion, with simulated consumption, 81.

Mind and body, connection of, 86-7.

Microscope, achromatic, value of, 102.

Murray, Sir James, quoted, 19.

Narrative, amusing but suggestive, by a patient, 116-18.

Oil, cod-liver, its real qualities, 75-7.

Orthodoxy of inhalation, Sir Alexander Crichton on, 15-16.

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Physician's efforts never to be relaxed, 113.

Prejudices of the profession against new mode of treatment, 20-3.

Sir Charles Scudamore on, 19.

Sir A. Crichton on, 16.

Rokitanski, Dr., quoted, 4.

Rullier, Dr., quoted, 12.

Rush, Dr., quoted, 17.

Sedatives beneficial when administered by inhalation, 71.
Scrofula, its frequent identity with consumption, 24.

Scudamore, Sir Charles, remarks by, 19.

Signs, early, of consumption, 50.

-,-physical, of consumption, 99-102.

Special practice, advantages of, 30.
Spirometer, 102-3.

Stethoscope, importance of, 100.

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