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No. 1.-WALKING Dress.

of Kent, in St. James's-street: and without Garter purple poplin pelisse, ornament. farther remarks on that uurivalled taste she ed with black velvet: Mary Scot bonnet has ever displayed in the different articles of garter purple reps silk, ornamented at of female attire, we shall briefly lay before the edge with a cordon of purple and black

our readers a few new inventions to be flowers, and surmounted by a full plume seen at her repository. of tropic birds' feathers, variegated in black And first, for out-door costume, we beg and purple.

Fan cornetle placed under leave to present to our readers the descripthe bonnet; and Castillian double rufftion of a most elegant carriage pelisse of worn under the black velvet cape of the amaranth-coloured velvet, with a standing pelisse. Waterloo half-boots of garter | up collar; this pelisse is beautifully ornapurple and black; and lemon-coloured kid mented with a facing and bordering of the gloves.

Aix-la-Chapelle trimming, in rich and ele

gant vandyke puckerings of alternate white No. 2.–BALL DRESS.

and amaranth satin ; with this is worn the Ceres frock, with a very broad border Aix-la-Chapelle hat, made to correspond, of wheat ears in straw, worked on tulle, || and surmounted by the alliance plume, a and worn over a white satin slip. Toque beautiful triple ornament of white feathers. turban of tulle, elegantly worked with Velvets in every article of dress promise straw to correspond, with Turkish foldings to be very prevalent this season ; already in front of crape and straw interspersed.' they have made their appearance in that Henrietta ruff of fine lace, fixed low, and comfortable and highly appropriate walkterminating at the shoulders. White satin ing coslume for November, the spenser. shoes, and white kid gloves.

In these the colours vary, and are mostly of a light and summer-like bue; fawn

colour, with silk cordons of Ponioua green, GENERAL OBSERVATIONS dove colour with blue, and French grey

with maiden's blush. At Mi's. Bell's Ma

yazin de Modes we have seen a Hussar FASHION AND DRESS.

spenser of black velvet, highly and beautiThe most eminent and tasteful priestesses' fully finished a-la-militaire. of the fashionable toilet are now ali pre

There has been but little alteration in paring to quit their temporary repositories the bats for the promenade ; the most apat the different watering-places, and are proved are of the new shape represented in about to resume their stations in the metro our Print, and are, for the retired morning polis, in order to await the arrival of their walk, generally black. The carriage hats numerous patronesses of rank and fashion are more various; those of French grey with every auxiliary of taste, iu vention, , velvet and satin intermingled, with a full and elegance, to aid and, if possible, add plume of feathers of the same colour, are grace to the unrivalled forms of Britannia's chaste and elegant. Carriage bonnets for lovely daughters.

morning excursions are large; some of Foremost among those whom genius pa these are of white and coloured satin in tronizes, and whom fancy delights in in- quarters, and are finished by a long droopstructing, may be classed the Marchande de ing white feather; others of fancy straw Modes of her Royal Highness the Duchess I with coloured satin stripes, with a full


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