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He gain’d the luve of ladies gay,

Nane eir tull him was coy,
Ah! wae is mee! I mourn the day,

For my dear Gilderoy.



My Gilderoy and I were born

Baith in one toun together,
We scant were seven years beforn
We gan

to luve each other;
Our dadies and our mammies thay,

Were fill'd wi' mickle joy, To think upon the bridal day,

Twixt me and Gilderoy.


For Gilderoy that luve of mine,

Gude faith, I freely bought
A wedding sark of holland fine,

Wi’ silken flowers wrought :
And he gied me a wedding ring,

Which I receiv’d wi' joy,
Nae lad nor lassie eir could sing,

Like me and Gilderoy.


Wi' mickle joy we spent our prime,

Till we were baith sixteen,
And aft we past the langsome time,

Among the leaves sae green;


Aft on the banks we'd sit us thair,

And sweetly kiss and toy,
Wi' garlands gay wad deck my hair

My handsome Gilderoy.


Oh! that he still had been content,

Wi' me to lead his life,
But, ah! his manfu' heart was bent,

To stir in feates of strife:
And he in many a venturous deed,

His courage bauld wad try;
And now this


mine heart to bleed, For my dear Gilderoy.



And when of me his leave he tuik,

The tears they wat mine ee,
I gave tull him a parting luik,
My benison


wi' thee!
God speed the weil, mine ain dear heart,

For gane is all my joy ;
My heart is rent sith we maun part,

My handsome Gilderoy.”


My Gilderoy baith far and near,

Was fear'd in every toun,
And bauldly bare away the gear,

Of many a lawland loun;
Nane eir durst meet him man to man,
He was sae brave a boy:




At length wi' numbers he was tane,

My winsome Gilderoy.


Wae worth the loun that made the laws,

To hang a man for gear,
To 'reave of life for ox or ass,

For sheep, or horse, or mare :
Had not their laws been made sae strick,

I neir had lost my joy,
Wi' sorrow neir had wat my cheek,

For my dear Gilderoy.



Giff Gilderoy had done amisse,

He mought hae banisht been,
Ah! what sair cruelty is this,

To hang sike handsome men:
To hang the flower o’Scottish land,

Sae sweet and fair a boy;
Nae lady had sae white a hand,

As thee, my Gilderoy.


Of Gilderoy sae fraid they were,

They bound him mickle strong,
Tull Edenburrow they led him thair,

And on a gallows hung:
They hung him high aboon the rest,

He was sae trim a boy;
Thair dyed the youth whom I lued best,

My handsome Gilderoy.



Thus having yielded up his breath,

I bare his corpse away,
Wi' tears, that trickled for his death,

I washt his comelye clay;
And siker in a grave sae deep,

I laid the dear-lued boy,
And now for evir maun I

My winsome Gilderoy.




This beautiful address to conjugal love, a subject too much neglected by the libertine Muses, was, I believe, first printed in a volume of “Miscellaneous Poems, by several hands, published by D. [David] Lewis, 1726.” 8vo.

It is there said, how truly I know not, to be a translation “from the ancient British language.”

AWAY; let nought to love displeasing,

My Winifreda, move your care;
Let nought delay the heavenly blessing,

Nor squeamish pride, nor gloomy fear.



With pompous

What tho' no grants of royal donors


grace our blood; We'll shine in more substantial honors,

And to be noble we'll be good.


Our name, while virtue thus we tender,

Will sweetly sound where-e'er 'tis spoke : And all the great ones, they shall wonder

How they respect such little folk.

What though from fortune's lavish bounty

No mighty treasures we possess ; We'll find within our pittance plenty,

And be content without excess.


Still shall each returning season

Sufficient for our wishes give; For we will live a life of reason,

And that's the only life to live.


Through youth and age in love excelling,

We'll hand in hand together tread;
Sweet-smiling peace shall crown our dwelling,

And babes, sweet-smiling babes, our bed.


How should I love the pretty creatures,

While round my knees they fondly clung: To see them look their mothers features,

To hear them lisp their mothers tongue.


And when with envy time transported,

Shall think to rob us of our joys, You'll in your girls again be courted,

And I'll go a wooing in my boys.

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