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Youe, you.

Ye bent, y-hent, bent.

Ynglonde, England.
Ye feth, y-feth, in faith. Yode, went.
Yee, p. 29, eye.
Yenoughe, ynoughe, enough. Yt, it.
Yeldyde, yielded.

Ytb, p. 7, in the.
Yerarrchy, hierarchy.

z. Yere,

e, yeere, year, years. Yerle, p. 8, yerlle, earl.

Ze, zea, s. ye. Yerly, p. 6, early.

Zeir, s. year. Yestreen, s. yester-evening. Zellow, s. yellow. Yf, if.

Zonder, s. yonder. Ygnoraunce, ignorance.

Zong, s. young. Yngglishe, Yngglyshe, English. Zour, s. your.

The printers have usually substituted the letter z to express the character 3 which occurs in old MSS : but we are not to suppose that this 3 was ever pronounced as our modern z; it had rather the force of y (and perhaps of gh) being no other than the Saxon letter 3, which both the Scots and English have in many instances changed into y, as zeard yurd, zear year, zeong young, &c.

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