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that is unspeakable and full of glory.” Many, who formerly, like you, were unhappy, because they sought for happiness in the world, have now become truly blessed ; some from among the noble, the mighty, the rich, and the learned, and myriads of the poor and the afflicted. Through the free grace of God in Christ Jesus, they have been rescued from the curse and dominion of sin ; and in the gift of pardon, justification, and holiness of heart, they enjoy a happiness which the world can neither give nor take away. O Reader! whoever thou art, high or low, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, allow a friend to leave with you these parting impressions. In Christ alone are “ durable riches," real dignity, pure and perfect happiness! Believe, therefore, in Him; kneel in prayer for the influence of the Holy Spirit ; He is given to all who ask, to grant you a cordial saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Receive him into your heart as your Prophet, Priest, and King. Give yourself up to his sublime instructions. Depend for your salvation only on his atoning sacrifice. Submit to his wise and holy government, and you will no longer have occasion to ask yourself the question, " Why am I not happy?"

'Tis religion that can give

Sweetest pleasure while we live ;
'Tis religion can supply

Solid comfort when we die :
After death its joys will be
Lasting as eternity!



J. & W.Rider, Printers, Bartholomew Close, London.


Stop, poor sinner! stop and think,

Before you further go!

you sport upon the brink
Of everlasting woe?
Once again, I charge you, stop!

For, unless you warning take,
Ere you are aware, you drop

Into the burning lake !


An officer of the British army, who was at the siege of Badajos, in Spain, mentioned in a letter to a friend, that he was attached to the third division, by whose exertions that fortress was taken. At twelve at night, he says, they were marched to the foot of the wall, next that part where the citadel stood, when they mounted the scaling ladders, by which they got access into the city.

It has often been justly observed, that many men, who would perhaps be very timid if exposed to danger when alone, are bold in society. The presence of their companions stimulates their courage, and enables them to brave dangers which, if they were solitary, would quite appal them. Thus, in the case just mentioned, without any impeachment of the courage of our brave countrymen, who in the dead hour of night succeeded in taking this fortress from the enemy, we may safely say, that even the bravest of them would have found it a very different thing had he been called to mount the scaling ladder alone, and without the courage imparted by the company of his associates, to encounter such a danger.

But is it not a deeply interesting consideration, that the severest trial to which the firmness and fortitude of the human mind can ever be subjected, is one in which it shali have no additional strength imparted to it by the presence of others; nay, in which we are assured it can have no asso. ciate ? Every man shall bear his own burden.”

There is a time hastening on to every individual, when he shall draw his last breath ; when, though his kind friends and affectionate relatives may be surrounding his bed, they shall be totally incapable of affording him any aid. They may indeed witness his sufferings with the most tender sympathy, but that sympathy will be quite unavailing; for there is a point, beyond which the strongest affection, and the most assiduous attentions, cannot impart the smallest relief. Our friends may accompany us to the border of the dark valley of the shadow of death; with silent anguish they may behold us descending into it; but they can neither step down for us, nor along with us.

Into this valley every individual must descend, naked and alone; and what is in the valley, or what lies beyond it, is only fully known to those who have passed through it.

Reader ! Such a journey you must one day take. Your nearest and most endeared earthly connexions must be dissolved, and your disembodied spirit must experience, without any support from the company of a single individual along with you, an interview unspeakably more interesting than any it ever had before, when it appears in the presence of the living God, to have its eternal state unchangeably determined. Surely every present object of pursuit, every sublunary scene, dwindles into total insignificance, when compared with this momentous interview, and only becomes important from the relation it bears to it, and the manner in which it shall affect it.

Do you believe that such an event is actually approach

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