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Byzantium, realizing the ambitious dream Idiscover in the distance Spain and Porof Catherine the Second; bridging over tugal forming, like as in 1580, under the with her cannon the mouths of the Bospho- | brilliant reign of Philip the Second, King rus; throwing back the Turks into Asiatic of Spain, not one sovereignty, but one Turkey; casting off gradually the rough confederative republic, throwing off in the and livid bark of slavery; rent, in her turn, Atlantic ocean and in the Mediterranean by intestine dissensions, caused by the shock sea the frock of their Catholic clergy and of hereditary claimants to the Muscovite the crown of their kings, free from the throne; and, in consequence of successive Machiavelism of Great Britain, pushed in agitations, on the road to liberty.

the way of progress by the Anglo-Saxon I discover in the future Sweden, Norway, / element which penetrates into their shores, . and Denmark abolishing, in the interest of and which overflows them; repossessed of European navigation, the duty which is the Rock of Gibraltar, the key of the Medpaid now by every ship passing through the iterranean Sea, and giving free wings to Strait; but saluting with a cannon-shot, agriculture, industry, and manufactures. as a sign of confraternity, the passage of I discover in the distance China-China each ship in that strait; substituting the herself, the empire of the midst-growing republican principle to the monarchic; put- insensibly familiar with the European custing in the place of two Kings, two Con- toms and usages, proclaiming the system of gresses, two ministries, two armies, two bud- free trade, opening her harbors to all nations gets, only one President, one Congress, one of the world, braced in all directions, on her ministry, one army, one budget; and adopt- seas and on her rivers, by thousands of ing consequently a more rational at once Chinese and European steamers, offering to and more economical form of government. Science the treasures of her geology, of her

I discover in the distance Italy, continuing botany, of her vegetable kingdom, and of the work of Mazzini and of Garibaldi, shak-, her mineralogy, and becoming an immense ing off the retrograde yoke of Papacy, which market for manufactures of the other parts has for ever disappeared from the surface of of the world. the globe, because each republic reunites in Such is, I believe, the destiny which is her hands at once the temporal and the reserved to the nations of the world. Let spiritual sceptre, free from the vassalage of my sincere wishes and my mild and consolaAustria, and running over a career of glory, tory illusions be realized, even in a very reof happiness, and of prosperity under the mote time, for the prosperity of nations and powerful ægis of liberty.

for the happiness of all mankind.


Yeast : a Problem. New-York: Harper and for a moment the ghastly stillness, like an awkBrothers.

| ward guest at a great dumb dinner party. A cold

suck of wind just proved its existence, by toothA strange and powerful book, rich in materials aches on the north side of all faces. The spiders, for deep thinking. It speaks out fearlessly and having been weather-bewitched the night before, boldly. It will fascinate the young, but will be had unanimously agreed to cover every brake and viewed timidly by the old. The descriptions are brier with gossamer-cradles, and never a fly to be most potent, and as vividly written as any thing caught in them; like Manchester cotton-spinners we ever read. What can be painted more truly madly glutting the market in the teeth of 'no dethan the following scene! We feel it :

mand. The steam crawled out of the dank turf, “ The weather that day, the first day Lancelot and reeked off the flanks and nostrils of the ebiverever saw his beloved, was truly national. A ing horses, and clung with clammy paws to frosted silent, dim, distanceless, steaming, rotting day in hats and dripping boughs. A soulless, skyless, March. The last brown oak-leaf, which had stood catarrhal day, as if that bustling dowager, old out the winter's frost, spun and quivered plump i mother Earth-what with match-making in spring, down, and then lay, as if ashamed to have broken I and fêtes champêtres in summer, and dinner-giving

in autumn-was fairly worn out, and put to bed | grows more law-suits than that of patents. Every with the influenza, under wet blankets and the one therefore interested should know what to avoid cold-water cure."

and what to do. Here is a defense of long beards :

“The fair Argemone has just been treating me to her three hundred and sixty-fifth philippic The Daughter of Night. By S. W. FOLLOM. New. against my unoffending beard. " Why, what fault can she find with such a

el York: Harper & Brothers. graceful and natural ornament?

This is a very pleasant story, gracefully and “Just this, my dear fellow, that it is natural. eloquently written, pure in its moral, and interestAs it is, she considers me only 'intellectual looking in its plot. We read the history of Milliant ing. If the beard were away, my face, she says, Rennel with unflagging attention; and she fully would be so refined.' And, I suppose, if I was exemplifies the truth of Jeremy Taylor's remark, just a little more effeminate and pale, with a nice that the more we love, the better we are; and retreating under-jaw and a drooping lip, and a the greater our friendships are, the dearer we are meek, peaking simper, like your starved Romish to God. saints, I should be so spiritual. And if again, to complete the climax, I did but shave my head like a Chinese, I should be a model for St. Francis Stuart of Dunleath: A Sto

hodel for St. Francis Stuart of Dunleath; A Story of the Present Time. himself.

By the Hon. CAROLINE NORTON. New-York: “But really, after all, why make yourself sol Harper & Brothers. 1851, singular by this said beard?

This is certainly one of the most beautiful "I wear it for a testimony and a sign that a man has no right to be ashamed of the mark of

novels of the day. We can commend it for its

fine moral tone and exquisite delineations of char manhood. Oh, that one or two of your Protestant

acter. dergymen, who ought to be perfect ideal men, would have the courage to get up into the pulpit in a long beard, and testify that the very essential History of the Empress Josephine. By JACOB idea of Protestantism is the dignity and divinity | ABBOTT. Harper & Brothers. of man as God made him! Our forefathers were not ashamed of their beards; but now even the ! Another of the series of these admirable litto soldier is only allowed to keep his mustache, while books. It will be read with absorbing interest by our quill-driving masses shave themselves as close all ages and sexes. The remarkably clear and as they can; and in proportion to a man's piety perspicuous style of this popular writer invests he wears less hair, from the young curate who with new interest old subjects, and impresses with shaves off his whiskers to the Popish priest who new force the lessons of life and history. shaves his crown." The book is finely printed.

We have received from Messrs. Waters & Berry, The Inventor's Manual of Legal Principles, and

333 and 447 Broadway, several fine pieces of Guide to the Patent-Office. By GEORGE TICK

music. As this is out of the line of our usual NOR CURTIS, Counsellor-at-Law. Boston: l’hil

critical notices, we can only return the complimentar

w by calling the attention of our musical readers to lips, Sampson & Company. 1851.

this eminent house. It will be worth a visit there This work must supply a great desideratum to to hear their celebrated Æolian piano-fortes, which the persons for whom it is intended. It comes we can commend as the most exquisite of instru from good authority, and may be relied upon as a ments, and worthy of the fingering of St. Cecilia guide. There is scarcely any subject out of which herself,

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269 | Wood Fall, (imitated from the “Bugle AD TURBATOREM PLEBIS, · 277 Song,")


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