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observed one fault in his general proceeding. He
never manfully put forward the entire strength of
his cause.
He temporized; he managed; and

[Backed, “Mr. Hodgson, from y® 13th of adopting very nearly the sentiments of his adver- March to 12th April. Sandy Bay, 8th April, saries, he opposed their inferences. This, for a political commander, is the choice of a weak post

. 1740. Mr. Hodgson to Gov. Trelawny."] His adversaries had the better of the argument as he handled it, not as the reason and justice of his

Sandy Bay, April 8th, 1740. cause enabled him to manage it. I say this after having seen, and with some care examined, the orig

May it please your Excellency :- I dated inal documents concerning certain important trans- my last from Port Royal by mistake on actions of those times. They perfectly satisfied the 1st of March, whereas we sailed from me of the extreme injustice of that war, and of the thence on the 29th of February, arrived at falsehood of the colors which, to his own ruin, St. Andrews on the 3d of March, sailed and guided by a mistaken policy, he suffered to be daubed over that measure. Some years af- for Sandy Bay on the 6th, where we came ter, it was my fortune to converse with many of to an anchor on the 11th, but were prevented the principal actors against that minister, and with by a north from going ashore till the 13th. those who principally excited that clamor. None

King Edward being informed of my arriof them, no, not one, did in the least defend the measure, or attempt to justify their conduct. val, sent me word that he would see me the They condemned it as freely as they would have next day, which he did, attended by several done in commenting upon any proceeding in his- of his captains. I read to him your Exceltory, in which they were totally unconcerned. lency's letter, and my own commission, and Thus it will be. They who stir up the people to when I had explained them by an interimproper desires, whether of peace or war, will be condemned by themselves. They who weakly preter, told my errand and recommended to yield to them will be condemned by history."

them to seek all opportunities of cultivating

friendship and union with the neighboring We resume with the original dispatch Indian nations, and especially such as were giving an account of the first formal taking under s: bjection to the Spaniards, and of possession of that region towards which helping them to recover their freedom. They so much interest has been attracted lately: approved every thing I said, and appointed It will be found to be very interesting and the 16th to meet the Governor, John Briton, curious. It is somewhat singular that the and his captains at the same place, to hear King described so nearly resembles the de- what I had farther to say. scriptions of the present "King of Mosquito."

On the 16th they all came except AdmiLord Palmerston, in his dispatch to the ral Dilly and Collo Morgan [Mosquito Indian Nicaraguan Government, says: "The time chiefs, who had been complimented with when and the manner in which the connec- British commissions or titles.-Ed.] who tion between Great Britain and the Mos- were sick. General Hobby and his capto quito Coast began is not well known.” were at too great a distance to be sent for, This paper evidently throws some light on but their presence not being material, I prothe subject, and may be useful to his Lord- ceeded to acquaint them that as they had ship, provided he still continues to ignore long acknowledged themselves subjects of the treaty of Paris, 1763.

Great Britain, the Governor of Jamaica had We do not desire at present to re-open sent me to take possession of their country, the discussion of the Nicaraguan question, in his majesty's name: then asked if they especially in the manner it has been dis- had any thing to object. They answered cussed in this Review, contrary to the advice that they had nothing to say against it, but of its present conductor, but we are glad to were very glad I was come for that purpose. be able to add any new facts that may So I immediately raised the standard and throw light upon it; retaining personally, reduced the sum of what I had said into as we do, the confidence we have always articles. I asked them both separately and felt, notwithstanding all that has been said, jointly if they approved and would abide in the patriotism and far-seeing statesman- by them. They unanimously declared they ship of the eminent Secretary in whose would. So I had them read over again in hands the negotiation has been, knowing a solemn manner under the colours. At that he of all others is the man to settle it the end of every article fired a gun, and upon such bases as the honor and interests concluded with cutting up a turf, and promof the country demand.

ising to defend their country and to pro

cure them all the assistance and instruction King Edward and his captains went from England in my power.

aboard likewise. As we went, they told me The formality all this was done with that Captain Stewart had teazed them into seemed to have a good influence upon them, a sort of promise to go with him, but they for they often repeated their desire of learn- were averse to it, and wondered that such a ing to read, and said they must now mind privateer, who was a blaze of fire, did not their king more than they had done, and do look out for Spaniards at sea, rather than all they could to help themselves and hurt trouble them to make his voyage for him. the Spaniards, to whom I recommended all I told them that I had nothing to say to the mercy that was consistent with their what promises they had laid themselves own safety. But they seemed not to under- under before I came amongst them; that I stand me rightly, saying—if they fight they knew truth and sincerity were most agreemust kill. The articles I enclose, and hope able to your Excellency, and therefore could your Excellency will excuse so much cere- say nothing more than if they went with mony: for as I had no certain information Captain Stewart and I liked the design, that whether the country was ever taken posses- I would go with them. If I did not, would sion of before or ever claimed otherwise depend upon their hastening back to try than by sending them down commissions, I another that both they and I should like. thought the more voluntary and clear the However, if they desired me, they might cession of it was, the better.

depend upon my going with them any The governor came attended with a nu- where. I spoke the same to Captain Stewmerous guard, who behaved to him with art, who persuaded them with much ado to much respect and silence. He is a sensible meet him at Pearl Keys. They tyed their old man, and carries a good command; the knotts with much reluctance, and told me king being very young, I believe not twenty, the next day they were so divided in their is not much observed, but was he to be a opinions since my coming, that they knew while in Jamaica or England 'tis thought he not what to do for the best. would make a hopefull monarch enough. The same day Admiral Dilly and Collo

On the 18th the king with his captains Morgan sent me word they were coming to came of their own accord to consult about a wait on me. I immediately crossed the proper place to attack, but hearing that Lagune to meet them, hearing they were Captain Jumper was expected from the other sensible clever fellows, and such I found side of the Cape, with 5 or 6 periauguas, them. They had despatch'd a messenger and neither the governor, Admiral Dilly nor to the governor to meet them the next day Collo Morgan being present, I thought it best to hold a general and decisive council. to defer it 'till they were summoned. The They all mett on Sunday the 23d, at king brought his mother and the captains Senock Dawkras (Mr. Whitehead's house). their wives. I entertained them as usual, The governor being sick, tryed our patience but there always comes such a train with by making us wait till the afternoon ; but them that instead of one puncheon of rum when he came, made ample amends by the I should have had three or four. However, justness of his sentiments. as I recommended sobriety to them at first He told the king and his captains it was as from your Excellehcy, none of them has plain they had got a name and the good presumed to get drunk when they come to opinion of the Governor of Jamaica, (whose

success against the rebellious negroes they On the 19th Capt. Andrew Stewart, who had all heard of,) and if they did not keep has been hovering several months on this it up, what could the world say of them? coast in hopes of getting the Muskitos to There was an officer now sent down by your make an expedition for him, came into the Excellency to observe their manner of fightroad and sent me an invitation to dine on ing, and if they did not do their best they board, with an apology for not waiting on should lose the favor of the English. It was me himself, which I accepted, and was salu- true they were but a small number of peoted with 5 guns at coming off

. He was very ples compared to us who had men to spair desirous to agree with me about attacking for sickness and the sword. But if they some place or other, but proposed none but show'd themselves worthy, no doubt the a gold mine which he could not describe. King of Great Britain would send a force


go a

sufficient to get them all they wanted, be- deal owing to a sense of being defrauded sides teachers to instruct them in what is by traders, but through their ignorance of right and good. He said General Hobby numbers and value not being able to tell had often talked about taking towns in time how, they are apt to make improper repriof peace, and called the English cowards. sals. As for their laziness, the grand proNow it was war, they must show they were moter of the rest, I really think it must have not such themselves; that the English were been owing to their discontent at the ill the best judges when war or peace were usage they have received from privateers proper, and none of them had any business and others; because I don't find that it has to act otherwise than they were directed by been epidemical amongst them till lately. the Governor of Jamaica. In short, all he They will loll in their hammocks till they said show'd a strong natural judgment, and are almost starved—then start up

and the sedate tone of voice in which he and turtling in a pet, and if they have not im. some others debated, was very agreeable mediate success, and there happens to be and affecting. They quickly came to the many periaguas together, they form a depoint, viz—what place they shou d attack, sign on some Spanish or Indian town. and soon agreed upon one where there is They have never been upon any considerboth a mine and à town, viz., the river able expedition since that of Barcuto, which Coaclyo and the town of St. Juan de Vasa- is thirteen years ago; so that there are qua : Thinking, I suppose, to oblige Cap- many raw lazy young fellows among them, tain Stewart by the first and me by the for which reason the old men say it will not latter.

be proper to put them upon severities at We tyed fourteen knotts and concluded first. They are better judges than I can with many loyal healths. Then they all got possibly be. I propose when I come back up and took their leaves in a respectful to collect all that live on this side the cape manner before they had drank too much. into little towns. Their present straggling

I found my council about sobriety has life being very inconvenient. Dilly and had some weight with the old men, but the Morgan complain of it, and say that they young ones are got together since with the lived together formerly, but falling into the women into drinking bouts. They intoxi- English custom of ridiculing and abusing cate themselves with a liquor made of honey, one another behind their backs, they fell into lime apples and cassada, and if they avoid varience, and so dispersed; and they believe quarrels, which often happen, they are sure that there are larger numbers back in the to have fine promiscuous doings among the country that never appear, than those that girls. The old women, I am told, have the do. I shall endeavour to get them together. liberty of chawing the cassada before 'tis These things require more time and patience put in, that they have a chance in the gene- than I expected. But when their inveteracy ral rape as well as the young ones. to the Spaniards and fidelity to us during

I fell into one of them by mere accident [word illegible] of 100 years is considered, last Monday, where I found Admiral Dilly and that our own vices have helped to spoil and Colo Morgan retailing my advice among them, no pains, methinks, should be spared them to little effect, for most of them were too to reclaim them. drunk to mind it, and so bideously painted I have disposed of several presents, but that I quickly left them to avoid being their returns being principally in visits to daubed all over, which is the compliment get more or to drink punch, I have stopt they usually pay their visitors on such occa- my hand. The Lubeck duck, osnabrigs, sions.

powder, ball, flints and shott I shall divide Those two captains complain much of among them at setting out, with a promise their drinking, but say it has been taught that they shall pay me according to their them by the English. Others say not-for behaviour or their plunder. how should the English invent the pine and I have disposed of none of your lady's cassada drink? Their resentment of adul- merchandise yet, hoping for the best martry has lost its edge, too, more than among ket when we come back. The English here other Indians. That, I make no doubt, they have laid me under a kind of prohibitation, are obliged to us for. Their breach of prom- by telling them that I did not come to trade, ises in their bargains, I take to be a good l but to do them good, which both makes me

cautious and implies their own way of trade speed, that we may go out as strong as posis bad. Indeed I observe it is upon a very sible. I am glad that Captain Handysides unequal and uncertain footing, and dont see has gone to take Banalo; but wish that I how it can be otherwise till the people had seen him first, because it is the Govthemselves are upon a better. I can give ernor of Jamaica's orders that you

make your Excellency no information as yet of the slaves of the Indians no longer; but on the white people on the other side of the Cape contrary, when you happen to take any, and at Cape Camdrous. At my return I that you will tell them the gray-eyed people shall go among them and among the Pians will soon join you and come to help them and Pictocks. The weight of the Muskitos against the Spaniards, whose yoke you must among their neighbours notwithstanding all advise them to throw off in the mean time, their vices, appears from their influence upon and so send some of them back, and use the these two Indian nations, who, tho' gene- rest well till I come am

mongst you, which rally at war with each other, are always will be as soon as our expedition is over. good friends when the Muskito men come I would have seen you first if time would among them. If the season will allow it, I have allowed it, so wish you and your fampropose another expedition when I come ily health and success against our common back that shall direct them all better to the enemy, and am country of their fathers than this we are

Your friend and brother, going upon. I am in great want of mapps,

ROBERT Hodgson. the 1st vol. of Dampier Uring's and others, whom I never read.

The report of Handysides being gone to Captain Stewart was present at our last Banalo is contradicted, so that I can assure meeting, and told me he designed to wait for your Excellency of the truth. He is Hobus at the Pearl Keys. I answered we should by's son, and a very bold fellow. be there, but as for the Muskito men, they Thus, sir, I have related my proceedings were soly under my command, and that it hitherto, and hope they will be to your was my duty to see them have justice done, satisfaction. I can form no judgment till whatever they took. I show'd him my com- the expedition is over, how far these people mission and King Edward's declaration. So may be rendered serviceable to the main I hope that we shall have no disputes. He design. Neither can I add many remarks told me that his carpenter bad repair’d six upon the country, having had no convecrafts at the cape upon the promise of their niency as yet for travelling. What I have captains to go out with them, which they seen is flat. Being all savannnas and lanow said they would not have done if I had gunes, it produces very good cotton, in my not come among them. I wrote to Gen' opinion much finer than Jamaica's; and I Hobby as follows:

am told there is as good cocoa near the

cape as any in New Spain. Their pine apSerock Dawkea, March 28, 1739–40.

ples are delicious and three times as large as Brother Hobbey :- I suppose that before ours. Wild honey is in plenty. I live this you have heard of my coming to this chiefly upon turtle, their idleness not suffershore by the Governor of Jamaica's orders, ing them to raise stock or cattle. In short, to set up the British standard, and to com- the people only want stirring up by war mand all the Muskito Indians except those and a little better sense of shame, and then under King Edward, whom his Excellency to be kept employed about the conveniences has desired to assist with as many men as and decencies of life, and not to be dehe can spare.

frauded, all which might be soon done by We have agreed upon an expedition to introducing a more regular set of whites. the southward not far from Chagres, and are Those few I have mett with on this side do to set out in twelve sloops. I therefore de- not seem so averse to the government as I sire

you to hasten all the people and craft | expected, and I hope to find them on the that can be got together to Sandy Bay. We other side, where they are pretty numerous, go from hence to Pearl Keys. Capt. An- tractable enough. There is one honest gendrew Stewart tells us there are six crafts tleman named Luke llorton living at Black near the cape which his carpenters repaired. River Lagoon, who some years ago

barI desire they may be sent to us with all I gained with the Spaniards of Truxillo to betray the country to them, and had almost ple as obnoxious to the Spaniards as the brought the King into it.” A Spanish lieu-devil

. If we have success, King Edward tenant and twenty men ventured upon the begs that when your Excellency is informed assurance Luke had given them, and the how we are gone, and that he is ready to standard of Spain was hoisted upon his come up to Jamaica, that a small man-ofhouse-top. The Muskito men hearing of it, war may be sent for us. The honor as well sent them a message to prepare for death, as the interest of the nation, methinks, is and immediately put them all to the [word now concerned to aid these Indians in every illegible] except the lieutenant and Luke, respect. whom the English begged off. A Spanish I propose, if possible, to stand the voyage privateer was forced by a north into Brew- in an open periagua along with the king. er's Lagoon about a year since. She had We expect to be out three months. Sevegot some damage, which the English there ral, as well Muskito men as others, seemed were so weak as to assist them in repairing, desirous of taking Bocca del Drago, in our and afterwards so base as to fire upon them return, and I don't well know how to act in at parting. The captain was a knight of regard to them and other Indian bravoes. Malta, and talkt publicly of returning with Their horrid cruelty and perfidy is certainly a force sufficient to settle and fortify that detestable, but whether it has not been dekey. If he keeps his word I hope to give rived originally from their Catholic neigha good account of him.

bors on the Main is a question. King Edward talks of coming to Jamaica If one half of the Muskito men that go with me, and several others. They all seem out with me will engage to keep it till your desirous of having some of their children Excellency's pleasure is known, I will send sent to England, but their women and them a civil message to quit the island, sukeys too often oppose their best designs. which, I imagine, they will comply with, as I don't take their number to be near so they have got so few fire-arms. Their many as the author of the project makes avenues, I am told, are fortified by deep them out, except they are concealed back- pits, covered and sunk full of lances. I wards. I don't like this expedition to the suppose they are easily avoided. Their's is southward half so well as one to the leeward, a noble harbor, and I am told it would be a and did all I could against it consistent to key to a better commerce than any we know my promise of leaving them to themselves; of in the West Indies. for every body agrees about the expectation I find some force will be requisite from of the Mohela Indians, who are said to be England, let us proceed never «so successthe race of Montezuma, that they shall have fully; and several places will need fortificaa deliverer from the gray-eyed people. tion. When I have seen the whole shore, Without superstition 'tis very possible, if the I shall inform your Excellency better. I design is prosecuted, which I beg it may, expected twenty-five periauguas, but fear a though I miscarry or am lost in the attempt; disappointment, the people are so consumfor, to explain, I am not so good a judge of mately superstitious and lazy. The king is human nature as I may be thought; and sanguine enough. He proposes calling his whatever good opinion your Excellency has people all together, and to press the fittest, conceived for me, I am conscious as yet of and so push to sea at once. He has got being too superficial for an affair of this a handsome brisk young wench to his importance.

queen, that pleases him well and makes him I have neither the Spanish nor Indian very good-natured and ready to follow adlanguage. The latter I have neither pa- vice. tience to learn nor memory to retain: and The governor, I find, notwithstanding his would a small cargo of ingenious young fel- other good qualities, is quite an old leecher, lows embark from England, the difficulty which renders him unable to follow his own would not be much, for the war may be reason. He has got no less than five wives. made a diversion, and the climate a medi- Whitehead has been very serviceable to cine for the most shattered constitution, if me, and grateful for my engagement to people would but adapt their way of living Macfarland. I thank your Excellency, whose to it. In the mean time I shall break the favor has given me credit to do some good. ice, and render both myself and these peo- Stuart tells me he had paid the money, and

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