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Anno Name.

Place. 17 18 Joh. Apseley, arm.

ut prius. 19 Rad. Shirley, arm.

Paly of eight 0. and Az. a canton Erm. 20 Rich. Sackvile, arm. ut prius. 21 Godr. Oxenbrig, arm.

G. a lion rampant queue forché Arg. within a border V.

charged an entoire of eight escalops 0. 22 Will. Ashburnham ut prius. 23 Tho. Morton, arm.

Quarterly G. and Erm.; in the first and fourth a goat's

head erased Arg. 24 Tho. Fienis, mil. . ut prius.



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1 Joh. Leigh, arm.

ut prius. 2 Edw. Lewknor, arm. ut prius. 3 Rog. Lewknor, mil. ut prius. 4 God. Oxenbrigg, mil. ut prius. 5 Rich. Shirley, arm.

ut prius. 6 Roger. Copley, arm. 7 Joh. Leigh, mil


ut prius. 8 Will. Ashburnham ut prius. 9 Joh. Gainsford, mil. ut prius. 10 Rich. Carewe, arm.

ut prius. 11 God. Oxenbrigg, mil.

ut prius. 12 Joh. Scott, arm.

Arg. three Katharine wheels S. within a border engrailed G. 13 Edw. Bray, mil.

Arg. a chevron between three eagles' legs erased S. 14 Rich. Covert, arm,

Slaugham, Sussex. G. a fess Erm. betwixt three leopards 0. 15 Will, Ashburnham ut prius. 16 Tho. West, mil.

Arg. a fess dancetté S. 17 Rich. Shirley, arm.

ut prius. 18 Joh. Dawtree, mil.

ut prius. 19 Joh. Sackvill, arm.


ut prius. 20 Rich. Belingham.

Arg. three hunters' horns stringed S. 21 Rog. Copley, mil. 22 Will . Goring, mil.

ut prius. 23 Rog. Lewkenor, mil.

ut prius. 24 Christop. Moore, arm..

Looseley. on a cross Arg. five martlets $. 25 Joh. Palmer, arm.

Angmarin. 0. two bars G. on each three trefoils Ar.; in chief a

greyhound currant S. collared of the first.




Place. 26 Rich. Belengham

ut prius. 27 Will. Goring, mil. ut prius. 28 Rich Page, mil. 29 Nich. Gainsford, arm. ut prius. 30 Edw. Bray, mil.

ut prins. 31 Christoph. Moor, mil. ut prius. 32 Joh. Sacvile, arm. ut prius. 33 Tho. Darell, arm.

Az. a lion rampant O. crowned Arg. 34 Rich. Belingham, arm. .

ut prius. 35 Joh. Palmer, arm. ut prius. 36 Joh. Thetcher, arm. 37 Joh. Dawtree, mil. ut prius. 38 Joh. Sackvile, arm. ut prius.

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PHIL. REX et MARI. REG. 1 Tho. Saunders, mil. . Chartwood.

S. a chevron between three bulls' heads Arg. 2 John Covert, arm. ut prius. 3 Will. Saunders, arm. ut prius. 4 Edw. Gage, mil.

Gyronne of four, Az, and Arg. a saltire G. 5 Joh. Ashburnham ut prius. 6 Will. More, arm. ut prius.

ELIZ. REG. 1 Tho. Palmer, mil. ut prius. 2 Joh. Colepeper, arm.

Arg. a bend engrailed G. 3 Joh. Stidolf, arm.

Arg. O. a chief S. two wolves' heads erased O. 4 Hen. Goring, arm. ut prius. 5 Will. Gresham. 6 Rich. Covert, arm. ut prius. 7 Antho. Pelham, arm. ut prius. 8 Will. Dawtree, arm. .

ut prius. (This year the two counties were divided.)


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SIERIFFS OF SURREY ALONE. 9 Franc. Carew, arm. ut prius.


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Place. : 10 Hen. Weston, mil. ut prius. 11 Tho. Lifeld, arm.

ut prius. 12 Tho. Brown, arm. ut prius. (This year the two counties were again united under one Sheriff.) 13 Joh. Pelham, arm.

ut prius. 14 Tho. Palmer, mil.

ut prius. 15 Fran. Shirley, arm.

ut prius. 16 Joh. Rede, arm. et

Rich. Polsted. 17 Hen. Pelham, arm. ut prius. 18 Will. Gresham, arm. ut prius. 19 Tho. Shirley, mil. ut prius. 20 Georg. Goring, arm.

ut prius. 21 Will. Moore, mil. ut prius. 22 Will. Morley, arm.

ut prius. 23 Edw. Slifeld, arm. 24 Tho. Brown, mil.

ut prius. 25 Walt. Covert, arm.

ut prius. 26 Tho. Bishop, arm.

Parham. Arg. on a bend cotised G. three bezants. 27 Rich. Bostock, arm.

S. a fess humet Arg. 28 Nich. Parker, arm. 29 Rich. Brown, arm.

ut prius. 30 Joh. Carrell, arm.

Harting. Arg. three bars, and as many martlets in chief S. 31 Thom. Pelham, arm.

ut prius. 32 Hen. Pelham, arm.

ut prius. 33 Robt. Linsey, arm.

0. an eagle displayed S. beaked and membered Az.; a

chief vairy 34 Walt. Covert, mil. ut prius. 35 Nich. Parker, mil. 36 Will. Gardeux, arm. 37 Rich. Leech, arm. 38 Edm. Culpeper, arm.

ut prius. 39 Georg. Moore, arm.

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ut prius. 40 Jam. Colebrand, arm.

Botham. Az, three levels with plummets 0. 41 Tho. Eversfeld, arm.

Den. Erm. on a bend S. three mullets 0. 42 Edm. Boier, arm.

Camberwell, Surrey. 0. a bend vairy betwixt two cotises G. 43 Thom. Bishop, arm.

ut prius. 44 Joh. Ashburnham

ut prius. 45 Rob. Lynsey. :

ut prius.



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1 Rob. Linsey, arm. ut prius.
2 Hen. Goring, mil. ut prius.
3 Edw. Culpeper, mil. ut prius.
4 Tho. Hoskings, mil.
5 Hen. Morley, arm.

ut prius. 6 Georg. Gunter, mil.

S. three gauntlets within a border 0. 7 Thom. Hunt, mil. 8 Joh. Lountesford.

Az, a chevron betwixt three boars 0. coupé G. 9 Edw. Bellingham ut prius. 10 Will. Wignall, arm. Tandridge, Surrey.

Az. on a chevron 0. betwixt three ostridges three mullets G. 11 Edw. Goring, arm. ut prius. 12 Joh. Willdigos, mil. 13 Rola. Tropps, Mor. et

Joh. Morgan, mil. 14 Joh. Shirley, mil.

ut prius. 15 Joh. Middleton, arm. 16 Joh. Howland, mil. . Shatham.

Arg. two bars and three lions rampant in chief S. 17 Nich. Eversfeld, arm. ut prius. 18 Rich. Michelborne. 19 Franc. Leigh, mil. ut prius. 20 Tho. Springet, mil. 21 Ben. Pelham, mil. ut prius. 22 Amb. Browne, arm. ut prius.

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1 Edr. Alford, arm.

G. six pears, three, two, and one; and a chief O. 2 Tho. Bowyer, arm. Leghthorn, Sussex.

0. a bend Vairy betwixt two cotises G. 3 Edw. Jourden, arm. Gatwik.

S. an eagle displayed betwixt two bendlets Ar: a canton

sinister 0. 4 Steph. Boord, mil. 5 Anth. May, arm.

G. a fess between eight billets O. 6 Will. Walter, mil.

Wimbledon. Az. a fess indented O. between three eagles Arg. 7 8 Joh. Chapman, mil. 9 Rich. Evelyn, arm. i Wotton.

Az. a gryphon passant, and chief O.


Place, 10 Will. Culpeper, arm.

ut prius. 11 Will. Morley, mil. ut prius.

When I look upon these two counties, it puts me in mind of the epigram in the poet :

Nec cum te possum vivere, nec sine te. " Neither with thee can I well,

Nor without thee can I dwell." For these two shires of Surrey and Sussex generally had distinct sheriffs until the reign of king Edward the Second, when they were united under one. Then again divided in the ninth of queen Elizabeth ; united in the thirteenth ; divided again in the twelfth of king Charles, and so remain at this day. But how long this condition will continue is to me unknown; seeing, neither conjunctim nor divisim, they seem very well satisfied.



12 Antho. Vincent, mil. Stock Daberon.

Az. three quartrefoils Arg. 13 14 Johan. Gresham, mil. 15 Joh. Howland, mil.

ut prius. 16 Tho. Smith, arm. 17 Georg. Price, arm. 18 19 Edru. Jorden, arm. ut prius. 20 Mathe. Brand, mil.


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RICHARD II. 19. JOHN ASHBURNHAM.—My poor and plain pen is willing, though unable, to add any lustre to this family of stupen. dous antiquity. The chief of this name was high sheriff of Sussex and Surrey, anno 1066, when William duke of Normandy invaded England, to whom king Harold wrote to assemble the posse comitatuum, to make effectual resistance against that foreigner. The original hereof, an honourable heir-loom (worth as much as the owners thereof would value it at) was lately in the possession of this family; a family wherein the eminency hath equalled the antiquity thereof, having been barons of England in the reign of king Henry the Third.

The last Sir John Ashburnham, of Ashburnham, married Elizabeth Beaumont, daughter of Sir Thomas Beaumont (afterwards by especial grace created Viscountess Crawmount in Scotland); and bare unto him two sons; John, of the bedchamber to king Charles the First and Second; and William,

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