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entirely within his compass of acting. We The principle is a commendable one, but were content with Mr. Darley's Moses. Mrs. the action was misplaced in her. We wish Darley's Lady Teacle was vastly beyond our the managers would cause a little more expectations. Her manner was simple, but attention to be paid to clearing off the litter polished-her gayety was lively. artless, from the stage, between the acts. If a heexhilarating, and lady-like? her anger natu- roine drop a letter in an agony, or if a lover ral and pretty; her shame and repentance tear up a billet-dour in a paroxysm, there the conspicuous, unaffected, and sincere. relics remain with an identity that effectually

Mr. Hilson's Apollo Belvi, in the afterpiece, prevents a change of scene through the was capital.

piece; or even if a besotted footman drop Mr. Barnes, in the dashing character of his jockey in a drunken-6t, unless some young Buskin, croaked in the cracked voice careful foot kick it behind the arras, it must of fourscore.

lie there till the act is over. The afterpiece

is a laughable farce. Mr. Hogs flesh, who Friday Evening, May 23. endeavours to sink the name in the initial, The Africans. - A Day after the Wedding - and is, at last, reduced to a dreadful pickle, Mr. H.

by his indiscretion in blowing himself, is We do not admire the first of these pieces. completely cured of all his afflictions by Had it not been for the enlivening influence being changed into Bacon. Mr. Hilson of Henry Augustus Mug, in the person of his played this whimsical character better than worthy representative, Mr. Hilson, we we had ever seen it played. The scene in should have thought it a bore. We have a wbich he betrays, through the excess of his multitude of dislikes to the Africans. It volubility, his unfortunate secret, was exe. is unpatural, laboured, and distressing in cuted with all imaginable sprightliness. itself; and it derives no relief from the Somebody, however, is very much to be phizzes of its black and yellow heroes and blamed for not expunging the indecencies heroines.

and impertinences with wbich this piece The interlude is an amusing little affair abounds. It was hardly decoros, in Mr. enough, and was well hit off. Mr. Simpson Hilson, to suffer the full and fashionable was at home in Col. Freelove, and Mrs. Dar. house that had honoured him with its counley was delightfully provoking in Lady tenance, at his benefit, to be put out of coun. Elisabeth. She spoiled a good deal of ber tenance and out of temper, by the gross, passion, however, by an unnecessary con- disgusting, and filthy obscenity, with which cern for the adjustment of the shreds and the entertainments he had selected were infragments she bad scattered about the floor. terlarded.


ported manufactures had risen to 44,000,000
After such a year a falling off was to be es

pected. At present he could see no real de London, March 10. cline in the demand for British goods; our N consequence of the suspension of the intercourse with the Continent was five wbich Government has acted, together with instead of feeling any thing like despondenthe disposition manifested by Parliament to cy, he could not but look forward to the pursue measures of constitutional reform, result with cheering hope. the riots have ceased, and though some dis Number of vessels, with the amount of contented may remain, it is likely to be ap- their tonnage, and the number of men and peased, and the internal affairs of the nation boys usually employed in navigating the settled without violence.

which belonged to the several ports

March 11. of the British empire on the 30th September, Army.-Yesterday, one hundred and twen- 1816; distinguishing Great Britain, Ireland, ty thousand nen were voted, including the and the British Plantations in America, and army in France and the regiments in India, the West Indies. but the vote was only for 6 months, from the

Men and boys 25th of Dec. last to the 24th of June next, in

Ships. Tonage. usually employed, order that any further arrangements might England 17,442 2,152,968 134,060 be made should the committee of finance Scotland 2,958 263,336 18,775 propose them, and the house agree to them. Ireland 1,178 63,229 5,681

March 13. Plantations 3,775 279,643 16,839 In a debate in the House of Commons, Guernsey

7,237 Lord Castlereagh stated the exports of British Jersey 77 7,992 636 manufactures had amounted in the last year Isle of Man 369 9,335 2,315 to 36,700,000. This was the bighest return made in any year but that immediately pre- Total reg. 25,864 2,783,940 178,820 cediog the last, when the value of our ex. S. 30, 1816.


I ,




March 18. The Committee to which was referred the On motion of Lord Holland, grounded subject of the Income and Expenditure of the on a letter to Sir Hudson Lowe, from Count United Kingdom for the year ending the 5th Montholon, one of Bonaparte's family, the of January, 1817, and the probable locome subject of Bonaparte's treatment was gone and Expenditure for the two succeeding into by Parliament, and the conplaints in years, have, in the report, proposed the rerelation thereto, from Lord Bathurst's state. duction, regulation, or abolition of a list of ment, were proved to be unfounded. places, which occupies six pages. The report

Lord Bathurst states, that the original re. will probably do much towards an economigulations in regard to Bonaparte's correspon-' cal reform. dence have not been varied-that much

April 7. pains have been taken to gratify his wishes in A Bill, which has recently received the furnishing him with books-luat a circuit Royal Assent, gives great facility to persons of 8 miles is allowed him for air and exer- who are desirous of proceeding as settlers 10 cise ; that his table is bountifully supplied; his majesty's provinces in North America, for that in his family, which consists of 10 inasinuch as by reducing the Tonnage to be persons, 19 bottles of wine, besides 3 bottles allowed to each individual during the pas. of porter, are consumed daily--that the sage, it enables the Masters of vessels, pro. eatables are in proportion to the drink and ceeding to these Colonies, to take passengers that, in short, the annual allowance for his at a inuch lower rate than has been hitherto support is 12,0001 sterling.

deinanded. For the information of those Further proceedings on this motion were who are desirous of availing themselves of negatived without a division.

the encouragement which is given by Gn. The Island of Tristam de Cunha, to the vernment to settlers, we suhjoin a copy of the Southward of St. Helena, has been taken pos- reply given to applicants of this description : session of, and stores, &c. sent from the Cape

Downing-Street, 1317. of Good Hope, for the purpose of forming a “SirIn reply to the inquiries which yon garrison similar to that at the Island of As. have made with respect to the encourage. cension.

ment wbich will be given to persons, pro. A Loudon paper says British manufactures ceeding as Settlers to Canada, i am directed produce 100 percent. in Mexico. But they by Lord Bathurst to acquaint you, that it is must be smuggled. A hat sells for 1000 dol- not the intention of his Majesty's Governlars.

ment to provide during the present year any The semi-annual dividend of the bank of mode of conveyance för persons desirous of England, for April 7, 1817, is fixed at 5 per emigrating to British N. America. But that cent.

if such persons can provide for the expense Lord Castlereagh has stated it to be the in- of their own conveyance to Canada, Lord tention of the British Government to observe Baihurst will recommend them to the Gostrict neutrality between Spain and her re vernor of the province, in order that they volted colonies.

may receive, on their arrival, a grant of land Spain is said to have applied to England proportioned to their means of cultivation, for assistance against her revolted subjects, and some assistance in agricultural imple. and has been refused.

ments." The amount of tea consumed in England

Liverpool, April 17. amounted in the year 1814, to 24,640,000lb. The appearance of the wheat lands in the The custom-house duty, in the course of that principal corn districts, is generally good.year, upon tea sold for internal consumption The season for spring corn sowing has been amounted,

so fine, that the barleys are nearly got in At 6 per cent. to something about.....250,0001. through Norfolk, and the other eastern counAnd the Excise duty, at 90 to...3,880,000 ties; and if the lands continue to work kind.

ly, as they have done for the last two or three

4,130,000). weeks, the outs will be got in seasonably. The internal consumption of the last year did

Glasgow, April 20. not exceed 20.430,000lb.oftea-less by above The shawl trade in Glasgow has improved one-sixth than the consumption of 1814 ; so much as to enable the Manufacturers to adwhile the revenue collected in 1816 amount- vance their Journeymen's wages 4:s per week. ed to somewhat less than 3,000,0001. ; a de At most of the north country markets, the cline, during only two short years, of above price of corn is fallen from 3 to ks. per quarter. 4 millions of lbs. or 1-6th in the weight of tea

Dublin, April 25. consumed, and of nearly 1,100,0001. or more

The scarcity of provisions has been so tban a fourth in the ad valorem duties.

great in Ireland, as to attract the attention of

April 5. Government; but the prospect is, that the Extract from the first report of the Select coming year will be a year of plenty, Committee on Finances, printed by order of More ground had been ploughed this year the House of Commons.

within 30 miles of Dublin than had ever been


re within the memory of any living government for 852,333 francs, by Marie earion. The spring had set in three weeks Letitia Ramolino, widow of Charles Bonahar

'ier than usual, and an early and plentiful parte. vest was expected.

The trial of Marshal Grouchy for high Married.] In London, on the 10th of treason and contumacy, was to commence April, at St. James's Church, the Earl of on the 17th or 18th of March. It was whisMarch, eldest son of the Duke of Richmond, pered in some of the circles at Paris, that a to Lady Caroline Paget, oldest daughter of general law of Amnesty was under the conthe Marquis of Anglesea.

templation of government. In England, Mr. J. Clarke, formerly wool. M. Rioust, who had been prosecuted for comber, fish-monger, walking stationer, cop- writing a work entitled Carnot, has been perplate printer, perpetual motion projector, condemned. He is fined 10,000 francs, and is chair bottomer, working monte machine- to be imprisoned for two years. maker, and showman-but now, alas! bill

March 15. distributor and poster, printer's devil ! &c. A new pamphlet, entitled La Coalition et to virs. Sarah Spriggs, relict of the late Mr. La France, was seized yesterday evening. James Spriggs, inatch-timber and mop-mer. This act of authority took place at the chant.

requisition of the King's Attorney-General, Dizd.] At Edinburgh, in the 37th year of who specifies, that he had received a diplobis age, on Tuesday, 25th March, Michael matic notice from the Duc de Richelieu, Anderson, printer of the Edinburgh Journal. containing the official complaints of the

British and Austrian Ambassadors on the FRANCE.

violent attacks directed against their governThe Moniteur of March 3, announces the ments in this pamphlet. re-instalement of Prince Telleyrand in the The Einperor of Morocco has allowed place of High Chamberlain ; and it is stated, grain to be exported to France, duty free. that on the preceding day, he had an audience

March 17. of the king for half an hour.

The Rhone, the Loire, the Rhine, the In the Sitting of the French Chamber of Marne, and the Seine have all overflowed Deputies, on Friday, an objection was urged their banks. to a clause of the Budget, which assigns about The Clergyman who refused to give abseventy-five thousand pounds for the relief solution to a young lady, on the eve of her of Spanish, Portuguese, Egyptian, and other marriage, because her intended husband, Emigrants. The Minister of the Interior M. Picard, was a dramatic writer, has been defended the clause, and at the close of his condemned to one month's detention at the speech there were some touching exhorta. Seminary, by the Metropolitan Chapter. tions to moderation and forgiveness, which

March 24. drew loud plaudits from all parties. There It is mentioned in the Italian papers, that are, it seems, between four and five hundred the Emperor of Austria has proposed to the Egyptian emigrants at Marseilles.

King of Sardinia to have a canal cut at comThe Budget finally passed--135 to 88, mon expense, from Alexandria across the the amendments having been got rid of by Appennines to the fort of Savore. This imthe previous question.

portant work, which will form a communi

Paris, March 8. cation between the Adriatic and the Gulf of The Dey of Algiers is said to have granted Genes, and which will be of immense advannew facilities and great advantages to French tage to commerce, was projected and procommerce.

posed in 1803 by the Count of Chabrol, the Funds at Paris, 8th March, 61f. 60c.

prefect of the department of Montehoite, and The French Marshal Savary, has published its execution was decreed and even begun. a pamphlet. He does not deny the murder On the 18th of March, about half past 3 of Wright, but throws the blame on Fouche. o'clock in the day, several meteoric stones

The statue of General Moreau is one of the fell in the Cantons of Castlenioron and Munnumber which are to ornernent the bridge clar, in the department of Lot-et-Garonne, of Louis 16th, at Paris.

accompanied by violent detonations. They have commenced at Lyons the ma

March 30. nufacture of Crape, in imitation of that of A great disturbance has occurred at the Canton. The Dutchess of Angouleme bas Theatre Francaise, at the performance of a had the first piece.

tragedy, in which there are many allusions A new law of exchange has been made in to Bonaparte's present situation. Many perFrance.-Payment or acceptance of Euro- sons were wounded. The riot was suppressed pean drawn bills on France. must be de- by the military, and general arrests were manded within six months from date, on made. The author wisbes to remain unpała of forfeiture of claim.

known. The repetition of the play is forbid.

March 11. den.
The hotel de Brienne has been sold to Louis is restored to health.

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April 1. The illustrious Deputy of the late Cortes, British transports had arrived at Calais, Garcia Herreros, lately died in his confine. for the purpose of taking a part of Welling. ment at the presidio of Alucema, on the ton's army to England ; 2500 of these troops coast of Africa. The hardships be experienwere embarked on the 28th March.

ced during his previous captivity for nearly There were no less than nineteen theatres 2 years in the dungeons of Madrid, had so and other places of exhibition open on the much debilitated his health and preyed on 9th March, in Paris and the suburbs.

his constitution, that it was impossible for Louis the 18th bad ordered his palace to him lang to survive the horrors of a fortress, be new furnished, in order to give encou- which, from its insalubrity and want of supragement to the manufacturers in Lyons ; plies even of water, is not suitable for the and introduced, into numerous places, soup punishment of the very worst malefactor. establishments, a la Rumford.

The King of Spain has issued a further It was annonnced that the last colony to order for the release of State Prisoners. he surrendered to France by the treaty of Many still remain. Paris, (Senegal,) bad been delivered up the An earthquake was felt al Barcelona on 26th January

the 18th of March, which was likewise felt The French stock continued rising. Five at Lerida, at Saragossa, and at Madrid. It Per Cents were from 61 to 62.

was very severe and extensive.

Paris, April 5. At Boulogne, a loan of 150,000 francs bas been opened for the purchase of grain, for and the southern parts of Germany are nu

Emigrations to America from Switzerland, the purpose of furnishing bread at a cheaper rate in the working classes.

merous the Swiss government is endeaThe slow but steady rise of French stocks vouring to check them. is considered as good evidence of the per

Lausanne, March 21. manency of the existing order of things. Intelligence from Altorf, of the 10th of Five per cents are from 63 to 64; a height we March, mentions, that, by reason of the believe to which they seldom attained in great quantities of snow and ice, the inhabithe best days of Bonaparte.

tants of these mountainous countries are in Died.] In Paris, April 4, Marshal Andrew continual danger. In the Cantons of Glaris. Massena, Prince of Esling, Duke of Rivoli

, and Uri, the falling of the masses of snow Grand Cross of St. Louis, the Legion of Ho has destroyed a great number of farms, and nour, St Stephen, St Hubert, &c. aged 59. likewise the pasture ground and cattle. The He was the second marshal of the French roof of oue church has been forced in. Empire, and his renown, as the farourile The news from Tyrol is equally distresschild of victory,” fills a large page of the ing: French war annals. He was an early and

A number of successive earthquakes, up sincere adherent to Louis 18th, and is said to the 14th, have affected the whole chain to have left tisteen millions of francs. He of the Alps, and caused much terror, as well has left a widow, two sons and a daughter. as injury, by avalanches.

M. Amar, formerly of the Convention, In connexion with the subject of these and one of the Regicides. He was allowed earthquakes, it is interresting to notice the to remain in France because he bad not ac- fact, that the present season throughout cepted any office after Bonaparte's return Switzerland and Gerinany, and almost all from Elba.

Europe, has been, and is, remarkably fine;

the labours of the farmer having commen

February 16. ced two months earlier tbis Spring than last. Spain is represented to be in a very on. On the subject of the phenomena exhibited quiet and oppressed condition. Internal in Europe, much speculation has bcen incommunication is very much obstructed, dulged. and misery reigns in every part of the country, especially among the troops. The

Rome, January 10. greatest part of the army is in Catalonia, A great quantity of papers relative to the where soldiers and labourers are dying with Stuart-family and the atteinpts of the Preten. hunger.

der bave been lately seized and sealed by An insurrection has taken place at Valen. order of Government. The whole quantity cia, which has cost many lives, and the gar- weighed 7 tons. They begin with James rison of that city has been changed on ac- 2d, and come down to the death of Cardicount of the unwillingness it manifested to nal York. They en brace every thing, from assist in quelling the disturbances. A new plots of invasion and correspondence with levy or contribution of 40,000 men is about foreign powers, to the amour of the Pretendto be made without distinction of classes, er, and the domestic details of the Court of and they are intended to replace the old Albany. Nearly all the principal families in troops whose time is up, and wluse fidelity Scotland and Ireland appear to have beca is suspected.

engaged in the Pretender's cause.




The Pope has restored the independence Longevity. On the 15th of December a
of the little republic of St. Marino.

Catholic Priest proceeded on foot to the Ca-
His Holiness the Pope, though now in his thedral of Adria in Lombardy, and returned
75th year, is in the full enjoyment of bis thanks for having attained his 110th year,
health and faculties. He has recently con- without infirmities or sickness! He was ac-
cluded the arrangements relating to religion companied by an immense concourse of peo-
in the kingdom of Brazil ; and has demon. ple, and chaunted the Cathedral service in a
strated in it all that wisdom of which he has firm, manly, and dignified voice.
given so many proofs.

The Ex-Empress, Maria Louisa. This Prin-
A new census of Rome bas been taken, cess lives in a style of great splendour at
and the number of souls found to be 129,000. Parma, but without ostentation. With the
Turio contains 83,588 souls.

Noblesse of the country she has little society.

Naples, Feb. 18. The greater part of them were ruined in their
Charles IV. of Spain is daily expected property by the French Revolution; and the
here; accompanied by his Queen, and the whole body like the rest of their brethren in
Ex-Prince of Peace.

most parts of Italy, are at the very lowest

March 5. ebb in point of character and education.
The English have augmented their force The disposition of the Ex-Empress, Maria
in the Ionian Republic. The allied Sove. Louisa, is extremely mild; her manners un-
reigas have placed this republic under the assuming. Her natural reserve, the French
Protectorship of Great Britain ; which to mistook for hauteur, of which, in fact, she
maintain itself
, must have a large military has not the slightest trait

. The few persons
force, and execute exact justice.

whom she admits to her society, are so far The population of the islands which com- from being treated as if they were paying pose this republic is estimated as follows : their court to a Princess, that they soon feel Corfu,

60,000 themselves easy in their conversation with Cephalona,

60,000 ber. The usual accomplishments of her sex Zante,

40,000 she possesses in more than the usual degree. St. Maura,

20,000 She plays on the violin, and sings extremely Cerigo,

10,000 well. Thiaki,

8,000 Paxo,


Ratisbon, February 10.

This afternoon, at o'clock, the Prince
Total, 206,000 Pritnate, Charles de Dalberg, Archbishop of

Messina, March 15. Ratisbon, ci-derant Grand Duke of Frankfort,
After several days of cold and severe died in this city. He was also Co-adjutor
weather, the north wind ceased yesterday of the Elector of Mayence, to whom this
suddenly, and we began to enjoy the mild territory belonged; and Bishop of Con-
temperature of spring. At ten minutes be. stance. On the dissolution of the Confedera-
fore six in the evening, the beauty of the day tion of the Rhine by the battle of Leipsick,
was disturbed by the violent shock of an and the consequent loss of his Grand Dutchy,
earthquake. This phenomenon, which re. he obtained from the Diet of the Empire
calls such sad remembrances amongst us, the principalities of Ratisbon and Aschaffen-
though of short duration, was attended with bourg, with the title of Prince Primate. He
a most tremendous uproar. The houses in was a man of science, and one of the hono-
this city, however have not experienced rary members of the French Institute, with
the least damage.

Fox, Jefferson, Weyne, Humboldt, &c.

Rome, March 29. The Prince of Schwartzenburg is said to
The Prince Carignan is daily expected in bave been cured of his paralysis by an attack
this city. As be is heir to the throne of Sar- of the goul.
dinia, in the event of the decease of the reign-

Munich, March 11.
ing King and the Prince of Genoa, without The Princess of Wale arrived here from
male issue, some importance is attached to Milan. 'The Court offered her apartments in
his visit. It is conjectured that a contract of the palace, but she declined taking them.-
afiance is on the lapis between this Prince She will probably stay some time here, and
and the Princess, daughter of the Queen of then, as she does not return to England, set
Etruria, now resident in this city, wbo is, at out on some new expedition. She goes to
this time, but 7 years old.

Court, and is attended in her walks by her
Lucien Bonaparte has demanded of the ladies, three Turks and several footmen.
Pope a passport for the United States of She is one of the most singular characters
America; but it is not known whether it will of the age.
be granted to him. The other members of the

Elberfield, March 12.
Bonaparte family, who are at Rome, are There bave passed through our town with-
doing very well. Among the foreigners in the last fortnight two prisoners of war,
wbom they admit into their Society are a returning from Russia. They have stated,
great many British.

that there are still in the remote provinces

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