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of Russia many prisoners, who only want trary impositions." The Sovereigns have ge-
the necessary means to return to their coun- nerally avowed their determination to sup-
try. One of these soldiers was a French- port the authority of the Diet.
man, the other a native of this town. He had Prince Ferdinand of Wurtemburgh, lately
dwelt in a Russian town named Gewersde- married to madamoiselle de Metternich, is
mensky-Gorod, which seemed to be situated to be appointed Viceroy of the Lombard
towards the south, but a very great distance Venetian Kingdom.
from Moscow. In the month of March, 1816,

NETHERLANDS. the time of his departure, there were there

Brussels, March 1. 300 prisoners, all Germans. The French Abbe Fære has been imprisoned at Brusman had resided, up to July, 1816, in a place sels. named Molanka, wbich he stated was situ Some disturbances, which the military ated in Siberia. On the 18th of July he had quelled, have taken place in French Flanset out from it with a column of 700 pri- ders, from the scarcity of provisions. soners, 23 officers, and nine medical men, A new duty is laid on shipping entering under the conduct of a captain ; but only and leaving the Scheldt. The inhabitants of 300 arrived on the frontier of Prussia, the Belgium complain of it. rest having perished on the way. About The population of the Netherlands is estithe end of January they arrived at Berlin ; mated at 5,226,000. the Frenchman set out from that city with

March 29. 41 Hessians for Cassel. He assures us, that The Prince of Broglio, Bishop of Ghent, has when the column passed the town of Colou. been proceeded against for his presumption ga, there were in it 720 other prisoners of in forbidding the Ecclesiastics in his diocess, war engaged at work on a canal which they to grant absolution to such as had sworn were digging near that town, and which fidelity to the King and Constitution. they said was to be united with the Black

April 2. Sea. At Moscow he had seen 1,100 other The number of English embarked and prisoners, French, Germans, and Neapoli- embarking at Calais, to return to England, tans. According to what he had heard, amounts to 6,500, including all the superior ibere were 4000 foreign soldiers at this mo- officers and Commissaries going home. The ment on the march to Germany. The Au- horses that go with them are from 1000 to thorities of Elberfield have prepared a pro- 1200, both of the cavalry and artillery. cess verbal of the assertions of the two sol. These troops take with them 30 pieces of diers.-Le Moniteur.

artillery, and the necessary ammunition Vienna, March 16. wagons. The British cavalry remaining in Prince Antony of Saxony, and the Arch France are still to remain the same canDutchess Maria Theresa, his consort, sister tonments, on the sea-coast of French Flanto the Emperor, are at present on a visit at ders. this Court. The Prince of Bavaria, brother

PRUSSIA. to the Empress, is also here. Preparations

Brandenburg, Feb. 16. are making for the departure of the Arch According to official accounts, symptoms Dutchess, betrothed to the infant Peter of of the plague have appeared in Moldavia, Portugal, for Brazil.

and the Austrian government has suspended The actual armed force of Austria is com- communications with that country, and orputed at 530,000 men.

dered a quarantine of 20 days at ChevnowManheim, March 31. itz for goods and persons, A considerable sensation and no little dis

Berlin, March 29. satisfaction have been excited, by a note ad His Serene Highness the Duke of Anhaltdressed by the Elector of Hesse Cassel to the Bembourg, arrived in this city last evening, Diet, in which he refuses to recognize their with the Princess Louisa his daughter, the right of interfering between him and bis sub- intended bride of his Royal Highness Prince jects, some of whom has carried their com. Frederick of Prussia. plaints and reclamations to the Diet. In the

March 30. case of the Steward Hoffman, the Diet had The Prussian Council of State have as. decreed restitution and indemnity, which the sembled at the Royal Palace, in this city. Elector has declined according, as at the in- Their proceedings were commenced by a stance of the Diet. The members of this as. communication from his Majesty, accomsembly have highly resented this indignity, panied by the ordinance, directing the forand published an answer to the note of the mation and prescribing the duties of the Landgrave, in which they maintain their Council. The Prince de Hardenberg, the right of interposing, on the ground that “Ger- President, delivered in the name of the Counmany had not been delivered, at the price of cil, an address of thanks to the King, who the blood of her people, from a foreign yoke, terminated the sitting by a speech, expressand restored to the dominion of legitimate ing his confidence in the wisdom aod atsovereigns, to be made the victim of arbi- tachment of the Council. Among the meme



bers of this are, Prince Blucher, Count The Emperor has induced the nobility of Bulow, and Prince de Wittgenstein. The Courland to give freedom to their peasants. Council was in three days afterwards to The Russian Captain Gallownin, three proceed to business.

years a prisoner at Japan, is about to publish It is expected this Council will form a new a narrative. constitution for Prussia, and a new system The bears have appeared in much larger of finance.

numbers than usual between Irkutsk and Ne

rischinck, in Siberia, 12 or 1500 leagues from Slockholm, March 28. the capital of Russia. They penetrated with A Swedish writer against Bernadotte's be- fury into the hamlets and remote habitations, coming King, has been condemned to death, the inhabitants of which had for a time mucb but fied, and is outlawed.

ditficulty in repelling their attacks. About The Swedes possess 5,000 trophies of vic. Werchne Oudensk, there were 400 of these tories in former times.

ferocious animals. The Treaty of Commerce lately concluded between Sweden and the United States

ASIA. of North America, upon principles of reci. procity, is ratified by the King, but will of

Constantinople, Feb. 15. course not be made public bere till after the M. Von Rosenfield, wbo had attracted uniratification is received from America versal attention by the inoculation of the

Upon the invitation of the Russian Court, plague, after having happily passed thirtyhis Majesty the King of Sweden bas acceded eight days in the Lazaretto without any acto the Holy Alliance.

cident, was attacked by the disorder on the The conspiracy which had been formed thirty-ninth day, and on the fortieth sell a at Stockholm for the purpose of assassinating victim to his exertions in favour of humathe Prince Royal and his son, on the 12th nity. March, was communicated to him in an The Turkish Government still resists the anonymous letter in time to defeat the plot. importunities of the British Ambassador for

The son of Gustavus, who was set aside it to acknowledge the Independence of the to make room for Bernadotte, is living at the Ionian Republic. court of Wirtemburg, the king being his An earthquake has recently done much dacousin; he is an accomplished young man, mage at Jerusalem. about twenty, educated in the Protestant It is said that, after some skirmishing bereligion. He is besides nephew to the Em- tween the Turks and Persians, their diffeperor Alexander.

rences have been adjusted. It is also assertCount Gyllerstrom, marshal of the court ed that the new Governor of Bagdad has and proprietor of estates in Pomerania, is taken possession of the government without esiled from the kingdom; he is to leave this bloodshed. capital in three days. There exists here at The Grand Seignior is upon the best footthis moment a fermentation in the public ing with the Deys of Algiers, of Tunis, and of mind, of which it is impossible to foresee the Tripoli. It is generally supposed that he will consequences. The government displays avail himself of this circumstance to act with great energy. Vigorous measures are spo- vigour against the rebel Bashaws of Egypt. ken of, proper to repress the parties which Constantinople has been again a prey to are showing themselves in the kingdom. the ravages of fire. On the 18th of Feb. 300

Mr. Collin, Optician of the Academy of houses were burnt; and on the 21st another Sciences at Stockholm, has invented an in- fire broke out in the same quarter, wbich destrument, by means of wbich, objects at the stroyed all those which the tirst conflagrabottom of the sea may be distinguished, at tion had spared. Whether this terrible visithe depth of sixty fathoms, or three hundred tation was the effect of accident or design is and sixty feet.

not mentioned.

It is stated, that from Odyssa, last year there St. Petersburgh, March 8. were exported, in 1366 ships, goods to the The amount of goods imported into this value of 5,406,000 roubles, and only to the place last year was above 90,000,000 of amount of 403,600 roubles imported. Among roubles, and that of goods exported nearly the 846 large ships which arrived, were 407 77 millions and a halt. A new Imperial De- Russian, 258 English, 101 Austrian, 25 cree has been issued, respecting travelling French, 23 Turkishi, 15 Swedish, &c. from, and to Russia, the object of which is to extend the communication of the subjects

Calculla, Dec. 25. with foreign countries.

The Javanese, it would appeor, are not so The Grand Duke of Russia, Nicholas, will well reconciled to their old masters, the arrive at Berlin about the 15th of March, Dutch, having again the dominion over them, where his marriage with the Princess Char- as to leave the new authorities without aplotte is to be soleinnized.

prehensions of serious evils taking place on VOL 1.- Vo. u.






the departure of the English. A reinforcement of Dutch troops was expected at Barcelona, after having been taken and Batavia, about the end of November; and it held by the patriots, for a few weeks, was reis not improbable, that, until they arrive, tbe taken by the royalists on the 7th of April. English will not take their leave.

The Rejah of Nepaul has died lately of the The republican cause in this province is small pox. One of his queens, one of his represented as likely to succeed. The patriot concubines, and five other iemales, were vo- forces are stated at 18,000 men, well ergaluntarily burned on his funeral pile.

nized and disciplined, and under able leaders A native of Burdwan, 18 years old, born occupying the heart of the country. blind, lately received his sight at the bands of This section of the country, embracing a Doctor Luxmore, a distinguished operator. population of one million souls, is under the When any object was presented to him, after government of a congress. These republi. he had acquired his new faculty, he could cans bave taken the United States for their declare its colour, but none of its other quali. model, and if report be true, that Apodaca, ties, without subjecting it to the scrutiny of the Governor, who was said to have cut off his other faculties, in the use of which he had their last hope, by taking the principal patriot been experienced.

officers into his service, took that step more An expert swimmer and diver has been certainly to effect the independence of Mexilately bung at Calcutta, for drowning wo- co, wbich he is now supposed to intend, the men, when they were bathing, by swimming prospect is, that the second sovereign power under the water and seizing them by the feet, in the western hemisphere will be the nearand dragging them under, to rob them of their est neighbour to the United States. ornaments, which they always wear while The city of Mexico contains 180,000 inha-bathing



Buenos Ayres, Feb. 18. It is understood that the Deys of Tunis and Monte Video has surrendered to the PortuTripoli have not made any change in their guese, but the Spanish forces are laying waste measures towards the Christian powers; that the surrounding country, and concentrating their forces are in the same state as that in themselves for another contest, in which it is which they were at the time of Lord Ex: thought probable that they will succeed. mouth's expedition; that as for the Dey of Buenos Ayres stands on the river La Plate, Algiers, he has, in a great measure, repaired 220 miles from its mouth. The harbour is the fortifications of that Port; that he already one of the worst in the world, shallow and reckons in his marine, eighteen armed brigs, unsheltered. The town contains about 50,000 which are daily exercised in bis presence in inhabitants. The country is populous, and the road.

the soil rich. The price of a good horse is The troops of the country adore the Dey; 50 cents, and so up to 20 dollars; of a bul. they have perfectly acquired the European lock, 2 dollars to 7; of sheep, in the interior, military tactics, and the Ottoman Porte, with 6 1.4 cents a head. The country abounds in whom the Dey is on the best terins, will pro- fruit trees, and vines, but there are few or ne bably exert itself to undertake something forest trees. against the Paslia of Cgypt.

Revolution in Brasil. On the 6th March a AMERICA

revolution commenced at Pernambuco, and

on the 7th a new provincial Government was Rerolution in Chili. On the 12th February, established, and every thing restored to trauin the plains of Chacabuco, a division of the quillity. royal army, 1800 strong, was defeated with It seems tbe revolutionists had been magiert loss by the patriot forees under the com- turing their designs for several years, and for mand of Jose De San Martin: 150 killed, 600, their consommation, had fixed on the birth including 30 oificers, taken prisoners, a stand day of one of the Princes of Portugal, when ard, 1000 stand of arms, and 2 field pieces, all the military would be under array at the constitute the loss of the royalists, while the celebration, and which would arrive in June. patriots lost but 100 men.

But the scheme leaking out by accident, After the battle, the royal governor, Mar. about sixty of the principal patriots were proco del Pont, finding no vessels at Valparaiso scribed. and Domingos Jose Martins, the to aid his escape, fled to the sontb, but was most considerable nf the whole, was seized soon apprehended. On the 16th February, and imprisoned. On the 6th, however, as Brig. Gen. Don Bernardo O'Higgins, wlio, the Adjutant was reading to a regiment on augther with Don Mignel Soler, had distin- duty, the names of certain others who had guished bimself in the battle of Chacabuco, been proscribed, he called the name of an was placed, by ilie people of St. Jogo, at the officer standing nearhim, who instantly killed head of the governmcat, with tlie title of Su- him. The patriots fortbwith declared thempreme Director

selves. Martins was liberated by the intre:



pidity of his younger brother, and taking the Mountain, D. D. aged 70. Official of Lower lead of his associates, the citizens joining Canada, and Rector of Christ Church, Monwith his armed followers, the military force treal. of the government was soon subdued or

Quebec, March 6. brought over. The Governor himself, who On Sunday afternoon, left town for the had fled to Port Broon, was, together with Indian country, the Hon. Wm. Bachelor the fort, delivered up by his own soldiery. Coltman, and John Fletcher, Esq. with a

The Provisional Government is in the Proclamation, in the name of the Prince Rehands of four men, viz. Martins, Montenegro, gent for healing the differences and contenAraugo, Mendosa, who are represented to be tions between the Hudson's Bay and North men of capacity and vigour.

West Companies. The officers of the old government for the

April 19. most part are retained by the new; with such The season is more hackward than remem. moderation and unaninity has the revolution bered by some of the oldest inhabitants in the been conducted. Despatches have been sent country: the ground is no where visible in to Great Britain and the United States by the any part of the country surrounding Quebec. new government, requesting the recognition The ice on the river is apparently as strong of its independence, and offering liberal terms as in the month of March, and carrioles and of commercial intercourse. The province, sleighis still pass without danger. From every or captainship of Pernambuco, extends from appearance there is room to apprehend a Rio Grande south to Rio St. Francisco, about very backward spring. 340 miles, and contains about 2,000,000 of

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. inhabitants. It is the most valuable part of The President of ine United Siates is ma. the Brazils, and that from which the prince king a tour of the middle and northern states. bas derived his richest revenue.

Promotions and appointmenis lo fill racancies Parabra and Rio Grande have declared in the army of the United States. themselves independent.

Corps of Artillery.--2d. lieut. Win. Coffie, BRITISH AMERICA.

to be 1st lieut. 20th April, 1817, vice Kincaid, Montreal, April 15. resigned. 3d lieut. John R. Sloo, to be 20 Statement of imports and esports at the Port lieut. 2014 April, 1817, vice Cotře, promoted.

of St. Johns, for the quarter ending 5th 3d lieut. Henry Griswold, to be 21 lieut. Ist April, 1817.

May, 1817, vice Campbell, resigned.

1st regiment of Infantry ---Breret It. col. 195 bbls. pot and pearl ashes; 24,4-18 Jas. V. Ball, major of the 6th infantry, ro pounds butter; 19,915 do. cheese ; 8,287 do. be lt. col. 31st March, 1817, vice Crognan, iallow; 6,400 do. fr. codiish ; 800 do, honey; resigned. Brevet major R. Wharten!by, cap. 775 do. poultry; 38 do. fiax; 109 bushels tain of the 7th intaney, to be major, 30th nuts; 43 do. oats ; 33 do. apples; 22 do. April, 1317, vice Jesup, promoted. grass seed; 3 bushels flaxseed; 30.900 feet 31 regiment of Infantry.-Brevet col. Tho. pine boards ; 44 feet maple do. 1.400 staves; mas S. Jesup, major of the 1st infantry, to 14 boxes garden seeds: 260 geese; 30 turkies; be lt. col. 30th April, 1317, vice Brearley, 7 tons hay; 3 bls. 133 kegs, and 200 jars promoted. oysters; 214 head cattle.

4th regiment of Infantry.--Ist. lieut. Otho EXPORTS.

W. Callis, to be capitain, 12th March, 1817, 11,590 lbs. dry codfish ; 400 do. Pour 1,539 vice Taylor, resigned. od lieut. Richard M. boshels salt ; 61 do. wheat ; 78 1-2 bls. fish; Sands, to be Ist lieut. 12th March, 1817, vice 487 gallous rom; 45 do. brandy; 3:3 do.gin. Callis, promoted.

Kingston, April 19. 5th regiment of Infantry.—2d lieut. Edmund A Rock of 315 sheep, belonging to captain Kirby, to be 1st lieut. ist. May, 1817, vice W. Gil, has been wintered on the Gallos Is- Adams, resigned. land, on Lake Ontario, without a single land. 6th regiment of Infomiry.-Brevet major, ful of bay, or any covering but the bushes. Gad iumphreys, captain, to be major, 31 se Tliey were salted regularly twice a week. March, 1917, vice Bail promoted.' Brevet They subsisted entirely on ground hemlock capt. Elijah Boardman, ist lieutenant, to be and moss wood. In the severest weather captain, 31st March, 1817, vice Homplıreys, they retired to the swamps. The sheep are promoteit

. 20 It. John Ellisul, to be li. lieit. in better order this spring than they were 31st March, 1817, vice Buardman, pronoted. when they were put on the island last fall. 7th regimeral of Infantry --Brevet colonel This Island lies 39 miles from Kingston, and D. Brearley, lieutenant colonel oiire 3d In12 from Sackelt's Harbour.

fantry, to be colonel, 3016 April, 1897, vice Married.). Mr. Edward Hartley, mer- M Donald resigned. Ist lieutenant John H. chant, to Miss Martha Moore. Mír. J. H. Malloro, to be captain, 30th April, 1817, vice Dorwin, to Miss Isabella Williamson. Whartenby, promoted. d lieutenant R

Died.] Mr. Joseph Gouvereau. Dame Eli- chard W. Scott, to be 1st lieutenant, 300h zabeth de Chape la Corne. Rev. Jehosaphat April, 1817, vice Ross resignedl. Au lieutenant


Lewis Layshe, to be 1st lieutenant, 30ih geon's mate, 26th April, 1817. Arthur Nelson, April, 1917, vice Goodwyn, resigned. to be surgeon's mate, 5th Infantry, April 26tlı,

8th regiment of Infantry.—1st lieutenant 1817. Thomas Mountjoy, to be captain, 15th Janua Marine corps of the United States List of ry, 1817, vice M Keon. Ist lieutenant Robert officers to the retained corps, under the Act Houston, to be captain 31st March, 1917, of Congress passed on the third day of March, vice Bissell, resigned. 2d lieutenant George 1817, entitled “ An Act to fix the Peace EsKennerly, to be first lieutenant, 15th January, tablishment of the marine corps." Franklin 1817, vice Mountjoy, promoted. 2d lieute. Wharton, lieutenant culonel commandant. nant R. Humphreys, to be 1st lieutenant, 31st May5. Captains.-- Anthony Gale, Archibald March, 1817, vice Houston, promoted. Henderson, Richard Smith, R. D. Wainright,

Rifle Regiment.-Brevet lient. col. Tal- William Anderson, Samuel Miller, John M. bot Chambers, major, to be lieutenant co- Gamble, Alfred Grayson, William Strong. lonel, 8th March, 1817, vice Hamilion re. First Lieutenants.—'. B. Bellvue. Charles signed. Brevet major Willoughby Morgan, Broom, Lyman Kellogg, Benjamin Richardcaptain, to be major, 8th March. 1817, vice son, Samuel E. Watson, Francis B. White, Chainbers promoied. 1st lieutenant James Win. L, Brownlow, William Nicoll, Thomas S. M·Intosh, to be captain, 8th March, 1817, W. Legge, Charles Lord, W. H. Freeman, vice Morgan, promoied. 2d lieutenant Ab- Levi Twiggs, Joseph L. Kuhn, John Harris, ner Harrison, to be Ist lieutenant. Ist March, Henry Olcoli, Samuel B. Johnston. 1817, vice Lavel, resigned. 2d lieutenant The following eight second lieutenants John Hollingsworth, to be Ist lieutenant, 8th are promoted first lieutenants, April 18tb, March, 1817, vice M'Intosh, promoted. 2d 1817. lieutenant Bennet Riley, to be 1st lieutenant, Thomas A. Linton, James 1. Mills, Richard 31st March, 1817, vice Heddelston, resigned. Auchmuty, Park G. Howe, James Edelin,

Appoinments.-Perrin Willis, late captain George B. English Christopher Ford, Ri2d Lufantry, to be major, and assistant adju- chard D. Green. tant general, 3d April, 1817. Elisha L. Al Second Lieutenants.-Edward S. Nowell, len, to be hospital surgeon's mate, 8th March, Elijah J. Weed, Robert M. Desha, Shubael 1817. George C. Clitherall, to be hospital Butterfield, John S. Page, Thomas G. Chase, surgeon's mate, 8th March. 1817. John Car. Henry E. Dix, Robert Kyman, Aug. A. Nipenter, to be hospital surgeon's mate, 9th cholson, John A. Duncan, Edward B. NewApril, 1817. W.J. Clark, to be hospital sur-ton, Augustus De Runnford, William Brown.





accommodation of all the Scientific, Literary mr of Boston, to miss Vartha Trask. mediately commenced. This building will Mr. William Perkins to miss Nancy Read. Mr. present two splendid fronts--one immeJohn Tapley to miss Lydia Read. At Gil diately upon Brattle Square, and the other manton, mr. Peter Folsoin 3d, 10 miss Joana aspect distant about 250 feet from CourtSmith. At Haverhill, William Jarvis, Esq. street. The Atheneum, the Agricultural, Anlate American consul at Lisbon, to iniss Anni tiquarian, Historical, Linnaan, and Philoso. D. Bartlett. At Hemeker. Lieutenant James phical SOCIETIES will here be supplied H. Ballard, of the United States arny, to niss with commodious and elegant rooms for the Maria Darling. At Portsmouth, Captain John reception of their respective collections. Salter to miss Sarah Tibbetts. Mr. Eben

The estimated ainonnt which will be requiLord to miss Suisan Hickey.

red to carry this scheme into effect is about Died.] At Chesterfield, William 100.000 dolls, which can probably be readily James, 23. At Concord, Mr. Barnard, 63. At obtained ; since it is easy to be demonstrated Dover, Mrs. Anna Farrar, 60 At Hampton, that, by the execution or the whole plan, a mr. Thomas Leavitt, 11. At Hanover, mr. very considerable private profit can be comArnos Waridell. At Londonderry, Rev James bined with interesting improvements, which, Adams. At Portsmouth, mrs. Mary Sheafe, if not now adople'l, may be for ever abanMary Morse, 86. Mr. Sanuel Lear, 62. Mrs.


We make a very linited calculation Charlotte ilarriv. 33, Mrs. Abigail Marsh, when we say, that more than 100 persons 32. At Haverhill, Myra Montgomery, 22.

in Buston are worth upwards of 100.000 diis. each ; of consequence it requires only a sub

scription of two months interest upon their

Boston, May 2. capital (or 1000 dolls.) to build the contemThe formation of an oblong Area 250 feet plaird structure. in length and 100 feet broad leading from It has lately been decided, in the Supreme Court-street lo Brattle Square, which is to be Court of this State, that the captain of a registerminaled by a magnificent edifice for the lered, as well as of a licensed vessel, bound to


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