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has been brought before Parliament, by ties may well deplore tfre loss of such a Mr. Bennett, for abolishing the practice man. He gave dignity to the party of of sweeping chimneys by means of climb- which he was the leader, by the talents ing boys ; and it is anticipated that this he displayed in his public, and by the virintuman and unjustifiable practice will tues he exhibited in his private character. be forbidden by law. This paternal Opposed as we have always been to the measure will be aided by the introduction line of politics which he pursued, we inio general use oi a new-invented ma- should be ashamed of ourselves if we chine for cleansing chimneys, which an- withheld our acknowledgment of the swers its purpose admirably. It has sincere conviction upon which he alwaye heen stated in a former pumber of this acted. Hence be was - not one of those Magazine, that Spaio had applied to who “ to party gave up what was meant England for assistance in her efforts to for mankind." One of the principal queii her revolted colonies. In regard to features of his character was liberality: these colonies, England conducts with , Knowing that he acted from his convicmuch caution. She must cortainly wish' tion of what was right, lie never failed to -them success in their struggle for inde- allow the same merit to others, however pendence, yet her government forbears opposite their opinions and their conduet. to interfere, although to take part with ei. And therefore we never heard from him ther the mother country or the provinces that coarseness of invective, arrogance of would furnish employment for her ma- censure, or meanness of suspicion, which xine, at this time so desirable. The fol- have been too observable in others. lowing short extract from a speech of

FRANCE lord Castlereagh's in the House of Com It is rumoured that negotiations are on mons, may throw some light on this sub- foot between the French government and ject. His lordship says, on the subject the Allied Powers, to procure the remova of South America, I have to say, that al from France, within the present year, whenever a question shall be raised on of a second fifth of the army of occupac the policy of this country towards that, I tion; the crops throughout the kingdom am convinced the House will be satisfied are said to be abundant; the enterprise that nothing has been done for which the of the people seems to be directed togovernment ought to reproach them- ward the improvement of manufactures selves. Commerce has sustained no in- and the extension of pacific relations, jury in that quarter from the measures and the general political condition of that have been adopted, and it is difficult France, tbough reduced, appears tranquil

. to show how greater facility for the in- The negotiations with the court of Rome troduction of British goods could by on the allairs of the French church are possibility be afforded. The fact is, with said to be definitely concluded. Archregard to South America this country bishop Talleyrand Perigord, Duke of has nothing to desire. At present some Reims, is appointed to the Sce of Paris. interruptions exists, owing to the war The French Consul Generalat Amsterwhich disturbs that part of the world dam has given notice, according to orders and to the absence of all settled govern- from government, that no vessel coming ment, but these are evils which cannot be from foreign countries will be admitted in corrected by Parliament."

Senegal or in the dependencies of that In Ireland, the price of provisions, by country. the most recent information, was falling, On the anniversary of the return of and the sufferings of the poor were like- Louis XVIII. to Paris, his majesty rely to be removed. This was ascribed to viewed 13 legions of the Parisian Nationthe fair prospect of an abundant harvest al Guards. The streets through which in all kinds of produce.

he passed were lined with the military, Died.] In London, on the 8th of July, and the white flag and other appropriate of paralysis, Mr. Ponsonby, M. emblems were displayed from the winP. a conspicuous leader of the oppo- dows. The number of men under arms sition. Mr. Ponsonby was an Irishman was estimated at 36,000. At night the and educated a lawyer. He was called city was illuminated. to the Irish Bar in 1780, and was after A stcam-boat has been invented in wards sent to the Irish Parliament. Dur- France by a Mr. Humphrey, on a ing the administration of Lord Grenville, principle which renders explosions imhe was made Chancellor of Ireland. Of possible. This vessel plies between Berhis character, while a member of the Im- Jin and Charlottenburgh. A fine steamperial Parliament, one of the English pa- boat, also, called the Dutchess of Berpers thus speakş. “All men of all par- ry, was launched at Rovett, on St,


Louis's day, in August. It is said she is of receiving the money. The harvest in not inferior to the best American steam. Italy has been abundant. boats.

SWITZERLAND. [Died. At Paris, the Baroness De Dreadful ravages have been committed Stael, after a long and painful sickness, in Switzerland by inundations. Houses aged 55 years. She was the daughter of and bridges have been swept away: fields the celebrated financier, Neckar, and Su- have been devastated, and large tracts of san Curchod, the lady with whom the country laid under water. The loss of historian Gibbon became enamoured, property and the distress have been during his residence in Switzerland, great and manifold. when a young man.


Joseph Constant Roorh, editor of the Spain is earnestly endeavouring to Antwerp Mercury, and M. Conders, of procure aid of the great European pow- the same city, have been accused of havers, to subdue her colonies to obedience. ing provoked the people to revolt by Report says that the aid of Russia is to be articles in said journal, and have been obtained by the cession of California and cited before the Special Court for trial. Minorca. Application bas been made to The Spanish consul in Amsterdam has the British government to furnish naval given notice, that the importation of foaid, and to prevent her subjects from go- reign soap into the peninsula and the ing to the assistance of the Revolution- neighbouring islands, is prohibited. Amists. It is stated that a force of 6000 sterdam is crowded with Swiss and Germen are to be sent to South America man emigrants, who are represented as from Old Spain, and that this force is to being in the most wretched situation. be raised by taking from each regiment The government employs as many of of the line 11 men.

them as it can on the works of the Helder, General Lacy, and four other officers but the women and children are destiof high rank, have been condemned to tute. Many have perished with hunger. death by a council of war, and the sen Mr. Gallatin, envoy extraordinary and enee has been executed.' General Mi minister plenipotentiary from the United lans, and some others, have been con States of America, to the court of France, demned par contumace. It is stated, has arrived at Brussels, from Ghent and however, that a general amnesty is ex Paris. His stay is of some duration, and pected in favour of all proscribed Spa- some negotiation of consequence is supniards.

posed to be on foot. On the 30th of May a steam boat was

GERMANY. launched on the Guadalquiver, the first The minister of the cities of Lubec, ever built in Spain.

Frankfort, Bremen and Hamburgh, has

submitted a memorial to the Diet on the By a decree of the Neapolitan Govern- subject of the Barbary pirates, and a ment, corn and seeds may be imported, commission has been appointed by the free of duty, into the kingdom of Na- Diet 'to prepare an opinion on the most ples, for eight ensuing years.

efficient means of securing the German The port of Ponte Lago Securo, situa- navigation against the piracies of the Barted on the Po, near Ferrara, in the Pa- bary corsairs, with a view to the report pal territory, is declared a free port; and to be made to the courts and constituents the free ports in the Roman States are, of the members of the Diet.' now, Ancona, Ponte Lago Securo, and, The Diet of Germany has issued leta during the fair in Italy, which lasts about ters of notification to the European powtwenty-five days, Sinigalia.

ers, to the grand Seignior, and to the The health of the Pope seems to be United States, announcing, that the Gerfeeble. He lately returned from his resi- manic Confederation proposes to treat dence at the castle of Gandolfo to Rome, with the several states as an European where his welcome was unanimous. He power. The last sittings of the Dict have was attended by a large escort, in which been confidential; but it is reported that were Maria Louisa, the Infante of Spain they were upon the subject of the interand his young son, the Princess of Wales, nal organization of the confederation. and the Prince of Saxe Gotha. On the 7th July, in a full session of the

It is stated that the King of Sardinia has Diet, the Prince of Hesse-Hombourg, the made reimbursements to England for reigning Landgrave, was admitted, by an expenses in the war, to the amount of unanimous vote, into the Germanic confive millions, and that an English frigate federation. had arrived at Leghorn for the purpose As the 99th article of the act of the



Congress of Vienna stood, relative to the spread hy restraint and punishment. dutchies of Parma and Placentia, Spain True faith can only take root, with the would not sign the act. By a convention, blessing of God, by conviction, instrucconcluded at Paris afterwards, between tion, mildness, and, above all, ly good the courts mentioned in that article, viz. example.” The Emperor has also sent Austria, Russia, France, Spain, England, four young men to England, to learn the and Prussia, it is agreed, that the dutchies, new inethod of instruction, (the Lancasafter the death of the present Dutchess trian, doubtless,) that they may be put at Maria Louisa, shall return to the late the head of seminaries on their return. Queen of Etruria and her lineal male The Scottish emigrants in Poland, are descendants, except the districts on the settled in Russian Poland; they have right bank of the Po, surrounded by the several privileges, and, among others, territories of Austria. In default of male exemption from military conscription. heirs, Austria and Sardinia will exercise The district where they are located iz their reversionary right to the dutchies. called Scotia, and a Presbyterian clergyThe Arch Dutchess Maria Louisa, shall man is settled among them. be put in possession of the principality of An Imperial commercial bank has heen Lucca, and shall receive the arrears of the established at St. Petersburgh. Thirannuity of 500,000 franks, which was ty millions of roubles, of the capital of the settled on her by the act of Congress, as crown, are placed at the disposal of the well as the principality of Lucca. Aus- bank The bank is allowed to take tria has obtained the right of maintaining money--ist, on interest—ad, in deposite. a permanent garrison in the important The "baok gives loans Russian fortress of Placentia. In consequence of goods, according to the principles of the this convention, Spain fully acceded to discount office, and accepts bills, taking the act of Congress.

the per centage according to the course The King of Bavaria has issued an or of commercial operations. Half the dinance on the subject of lotteries. He directors to consist of public officers, and has not prohibited them, but has forbid- half of merchants. The bank to be den all advertisements of them, calcu- opened on the 1st of January, 1818. The lated to entice the unwary, and also all integrity of the loans intrusted to the hawking about of tickets; children, also, bank is guaranteed by the imperial word. are forbidden to buy tickets, and no The marriage of the Grand Duke NJews are hereafter to be collectors. Some cholas with the Princess Charlotte og accounts state, that there is so great a Prussia was to take place at Petersburgh scarcity in Saxony as to amount to a in the beginning of July. famine, though in other parts of Ger The population of St. Petersburgh is many the prices of provisions are falling, computed at about 285,000 persons, inand the prospect of an abundant harvest cluding the military, of which it is estipromising

mated that about 35,000 are foreigners.

In 1794 the number of inhabitants in this The Prince Royal of Sweden and his son city was supposed to amount to 114,000 Oscar, were expected in Christiana, in the Russians and 16,000 strangers; and in latter end of July, when prince Oscar was 1792 to 193,000 natives and 32,000 stranto be installed Viceroy of Norway, by the gers. especial order of the King. It was not Several ships of war were launched in decided whether the Viceroy would fix May, at Casan, a city on the Wolga, comhis residence at Christiana or not. Prince municating with the Caspian Sea. Oscar having come of age, has taken his seat next his majesty in the Council of State. He was introduced by the Crown The Aga of the Janissaries is said to Prince, his father, and was addressed by have been apprehended as the head of a the King in a very appropriate and touch- conspiracy, and put to death. The Grand ing speech.

Seignior is apparently determined to de

stroy the formidable power of that celeAlexander continues active in the pa- brated body, though he will probably find ternal administration of his government. the undertaking difficult and hazardous. He has issued a decree in favour of dis The state of health in Constantinople senters from the Greek church (the esta this season is said to be good, and the arblished church in Russia.) He forbids rival of some transports from Egypt with all persecution ; and remarks, “ the doc- rice, coffee, and other productions of that trine of the Redeemer, who came into country, has removed all apprehension of the world to save the sinner, cannot be scarcity,







also stated that the Bashaw has offered proEAST-INDIES.

tection, as far as his authority extends, to The forces of the East India Company any European who is willing to attempt have been engaged in the reduction of the journey from Tripoli to 'Tombuctoo. one of their r volted dependencies. By This, however, is not much, as the most a treaty of 1803 certain territories on the perilous part of the route is beyond his terright bank of the Jumna were ceded to ritory, across the great desert, exposed to the Company, and in this ceded district moving sands, want of water, and the atwas fort Hattras, in possession of Tha- tacks of the wandering Arabs. kor Dyaram, who was allowed to retain

AMERICA. it and keep up a large military establishment, on the supposition that when be found himself protected in his rights and secure he would voluntarily disband his The royalists, as stated in our last retainers and suffer the fort to go to de- number, have captured the island of Marcay. But he took advantage of his situa- garita from the patriots, but it was after tion to strengthen himself, and having in a severe contest. General Morillo, of the several instances evaded and resisted the royalists, immediately after taking posconstituted authorities, he was attacked session, sent off to Laguira for as large a and his fort blown about his ears. Fort number of surgeons as could be obtained, Hattras is represented as having been a but only one, it is represented, would go. very strong place; the diteh was 120 The war is said to be carried on with the feet wide, on an average, and 80 feet most bitter animosity, the prisoners being deep.

treated with great cruelty or put to death Accounts from Java state that much at the caprice of the commander. vexatious delay has taken place in the

MEXICO. transfer of the island and dependencies General Mina maintains his success, and of the King of the Netherlands, though gathers strength by degrees; he seems to the negotiation has at length been com- conduct with much caution and energy. pleted. An attempt to make the people It is asserted that the Marquis de Moncalwork on the roads and clear the drains is da, one of the most influential men in said to have caused an insurrection, Mexico, has taken the side of the patriots which was not subdued until several hun- at the head of 10,000 men. dred lives were lost.

EAST-FLORIDA. Trial by jury was introduced into the

The enterprise of Sir George M'Greisland of Ceylon in 1811, and has been attended with the happiest effects on the gor, seems at last to have failed, and the administration of justice; and more re- general himself has resigned in favour of

one Colonel Irwin, late member of Copcently vaccination has been brought into

gress extensive use. The number of per- attack was expected daily, by the last ac

from the state of Pennsylvania. An sons inoculated in the year 1816 is esti- counts, from Governor Coppinger. Gemated at 20,000. In Penang, in the neral M Gregor and his wife have left month of January, 1577 dogs were killed. Amelia, and with him have gone almost AFRICA.

all the officers of ability and character

originally attached to the expedition. The It is reported that war has been declar- place, if held, is likely to become a mere ed between Tunis and Algiers. The Bey nest of bucaniers. of Tunis recently caused a captain of a

PORTUGUESI AMERICA, corsair to be hung with the rope of the flag of an English vessel which he had captured unlawfully. The Bey has refused the re-established in this province, and every

The royal authority seems to be fully consul of the United States of America thing going on smoothly for the present, an audience, and compelled him to quit the patriots having generally returned to Tunis. In consequence, the American their allegiance, and most of their leaders squadron under Commodore Chauncey having been executed. is expected shortly to proceed to that

By a royal proclamation, dated at Rio place.

Janeiro, 1ith February, all Spanish ves

sels fitting out in any of the Portuguese The Bashaw of Tripoli has presented to ports are forbidden to engage in the slave the Prince Regent of England some re- trade at any port on the coast of Africa mains, (such as were moveable,) from where the right of continuing this traffic Lebyda, the site of old Carthage. It is has not been aboAshed, and proper mea







sures are taken to carry the order into British Government since the treaty of etrece.

Ghent for the Judge to resort to, he could

not undertake to condemn the property It is stated that Mr. Tyler, agent for the of individuals who were ignorant of the United States of America, was cordially intentions of government and who had only received by the public authorities at Cape continued, by sufli rance, to make use of llenry, but he was not received by Chris- privileges originally sanctioned by treaty. topne, because his papers retained the old Besides it did not appear that they were names of Cape Francois and St. Domin- catching fish or trading with the inhabitgo, instead of employing the new appel- ants, but merely seeking shelter from the lations of Cape Henry and Hayti.

weather, or some fresh water; and furThe Lancastrian mode of teaching has thermore, there is no penalty specified by been adopted in this kingdom, and schools statute, as there is, in all cases where fohave been established, supported by go- reigners are seized for unlawful trafic; vernment, and the subject of education and having no law to guide him, either in seems to have been taken up in an en- the shape of proclamation, orders in counlightened way, eminently auspicious ofcil, statute, or any thing else, the Judge

A decree has passed for the decreed restitution on payment of costs sale of estates which have become public as above stated. property. They are to be sold free of encumbrance, and their names are to be The great cause between Lord Selchanged. Christophe appears to make kirk and the Northwest Company is to nse of every means in his power, (and he he tried soon in Upper Canada. The devises them with much sagacity) to dispute has been already so far adjustawaken in his people a sense of national ed as to permit the fur trade to take dignity and an attachment to independent its usual course by the St. Lawrence. government, as well by taking advantage The number of emigrants from Britain of wholesome prejudices as by the dis- and Ireland into the Canadas the presemination of knowledge and a rigid en sent year, is estimated at nothing short. forcement of the laws.

of 4000. Died.) At the Waters of Port-a-Piment,

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Prince John, nephew to the king, Grand

The President of the U.S. has returned Marshal, Grand Admiral, Grand Cross of the Royal and Military Order of St. Hen- to the seat of government from his tour of ry, aged 37 years. His funeral obsequies observation through the northern and were celebrated with great pomp. He is middle states. He was received on his arrepresented as having been a man of ta- rival with the most respectful cordiality, lents and great courage. His last words and attended by a large escort of his fellow are said to have been, “Let the Haytians boundary of the District of Columbia,

citizens from the place of meeting on the. combat with their last breath for liberty and independence, and be rather all ex

through Georgetown to the mansion reterminated than return under the yoke the Chief Magistrate of the Union in the

built and furnished for the residence of of their oppressors." His body was embalmed and sent to Gonaives,

city of Washington.

Two Courts Martial have been conven

ed for the trial of Col. Wharton of the NOVA-SCOTIA.

Marines, one composed of officers of the By a decision of Judge Wallace of the navy, and the other of officers of the Admiralty Court, twenty American fish- army, and both have declared themselves ing vessels carried into Halifax, last June, incompetent. A third court has been by his Majesty's ship Dee, captain Cham- constituted, into which two marine offibers, are restored to the owners, upon cers have been introduced. This is contheir paying costs. An appeal, how- sidered competent to try the colonel, and ever, is expected to be made by the the trial has commenced in the city of captors, the owners meanwhile taking Washington. As this question is now for their vessels on bonds to abide the issue. the first time decided in this country, the The grounds of the decree were that, al- publication of the decision is interesting. though the treaty of 1783 was annulled The Navigation Act, passed during the by the last war between the United States last session of Congress takes effect on and Great Britain, the former thereby the first of October. Amongst other losing all privileges in regard to the fishe- provisions, it enacts, that coasting vessels ries secured by that treaty, yet as there passing from one state to another, (unless had been no specific notification from the it be an adjoining state, or en a navigable


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