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No. VI. Certificate of Examiners.

VII. Oath and Declaration of Attorneys.
VIII. Writ by which Barristers are called to the bar.
IX. Mittimus to commit the principal when surrendered by his bail.
X. Vath of a collector.
XI. Oath of Constable.

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The compiler has thought it best to omit the index until the appearance of the last volume.


In the margin of the following pages, viz. 298, 302, 304, 306, for stat. 1805, c. 70, read stat. 1785, c. 70.

Page 299, in margin, for stat. 1794, c. 67, read stat. 1794, c. 68.
Page 335, ninth line "for the care of the” read “ for the cure of the."

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