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From Horntown, by Accomac c. h. and Post roads. Northampton ç. h. to Norfolk.

From West Liberty, by Short Creek, to Warrenton, O.


From Maysville, by Washington, Millersburg, Paris, Lexington, Frankfort, Springfield, Greensburg, Glasgow and Bowling Green, to Russelsville.

From Catlettsburg, by Greenupç, h, Johnson's mills, Vanceburg, Salt Works, Lewis c. h. and Flemmingsburg, to Millersburg, thence by Mount Sterling and the O. lympian Springs, to Catlettsburg.

From Cumberland Gap, by Barboursville, Road Forks,Crab Orchard, Stanford, Danville, Harrodsburg, Frankfort and New Castle, to Port William,

From Roadforks to Clay c. h.

From Washington, by Augusta and New. port, to Boon c. h.

From Lexington, by Nicholasville, Rich. mond and Lancaster, to Danville.

From Frankfort, by Georgetown, Cynthiana, Falmouth and Newport, to Cincinnati, O.

From Frankfort, by Shelbyville, Louisville, Shepperdsville, Bairdstown, Springfield and Danville, to Casey c. h.

From Frankfort, by Middletown, Bairdstown, Bealsburg, Elizabethtown, Grangerville, Hardenburg, Hartford and Muhlenburg c. h. to Russelsville.

From Hardenburg, by Yellow Banks, Hendersonton, U. S. Saline, In. T. to Shawnee Town, Il. T. and to Livingston c. h.

From Russellsville, by Christian c. h. Ed. dyville and Livingston c. h. to Smithland.

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Post roads.

From Stanford, by Pulaski c. h. Wayne
c. h. Cumberland and Adair, to Greens-

From Lexington, by Winchester and
Mount Sterling, to Estill c. h.

From Muhlenburg c. h. Hopkins c. h.
by Harpsburg, to Henderson.


From Warrenton, by Louisburg, Raleigh,
Averysboro?, Fayetteville, Lumberton and No-
lands, to Barefields, S. C.

From Suffolk, Va. by Gates c. h. Eden-
ton, Lees mills, Plymouth, Washington,
Newbern, Swansboro' and Wilmington, to

From Henry c. h. Va. to Germanton.

From Greensville, Va. by Scull Camp,
Mount Airy and Bethania, to Salem.

From Warrenton, by Williamsboro', Ox-
ford, Person c. h. Leesburg, Caswell c. h.
Lenox Castle, Rockingham c. h. and Ger-
manton, to Salem.

From Oxford to Hillsboro'.

From Raleigh, by Nutthall's store, to Oxford.

From Raleigh, by Chapel Hill, Hillsboro', Allemance, Greesboro', Salem, Huntsville, Houstonville', Statesville, Island ford, Morgantown and Ashville, to the Warm Springs, and from Ashville to Haywood c. h.

From Hillsboro', by Mount Tirzah, Person c. h. Williamsville and the Red House, to Halifax c. h. Va.

From Huntsville, by Rockford, Hampton-
ville and Wilkesboro' to Ash c. h.

From Salem, by Lexington, Salisbury and
Concord, to Charlotte.

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From Charllotte to Statesville,

From Raleigh, by Pittsboro', Randolph c. h. Salisbury, Beattysford, Grahams, Lincolnton and Rutherfordton, to Spartansburg, S. C.

From Fayetteville, by Moor c. h. Waddels ferry, Tyson's store, Linly's store and Hills. boro', by Jone's ferry, to Pittsboro', and thence by Haywood, to Fayetteville.

From Fayetteville, by Rockingham, Wadesboro', Springville and Tindallsville, to Salisbury.

From Fayetteville, by Laurel hill, to Winfieldsville, S. C.

From Warrenton, by Jone's store, Halifax, Northampton c. h. Murfreesborough, Winton, Coleraine, Windsor, Edenton, Hartford, Nixonton, Elizabeth, Camden c. h. Indiantown, Currituck c. h. and Tulls creek, to North West Bridge, Va.

From Elizabeth to New Lebanon.

From Warrenton, by Ransom's Bridge, Sill's Store, Nash c. h. Tarborough, Greenville, Washington, Bath, Woodstock and Germanton, to Lake Landing, on Mattamus. keet,

From Halifax, by Enfield, Mount Prospect, to Tarborough.

From Raleigh to Nash c. h.

From Halifax, by Scotland Neck, Hamilton, Williamston, Jamestown, Plymouth and Washington c. h. to Scuppernong.

From Raleigh, by Smithfield, Waynesboro', Kingston and Newbern, to Beaufort.

From Kingston to Snowhill.

From Fayetteville, by Sampson c. h. Duplin c. h. and South Washington, to Wilmington.

From Fayetteville, by Elizabethtown, to Wilmington

Post roads.

From Elizabethtown to Marsh Castle.




From Abingdon, Va. by Blountsville, Rossville, Rogersville, Whitesides, Been's Station, Rutledge, Knoxville, Campbell, Meredith, Kingston, Hartleys, Alexanders, White Plains, Carthage, Dixons springs, Cairo, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Nashville, Franklin and Columbia, to the Big Spring.

From Blountsville, by Jonesborough, Greenville, Cheek's Cross Roads and Dandridge, to Knoxville.

From Jonesborough, by Elizabethtown, to Ashe c. h. N. C.

From the Warm Springs, N. C. by Newport, Sevierville, Knoxville, Cliiiton and Chitwood, to Pulaski, K.

From Newport, by Cheek's Cross Roads, Been's Station, Tazewell and Powell's Valley, to Cumberland Gap.

From Knoxville, by Marysville, Telico, Amoy River, Vanstown, Turkeytown, near the junction of Koose and Talipoose rivers, being the head of Alibama river, to Fort Stod. dert on the Mobile river, M. T.

From Carthage to Lebanon.
From Carthage to Fort Blount.

From Nashville, by Charlotte, Hickman c. h. and Humphreys c. h. to Charlotte.

From Nashville, by Springfield, to Russelville, K.

From Springfield, by Port Royal, Clarksville and Palmyra, to Steward c. h. and from thence to Eddyville, in the state of Kentucky.

From Kingston, by Rhea c. h. Bledsoe c. h. Warren and Jefferson, to Nashville.

From Wayne c. h. Kentucky, by Overton Post roads, c. h. and White Plains, to White c. h.

From Columbia, by Shelbyville, Winchester, Fayetteville, Huntsville, M. T. and Pulaski, to Columbia.

From Bledsoe c. h. to Franklin c. h.


From Barefields, by Port's ferry, China Grove, Georgetown, Charleston, Jacksenboro', Pocotaligo and Coosawhatcha, to Savannah, Ga.

From Greenville, by Pickensville, Pen. dleton c. h. and Hattensford, to Carnesville, Ga.

From Winfieldsville, by Cheraw c. h. Camden, Colunibia, Edgefield c. h. and Cam. belltown, to Augusta Ga.

From Barefields, by Marion c. h. Ilesboro', Bitheosville and Harleysville, to Barefields.

From Port's ferry, to Conwayborough,

From Wadesborough, N. C. by Sneedsborough, Chatham, Cheraw c. h. and Darling, ton c. h. to Port's ferry on Lynch Creek.

· From Charleston, by Monks Corner, Jamesville, Statesburg, Camden, Chesnut. ferry, Peas' store, Rocky Mount, Lansford and Alexanders, to Charlotte, to return by Cairo and Lancaster, to Camden.

From Columbia, by Miersville, Statesburg, Sumpterville, Salem, Kingstree, Indian Town and Willtown, to China Grove.

From Columbia, by Winnsborough, Chester c. h. York c. h. Pinckneyville, Union, Meansville and Spartanburg, to Greenville,

From Columbia, by Monticello, Hendersons, O'Neals, the Keys, Cross Anchor and Shackelsfords, to Greenville, return by Stonesville, Young's store, Scufletown,


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