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the dedication of streets, lanes, alleys, parks, or other public grounds therein.

Sec. 19. Said city shall accept the same, when the streets, alleys, lanes, parks or other public grounds thereof, proposed to be dedicated, shall conform to the streets, lanes, alleys and other highways of the adjoining additions already laid out and dedicated, platted and recorded, so far as is practicable from the topography of said addition and adjacent additions ; and the proprietor or proprietors of such new addition shall, when they present their plat for acceptance as aforesaid, also present a plat or map of the additions or addition adjoining the same, if any, showing how said proposed new addition joins and conforms to the streets, alleys, lanes, parks or other public grounds in the older or accepted addig tions. And the said city of St. Paul shall not be required to work, repair, or keep ip repair, or otherwise open or improve any street, alley, lane, park or other public grounds in such new addition, until the same has been accepted as aforesaid ; Provided, That all the principal and important streets and avenues in said new additions, shall be at least eighty (80) feet wide, and all alleys or lapes at least twenty (20) feet wide.

SEC. 20. No law of this state contravening the provisions of the act, shall be construed as repealing, amending or modifying the same, unless such purpose be expressly set forth in such law. Noth ing in this act shall be construed to supersede any officer or officers of said city, now acting by virtue of the act incorporating said city, or the several acts amendatory thereof heretofore passed, or under any ordinance of said city heretofore enacted; and such officer or officers sball continue in office as heretofore, until his or their term of office shall expire, except as otherwise expressly provided for in this act.

SEC. 21. Every ordinance of said city shall, after its passage, be published in the official rewspaper of said city, and shall not be in force until after such publication. The proof of such publication, by the affidavit of the foreman or one of the publishers of such newspaper, with a printed copy of the ordinance annexed thereto, or any other competent proof of such publication, shall be conclusive evidence of the legal passage, enactment, publication and promulgation of such ordinance, in any court in this state.

Sec. 22. The files, papers and records in the office of the city clerk, city engineer, clerk of the board of public works, or any other officer of said city, or copies thereof duly certified by the officer having the same in charge, proofs of publication of all notices, resolutions, orders or proceedings of the common council or board of public works, required to be published under this act, on file in the proper office, or copies thereof certified

other officer engineer, clerkpers and records in y, court in th

works. Proceedinols of pubertified


by the officer having the same in charge, shall be received and read in evidence in all courts and places without further proof. All printed compilations of the laws and ordinances of the city, and all printed publications of the proceedings of the common council or of the board of public works, or any of the officers of said city, if published or purporting to be published, compiled or revised by or 'under the authority of the said city or any of its officers, shall be admissible in all courts of law and on all other occasions in this state as evidence of such laws, ordinances and proceedings.

Sec. 23. So much of any act of the legislature heretofore passed for the incorporation of the city of St. Paul, or amendatory thereto, or relating to assessments for local improvements within said city and not necessary to carry out any of the provisions of this act, and not contained or incorporated in this act, and so much of any act as may be inconsistent with this act is hereby repealed, but such repeal of any acts or parts of acts of the legislature, shall not in any manner affect, injure or invalidate any bonds, contracts, suits, prosecutions, claims or demands that may have been duly and lawfully issued, entered into, performed, or commenced, or that may exist under or by virtue or in pursuance of the said acts or any of them, but that the same shall exist and be enforced and carried out as fully and effectually to all intents and purposes as if this act had not been passed. And all ordinances, resolutions, regulations, rules, bylaws, orders, assessments and proceedings of the common council of said city and of the board of public works of the city of St. Paul, and of the board of health of said city, and of the board of assessors of said city, or parts thereof, not repealed, suspended, modified or made void by any express provisions of this act, shall continue and remain of the same force and effect as if this act had not been passed, until altered, amended, repealed or suspended by or under the authority of the common council of said clty, of the said board of public works of said city, or board of health, board of assessors, or proper authority in pursuance of this act. And all assessments and proceedings of the common council of said city, or the said board of public works, board of assessors, board of health or other officers of said city, and all suits and prosecutions pending or unfinished, made or had under the act or acts of which this act is amendatory, or under any other law, shall not abate but shall continue and conform to, and be completed, and be enforced as nearly as may be, under the provisions of the said acts, bereby amended and of this

and procedere authoritiid city,'


Sec. 24. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. Approved March 5, 1874.





Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Minnesota:

meu re judges of number as may biuct, who form th

SECTION 1. Section seven (7) ot chapter two (2) of said act is hereby amended by adding at the end thereof as follows: Provided further, That whenever deemed necessary, the city council may divide any of the wards of the city for election purposes, constituting therein two or more election precincts, designating the place of holding elections therein and the boundaries thereof; and the aldermen residing in the election precincts so constituted, if any, shall act as judges of election therein, and the city council shall appoint such additional number of suitable persons, who shall be legal voters of said precincts, as may be necessary to constitute a full board of three judges in each precinct, who shall quality in the same manner and have the same powers and perform the same duties as hereinbefore provided for judges of elections. And section eleven (11) of chapter two (2) of said act is hereby amended by adding thereto the following: Provided however, That on the first Tuesday of April, 1874, and every two years thereafter, the comptroller, and on the first Tuesday of April, 1875, and every two years thereafter, the treasurer of said city, shall be elected and hold his office for and during the term of two years. And said chapter two (2) of this act is hereby amended by adding the following section :

SEC. 2. Section two (2) of chapter three (3) of said act is hereby amended by inserting after the word " watchman ” and before the word " and " in line seven thereof the words : “ by and with the advice and consent of the city council.” And section six (6) of chapter three (3) of said act is hereby amended by striking out all after the word “in,” wbere it occurs in the last line, and adding in lieu thereof the words "the official paper of the city.” And section pine (9) of said chapter is hereby amended by striking out after the word - who "in the third line and before the word “shall,” first occurring in the fourth line the words “shall be a resident of the ward tor which he is appointed, and.” And section ten (10) of said chapter three (3) of said act, is hereby amended by striking out all

f April, 1874 owing: Provided act is hereby amena



by adding thereto the following : and, to appoint a forester, whose duty it shall be to inspect all trees offered for sale for the purposes named, to superintend the planting and culture of the same; and to perform such other duties as the city council may prescribe.” And section four (4) of chapter four (4) of said act is hereby amended by inserting after the word “ force” and before the word "and" in the fifth (5th) line thereof, the words " and a copy thereof published as aforesaid, shall be prima facie evidence of its contents and of the regularity and legality of all proceedings relating to the adoption and approval thereof." And by inserting after the word “ purpose" and before the word "No," where they occur in the seventh line thereof, the words " but no ordinance shall embrace more than one subject, which shall be expressed in its title."

SEC. 4. Section three (3) of chapter five (5) is hereby amended by adding to the end thereof the following: " And the city council [shall], on or before the first day of January, 1875, adopt such measures as shall be necessary for creating, establishing and providing for a sinking fund, and the same [safe] and proper management of the same, for the gradual and certain extinguishment of the debt of said city, and the debt of each of the divisions thereof; and the said council is hereby authorized to pass, ordain and establish such laws, ordinances, resolutions and regulations as may from time to time be expedient or necessary for carrying fully into effect the authority and power hereby granted, and said council shall also have power to levy and collect, as aforesaid, a special tax upon the tax. able property of said city and each of the divisions thereof, in the year, 1874, and each year thereafter, and shall each year designate and set apart such of the specific revenues of said city derived from licenses, rents, sales of property, fines, &c., not otherwise appropriated, as the said council may deem proper for the purpose of torming and establishing a sinking fund, to be used for the objects herein named ; and all funds so set apart and taxes collected, as aforesaid, shall be appropriated and applied to the sinking fund, and shall not be diverted to, or used for any other object or purpose than the extinguishment of the debt for which said fund is created, (except to temporarily invest the same in bonds of the said city, or bonds such as are invested in the permanent school fund of the state of Minnesota); and the said council is hereby authorized to transfer unexpended balances belonging to other funds, not required for the purposes for which said balances were levied and collected, to the sinking fund. Provided, That the proceeds arising from the sale and lease of property belonging to either of the said divisions of the city, shall be applied first to the payment of the indebtedness of the division to which said property belonged;

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