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SECTION 1. The common council shall have the management and control of the finances and all the property of the corporation, and shall also in addition to the power herein vested in them, have full power and authority to make, enact, ordain, establish, publish, enforce, alter, modify, amend and repeal all such ordinances, rules, by-laws and regulations for government and good order of the village, for the suppression of vice and intemperance and for the prevention of crime, as they shall deem expedient. The common council shall have full power and authority to declare and impose fines, penalties and punishments, and to enforce the same against any person or persons who may violate any of the provisions of any ordinance, rule, by law or regulation passed and ordained by them; and all such ordinances, rules, by-laws and regulations are hereby declared to be and have the full force of law. Provided, That they be not repugnant to the constitution of the United States or of this state, and for those purposes shall have authority by ordinances, rules, by-laws and regulations,

First.-To license and regulate the exhibitions of common showmen and shows of all kinds, or the exhibitions of caravans, circuses, concerts or theatrical performances, billiard tables, nine or ten pin alleys, bowling saloons, to grant licenses and regulate auctions and auctioneers, groceries, taverns, victualing houses, and all persons vending or dealing in spirituous, vinous or fermented liquors.

Second.To restrain and prohibit all descriptions of gambling and fraudulent devices and practices, and all playing of cards, dice, or other games of chance, for the purpose of gaming in said village, and to restrain any persons from vending, giving or dealing in spirituous, fermented or vinous liquors, unless duly licensed by the common council.

Third.-To prevent any riots, noise, or disturbance and any disorderly assemblages in said village, and to provide for the arrest and punishment of any person or persons who shall be guilty of the same, to suppress disorderly houses or groceries, and houses of illfame, and to provide for the arrest and punishment of all keepers thereof, and to authorize the destruction of all instruments used for the purpose of gaming.

Fourtr.-To compel the owner or occupant of any grocery, cellar, tallow chandler's shop, soap factory, tannery, stable, barn, privy, sewer, or other unwholesome, nauseous house or place, to cleanse, remove or abate the same from time to time as often as may be deemed necessary for the health, comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of said village.

Fifth.—To direct the location and management of slaughter houses and markets, breweries, distilleries and pawnbrokers.


Sixth.—To prevent the encumbering of streets, sidewalks, lanes, alleys or public grounds, with carriages, carts, wagons, sleighs, boxes, lumber, firewood, posts, awnings, or any other materials or substances whatsoever.

Seventh.–To prevent and punish horse racing, immoderate riding or driving in the streets, to compel persons to fasten their horses or other animals attached to vehicles or otherwise, while standing in the streets ; and to regulate places of bathing and swimming in the waters within the limits of said village.

Eighth.To restrain the running at large of cattle, horses, swine, sheep, poultry and geese, and to authorize the distraining and sale of the same, and to impose penalties on the owners of such animals for violation of the ordinances.

Ninth.–To prevent the runuing at large of dogs, and may impose a tax on the same, and to authorize the destruction of the same in a summary manner when at large contrary to the ordinance.

Tenth.–To prevent any person trom bringing, depositing, or having within said village, any putrid carcase, or other unwholesome substance, and to require the removal of the same by any person who shall have upon his premises any substance, or putrid or unsound beef, pork, fish, hides or skins of any kind, and in delault to authorize the removal thereof by some competent officers, at the expense of such person or persons.

Eleventh.-To make and establish public pounds, pumps, wells, cisterns, hydrants and reservoirs, and to provide for and control the erection of waterworks for the supply of water to the inhabitants.

Twelfth.To establish and regulate boards of health, and provide hospitals and hospital grounds.

Thirteenth.To prevent all persons riding or driving any ox, mule, cattle, or other animal on the sidewalks in said village, or in any way doing any damage to such sidewalks.

Fourteenth - To prevent the carrying of concealed weapons, to prevent the shooting of firearms or crackers, and to prevent the exbibition of any fireworks in any situation which may be considered by the council dangerous to the town, or any property therein, or annoying any citizen thereof.

Fifteenth.To prevent the dangerous construction or placing of chimneys, fireplaces or stovepipes, or any pipe or instruments for the construction of fire, heat or smoke, open boilers or appurtenances, and to cause the same to be made secure or removed, and to prosecute for the deposit of ashes in any unsafe place, and to regulate the carrying on ot manufactories dangerous in causing or promoting fires, and to require the owners of buildings to provide and keep suitable ladders and fire buckets, which are hereby declared


and measures, for appointment of a village sealer, and to require all weights and measures to be sealed by the village sealer, and to provide for the punishment of the use of false weights and measures.

Twenty-fourth.To direct and regulate the planting and preserving of ornamental trees in the streets and public grounds.

Twenty fifth.To remove and abate any nuisance injurious to the public health, and to provide for the punishment of all persons who shall cause or maintain such nuisances.

Twenty-sixth.To remove and abate any nuisance, obstruction, encroachment upon the streets, alleys, public grounds and highways of the village.

Twenty-seventh.-To do all acts and make all regulations which may be necessary or expedient for the preservation of health, and the suppression of disease, and to make regulations to prevent the introduction of contagious or infectious diseases into the village, and to make quarantine laws and to entorce the same within the village.

Twenty-eighth.—To restrain and punish mendicants, street beg. gars and prostitutes.

Twenty-ninth.To lay out, alter, open, widen, extend, establish, grade, repair, or otherwise improve or keep in repair streets, alleys, commons, sidewalks, ditches, sewers, and public grounds, and they may establish and record with the recorder, grade of streets or side. walks with which buildings and directions shall conform.

Thirtieth.--Fines, penalties and punishments imposed by the common council for the breach of any ordinance, by-law or regulation of said village, may extend to a fine not exceeding one nundred dollars, and imprisonment not exceeding thirty days, or both, and to be ted on bread and water at the discretion of the justice; and of fenders against the same may be required to give security for their good behavior, and to keep the peace for a period not exceeding six months, and in a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars.

SECTION 2. All ordinances, regulations, resolutions and by-laws shall be passed by an affirmative vote of a majority of the common council, by ayes and noes, and any ordinance, regulation, resolution, rule or by-law imposing any penalty or forfeiture for the violation of its provisions, shall be published one week in some newspaper in the village, if there be one, and if no such paper be published in the village, then the same shall be posted up, either in writing or print, in three or more public places in the village for one week before the same shall be in force, except as hereinafter provided, and proof of such publication, by affidavit of the printer or foreman in the office of such newspaper, or by producing a copy of such neitspaper containing such publication, or by affidavit of the clerk or other person who posted the same, shall be conclusive evidence of the publication, promulgation or posting of such ordinance, rule, reg.

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