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a tax upon the taxable property in said village, not exceeding ten mills for every dollar of valuation, for any one year to be expended for such purpose as the voters of said village may direct, and any such tax shall be levied and collected as prescribed by the statutes of this state for the levying and collecting of township taxes.

Sec. 14. The village couucil'shall have the exclusive right to license persons vending, dealing in or disposing of, spirituous, vinous, malt or fermented liquors, within the limits of said village, and persons so licensed shall not be required to obtain a license from the board of county commissioners, and shall not be prosecuted for selling, bartering or disposing of spirituous, vinous, malt or fermented liquors if having first obtained license therefor agreeably to the provisions of chapter sixteen (16) of the general statutes ; Provided, That no license shall be granted for less than fifty dollars, and that previous to the granting of any such license a bond shall be executed, with the same conditions and with the same penal sum as required by the general act, and the council shall have full power to restrain any person from vending liquors unless duly licensed by the village council of said village.

Sec. 15. The justice of the peace and constable of said village shall bave and may exercise in addition to the authority herein specially granted to such officers, all the power and authority in any case possessed by a justice of the peace or constable elected by the said township of Blooming Prairie. The village constable and justice shall take the same oath of office, and execute, before entering upon the discharge of their duties as such officers, the same bonds, and file the bonds with the same parties as justices of the peace and constables, elected by the said township of Blooming Prairie, are now or may hereafter be required to do, and shall receive the same fees for their services as justices of the peace and constables elected by the said township of Blooming Prairie are allowed under the statutes of this state, and the constable may at any time under the direction of the president or a majority of the village council call to his assistance any number of citizens, sufficient to aid him in the suppression of a riot or any public disturbance or to aid him in making arrests..

Sec. 16. Should a vacancy occur in any of the offices provided for in this act, the village council are hereby authorized to fill the same by appointment.

Sec. 17. The village of Blooming Prairie shall be a road district and all taxes raised within the limits of said village for building bridges or public highways, or for repairing the same, shall be expended under the direction of the village council. Provided, A village council is elected under the provisions of this act.

Sec. 18. The village council shall constitute a village board of

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auditors for the purpose of auditing all accounts payable by said village; and the recorder shall be clerk of said board, and a member thereof.

SEC. 19. The said board of auditors shall meet annually on the Tuesday next preceding the annual village election to be held in said village, and at such other times as they shall deem necessary and expedient for the purpose of auditing and settling all charges against the said village; and they shall state on each account the amount allowed by them, but no allowance shall be made for any account which does not specially state each item of the same, and the nature thereof.

SEC. 20. Said board shall draw up a report stating in detail the items of accounts audited and allowed, the pature of each account and the name of the person to whom such account was allowed, including a statement of the fiscal concerns of the village.

SEC. 21. Such report shall be produced and publicly read by the clerk of the said board at the next ensuing village election; and the whole or a part of such report may be referred by the order of the meeting to a committee of three, whose duty it shall be to examine the report and report thereon to such meeting.

SEC. 22. The amounts of any accounts audited and allowed by the board of auditors, and the amount of any account voted to be allowed by any meeting of the voters of said village shall be paid by the village treasurer, on the order of the said board signed by the president and countersigned by the clerk of said board, and all orders issued to any person by such board for any sum of money due from said village, shall be received in payment of village taxes of said village.

SEC. 23. The village justice shall report quarterly to the village council all the proceedings instituted before him in which the village is interested ; and shall at the same time account for and pay over to the village treasurer all fines and penalties collected by him and belonging to said village; and said justice shall be entitled to receive from the county of Steele such fees in criminal cases accruing (occurring] without the village as are allowed to other justices in the county for similar purposes.

SEC. 24. The cost and expense of building, grading, paving or repairing sidewalks shall be at the option of the village council chargeable to the lots fronting on said improvement. Whenever the village council shall deem it necessary to construct or repair any sidewalk in said village, they may notify the owners and occupants of any lot or lots, or parcels of land adjoining such sidewalks to construct or repair the same at his or their own proper expense or charge, within a certain time limited or desiguated by delivering to the owners or occupants of said lot or lots or parcels of land, or by publication in a newspaper printed and published in said village for not less than two weeks of a notice to said owners or occupants setting forth what work is to be done and the character of the same, by such owner or occupants, and the time within which they are required to do the same.

Sec. 25. If such work is not done, and the said sidewalks not built or repaired in the manner and within the time prescribed, the village council may order the same to be done at the expense of the lots and parcels of land adjoining such sidewalks and such expense shall be assessed upon such lots and parcels of 'land so chargeable by the village council and returned by them; and said assessment so made and returned by them, if approved by the council, shall become a lien upon said lots and parcels of land, as in cases of town, county and state taxes.

Sec. 26. All the work for said village exceeding fifty dollars sball be let by contract to the lowest responsible bidder, and due notice sball be given of the time and place of letting such contract, and every contract so made shall be commenced within one week of the acceptance of the proposal unless the village council otherwise determine. Provided, That they shall have power to reject all upreasonable bids.

Sec. 27. No money shall be appropriated to any purpose whatever, except and not exceeding the sum of fifty dollars, unless it is expressly authorized by a vote of the legal voters of said village.

Sec. 28. All moneys arising from fines, commutations, licenses, &c., shall be paid into the village treasury. Sec. 29. The village council shall have power and authority :

First.–To regulate the place and manner of selling and to provide for the inspection and weight of hay and coal, and measuring of charcoal, firewood and other tuel, and to appoint suitable persons to inspect, superintend and conduct the same.

Second. -To compel the owners or occupants of buildings or grounds to remove snow, dirt, or rubbish from the sidewalks, streets, alleys opposite thereto, and in their detault by some officer of the village at the expense of such owners or occupants.

Third.To regulate and license public auctions or vendues.

Fourth.-To provide by ordinauce for a standard of weights and measures, the appointment of a village sealer, and to provide for the punishment for the use of false weights or measures.

Sec. 30. It shall be lawful for the village council to purchase, in the name of the said corporation, a suitable piece of land, not exceeding ten acres, either within or without the limits of the village, for cemetery purposes, and may cause the same to be surveyed and a plat thereof made and filed with tbe recorder of said village, and at the expense of the said village, whenever the legal voters of said village, hy vote, shall direct them so to do. They may also sell lots therein, and convey title to the same, and have the care and custody of the grounds. Deeds of lots in said cemetery shall be as other deeds of real estate, except they shall be used for cemetery purposes only, and be signed by the president and the village recorder.


SEC. 31. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 2, 1874.




Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Minnesota :

SECTION 1. All that part of the township of Hampton, county of Dakota, and state of Minnesota, hereinafter described, shall be known and constitute the village of New Trier, and as such corporation shall have all the powers generally possessed by municipal corporations at common law, and in addition thereto shall possess all the powers hereinafter granted, and by that name may sue and be sued, make contracts, purchase, take and hold real and personal property, and have a corporate seal, alterable at pleasure.

SEC. 2. The territory included in said village of New Trier shall be all of the territory included in said township of Hampton, as follows : The west half of the southwest quarter of section twelve, and another parcel of land commencing on the southeast corner of section eleven, thence running north eighty rods, thence west fifty rods, thence south fifty rods, thence west sixteen rods, thence south thirty rods, thence east sixty four rods to the place of beginning; also, another parcel of land commencing on the northeast corner of section fourteen, running thence west twenty-four rods, thence south twenty-four rods, thence east twen. ty-fuur rods, thence north twenty-four rods, to the place of beginning ; also, another parcel of land, commencing on the northwest corner of section thirteen, running thence east twentyfour rods, thence south wenty-four rods, thence west twenty-four rods, thence north twenty four rods, to the place of beginning; all

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the above lands lying and being in township one hundred and thirteen, north of range number eighteen west, in the state of Minnesota.

SEC. 3. The elective officers of said corporation shall be one president, one recorder, three trustees, one treasurer, one assessor, one justice of the peace, who shall be styled police justice, and one constable, who shall be styled marshal, and they shall each hold their office for the term of one year and until their successors are elected and qualified. In addition to the above mentioned officers, the common council shall have power to appoint and define the duties of such other officers as the said council may deem necessary. All village officers shall be qualified electors of the state.

Sec. 4. Each officer before entering upon the duties of his office, and within ten days after receiving notice of his election, shall give notice in writing of his acceptance of the same to the recorder, and shall take and subscribe before some officer by law. authorized to administer oaths, an oath of office to support the constitution of the Uniced States and the constitution of the state ot Minnesota, and that he will faithfully perform the duties of his office in accordance with law and the ordinances of said village. And in addition thereto, the treasurer, recorder, justice of the peace and constable, shall each give a bond for not less than four hundred dollars each, to be determined by said council, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of their respective offices, which bond be filed with the recorder of said village.

Sec. 5. There shall be an annual election held on the first Monday in April of each year, at which the electors residing within the limits of said village, qualified to vote at town elections, may choose by ballot and by plurality of votes the trustees, treasurer and justices of the peace of said village. The trustees shall act as judges of election in said village, but in case of the absence of either of them any qualified voter ot said village may be selected by the voters present to act as such judge. At all village elections held under this act the polls shall be opened at one o'clock in the afternoon, and continue open until four o'clock in the afternoon of the same day; the election shall be by ballot and shall be conducted and governed in the same manner, as near as may be, as township elections. The village clerk sball give such notice of such elections as is provided by law for notiee of town elections; Provided, That any failure by the clerk to give such notice as aforesaid shall not in any manner invalidate such election. Special meetings may be called at any time by the trustees of said village upon the petition of six legal voters and freeholders of said village, by giving the notice above required, stating the object of such meeting. The first election in said village under this act shall be bolden on the first Monday of

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