Biennial Report of the Wisconsin State Tax Commission to the Legislature, Թողարկում 6

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Էջ 24 - Taxes may also be imposed on incomes, privileges and occupations, which taxes may be graduated and progressive, and reasonable exemptions may be provided.
Էջ 18 - ... who pays personal property taxes may have the amount so paid credited on his income tax for the year seems to put an end to any effective taxation of personal property. That taxation of such property has proven a practical failure will be admitted by all who have given any attention to the subject. Doubtless this was one of the main arguments in the legislative mind for the passage of the present act. By this act the legislature has, in substance, declared that the state's system of taxation...
Էջ 65 - To require town, city, village, county and other public officers to report information as to the assessment of property, collection of taxes, receipts from licenses and other sources, the expenditure of public funds for all purposes, and such other information as may be needful in the work of the commission, in such form and upon such blanks as the commission may prescribe.
Էջ 64 - To inquire into the system of accounting of public funds in use in towns, cities, villages and counties, and to devise and prescribe a uniform system of accounting of the receipts and disbursements of public funds in the municipalities of the state.
Էջ 18 - By the present law it is quite clear that personal property taxation for all practical purposes becomes a thing of the past. The specific exemptions of all money and credits and the great bulk of stocks and bonds, as well as of all farm machinery, tools, wearing apparel, and household furniture in actual use, regardless of value...
Էջ 2 - The commissioners recommend as a partial substitute an inheritance tax. They also recommend that the entire administration of the tax laws be placed in the hands or at least under rigid supervision of capable and disinterested agents of the State, to give their entire time to official duty, such agents to consist of a State board or officer and such subordinate officers as may be necessary.
Էջ 46 - ... the tax shall be assessed, levied and collected upon all income, not hereinafter exempted, received by every person residing within the state, and by every nonresident of the state upon such income as is derived from sources within the state or within its jurisdiction. So much of the income of any person residing within the state as is derived from rentals, stocks, bonds, securities or evidences of indebtedness shall be assessed and taxed, whether such income is derived from sources within or...
Էջ 64 - It shall be the duty of the commission, and it shall have power and authority : (1) To have and exercise general supervision over the administration of the assessment and...
Էջ 26 - ... 20 per cent to the county, and 10 per cent to the state, has the advantage of great simplicity.
Էջ 14 - Western, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha, the Minneapolis & St.

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