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SERM. mies, in this Cause, is to hasten to the future

Ruine of Themselves, and their Posterity, through a Sea of present Calamity ; that to join their Hearts and Wishes, in it, is to call down every

Curse upon Themselves, and all that are to follow them; and that to put on an Indifference, upon this Occasion, is to put in a Cause that doth not admit of an Indifference. It is, indeed, to profess an Indifference to Life, or Death ; Pleasure, or Pain ; Happiness, or Misery. And tho' They may inwardly applaud their own Wisdom, who cautiously wait for the Event of things: yet They must remember, that their Return to their Senses, from this State of Indifference, will have but an ungraceful Appearance, when All shall be secure; and that little Thanks will be due to Them, (of what sort soever they be,) from their King or their Country, when the Danger shall be over, that They have neither opened their Mouths,


their Hands, nor so much as their Hearts, against the Enemies, not of Us only, but of all Human Society.

If it should be told, in any Part of the Earth where the Histories of our Nation have not been before known; could it possibly be believed, or could it pass for any thing, but an invented Satyr upon Human Nature; that there is a Sort of Men in the World, uneasy at their

nor lifted


own Happiness : either labouring to tear it in s ERM. Pieces, Themselves ; or, wishing Success to those who are engaged in that Work; or supinely negligent, cold, and indifferent, what becomes of it: Begging a Deliverer, in the Agony of their Distress; and reviling both the Deliverer, and Deliverance, as soon as it is well accomplished: Shaking off Fetters, in one Generation; and calling for them again, in the next: Tireing out Heaven itself, with Petitions for their own Misery; inviting and imploring every Evil upon Themselves, and their Posterity: making loud Professions of the most submissive Passiveness, under the greatest Worldly Hardships; and unable to bear even so small a one, as the Want of all Power: Speaking much, and often, and zealously, of the Security, and flourishing Estate, of their Church and, in the same Breath, giving it up into the Guardianship of Rome, whose Disciples openly acknowledge themselves bound, in Conscience, to destroy it: Believing the Promises of Those, who Themselves assure them, they are not to be believed; Trusting the Pretenses of Tbose, whose Religion profefseth to destroy at once all the Foundations of Trust; and uniting with Those, by whom They are sure to be undone, and miserably treated, themselves: Some, striving and fighting; Some, withing and defiring;



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SER M.and Others, contented, to part with Ease, Qui

et, Laws, Liberty, Property, Religion, and all the Blessings of Government, administred by Justice and Goodness; And, in their Stead, Some, not opposing, and Others, contending earnestly, for Chains, Banishments, Massacres, Slavery; and for every Evil, contained in the Two Great Comprehensive Engines of Misery, Unchristian Persecution in Church, and Lawless Tyranny in State : And, in order to all this, Some, taking a Pleasure, and Others, satisfied and easy, to see their Native Country laid Waste, and made a Scene of Blood, and Confusion; and the Seat of a Civil War, which, in its lowest degree, must unavoidably bring along with it many unhappy Instances of Devastation, and Mourning; which God, the Righteous Judge, will charge to Their Account, who neither will know their own Happiness, nor can bear with that of Others: In a word, Some openly attempting to destroy, and Others not attempting to defend, a Government, upon which the Happiness of their own Lives, as well as of their Neighbours and Pofterity, intirely depends; and an Administration, which Themselves do not charge with any one Instance of Illegal or Arbitrary Proceeding.

If it be possible to cast a Veil over the Shame of our Country; let not this Scene of Blindness,



Absurdity, Contradiction, and Inconsistency, s ERM. make a Part of its History. But if this cannot

be hid ; let it be told, at the same time, with s how steady a Greatness of Soul, and how calm

a Constancy of Mind, the King received the Insults, and Ungrateful Returns, of Men, whom He came disposed to make happy: Like a Rock, unmoved by those Waves that dash themselves to Pieces against it. Let it be told, with how ready, and sincere, a Zeal, his Parliament halted to vote every thing for His, and the Public Security; with how faithful, and vigilant a Care, His Ministers detected the fecret Contrivances, and opposed the Open Designs, of His Enemies : Nor let it be forgot, that, in the midst of all the Madness of Some, supported, and increased, by the Indifference of Others, there were Multitudes of Good Subjects, truly sensible of the Invaluable Blessings They enjoyed in Him, and His Administration; full of Gratitude to Heaven for their Happiness; and ready to hazard all the Concerns of this World, in the Defense of it.

May the Number of such, daily be seen to increase! As it must do, if all Common Sense be not lost from the Earth: And, may We, from the Principles of Conscience, and Honour, be of that Number! As We must be, if We consider what either Conscience, or Honour, mean. R 2



SER M. Let us be just to This Day, which once was

blessed by every Protestant Mouth in this Nantion, for the present Relief and Respite from

impending Ruine, which it then brought along with it: And which ought now much more to be blessed, as it hath laid the Foundation of Happiness, not only for Us, but the Children yet unborn; as We have seen, and now feel, the Great End aimed at by it, to be crowned with Success; and the Mercies that it first conveyed to Us, (even every thing We enjoy in Church, and State, and the very Possibility of enjoying it,) secured against every human Attempt, but our own Stupidity, and Ingratitude, by the Settlement of that Protestant Succesfion, which alone could give Us any Prospect of Good.

May Almighty God, the Great Governour of all Things, watch, in a particular Manner, with the Eye of his Providence, over those Sacred Lives, upon which All Our Happiness is suspended ! And guard them against every Attempt of Secret, or Open, Violence !

May He direct All, to whom the AdminiAtration of Affairs is committed, to go on, with Wisdom, Courage, Unanimity, and Constancy, to consult, and secure, the Public Interest! And whether the Influences of it reach to our particular Concerns, any farther, than as They are

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