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hand with me in calling to mind, that the Pro-SER M. sperity, and outward Success, of the Queen, XIX. whom we obey, is our own Prosperity and Suc- mu cess; that when we pray for Her, we pray for Ourselves : That when we give Thanks for Her, we give Thanks for our own envied Happiness, in having One still at the Helm, who has, for many Years, so wisely steered between all the dangerous Rocks, that many Others have formerly split upon. And indeed, if we look around us, the State of all other Nations will engage us to acknowledge thankfully, our own Happiness ; whilst we enjoy by written Laws, what is truly valuable in this Life, as secure as Human Affairs can be, from the Inconveniences most to be feared in a Civil Society; and whilst the Supreme Executive Power is lodged in such Hands, as have made us, for a Succession of several Years, feel the kindly Influences of good Government.

I need say no more. Our own daily and hourly Experience say enough to move us to pray for the Increase of Prosperity to such a Government, and the long Continuance of such a State ; and especially at a Time when the Blessings of Peace and Plenty at Home, seem to be vying with the Glory of our Arms Abroad: Moderation and Piety presiding here; Courage and Conduct exerting themselves A

broad :


SER M. broad: and contending with each Other, in

their Efforts, to establish our Happiness at premfent, and to transmit it down secure to the lat

est Posterity. May we all, therefore, in Gratitude for such Mercies, join our Hearts and Voices to praise the Great Disposer of all Things for them; and to entreat the Preservation of them! And may we all resolve, in thankful Return to our Governours, and to God himself, to lead quiet and peaceable Lives, in all Godliness and Honesty.

Which God grant, &c.

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Preached at the Church of St. Peter's Poor, on

May 29, 1709.


PSA L. cxvii. former Part of yer. I.

The Lord reigneth, let the Earth rejoice.


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HE Sentence I have now read to You, S ERM, carries along with it a most useful Lef- XX.

son; full of as much Satisfaction and
Comfort, as reafonable Creatures could defire, in
such Circumstances as Men are in, whilst they
are upon this Earth.

And what it sets forth
to us is plainly this, that God, who first creat-
ed all Things, doth also order the Course of
this World, as we now see it; and still conti-
nues to exercise a paternal Providence over it;
and to direct and govern the several Parts and
Inhabitants of it: and that we have the greatest
Reason to rejoice that it is fo. The Lord reign-
eth, let the Earth rejoice.
In speaking farther to these Words I propose,



First, To Thew what is implied in the AfXX. firmation, The Lord reigneth ; and at the same

Time, the Truth of it; and,

Secondly, to give some Reasons why the Inhabitants of the Earth, lhould rejoice because the Lord reigneth.

First, I propose to thew what is implied in this Affirmation, The Lord reigneth: and at the fame Time, the Truth of it. And,

1. The general Meaning of it is certainly this; That a wise and powerful God prefides over the wholeWorld; that nothing comes to pass without his Will, his Decree, or his Permiffion; un. less he sees fit to order it, or to suffer it to come to pass : That he holds the Sceptre of the Universe ; and, comprehending all Things by an infinite Knowledge, and being able to order all Things by an omnipotent Will, he doth whatever pleases him both in Heaven and Earth: That, as nothing was made without Him, so nothing, from the first Moment of the Creation, hath happened in all the vast Extent of the World, amongst all the Multitude of Beings in it, which he did not think fit either to bring to pass himself, or to let other Beings brings to pass.

But, 2. In order to be more particular, Let us consider his Government, as it respects


the material and irrational Part of the Crea- SERM. tion ; and his Government, as it respects the XX. intelligent and rational Part of it.

As to his Government with respect to the material and irrational Part of his Creation ; let us observe, that it was He, who, after he had created every Thing, placed and fixed it in its proper Place; and all in that peculiar and admirable Order, in which we now find the Universe with Wonder and Astonishment. And this was one Act of Government and Empire in Him, to give Laws to all the Matter that he had put

into several Forms, and allot to every Portion of it, and to every Machine, its proper Province and proper Office; within what Bounds it should abide ; how far its Influence should reach; what fortof Motion it should have ; with what Quickness, and with what Determination, and to what End and Purpose it should move. Thus, having collected unconceivable Number of Particles of Light and Heat, and fixed them in one vast Body, he may be said to have impressed on it a Law, tho' it was incapable of Knowledge and Perception; and commanded it to bear such a Relation to a certain Part of the World about it, as that the Inhabitants of it might receive Light, and Heat, and the Comforts of both, from it. And from this Time the Sun is said,figuratively to have known.


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