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fia, 229.

III. 292.

II. 13.

ll. 4.

II. 32:

Achmet, grand vizier, loses his have been made in it in Per.

life for having seryed his

mafter too well, II. 62.' Aleboules, forbidden in Turkey,
Acomat, grand vizier, commands

in Persia, I. 169 ; one of the Aleppo, surrenders to the Turks,
emperor's sons ravishes his

1. 269.
wife, 170; takes Caffa, 171; Alexandria, surrenders to the
defeats Zizim, 188; disap- Turks, I. 280.
proves of the treaty concluded Algiers, besieged by Charles V.,
with Rhodes, 199, 200; is
ill.used by the emperor, 202; Ali, is kept from being caliph,
saves him in a sedition, 204; I. xxiii ; js proclaimed ca.
is Arangled, 206.

liph, xxx ; his proclamation
Iden, conquered by the Turks, disputed, xxx, xxxi ; dies,

xxvi; his-posterity endeavour
Adjacs, officers of the janissaries. to possess themselves of the
Adrianople, taken by prince So- califate, xxxvii, xxxviii, xlv,
Tyman, I. 23.

lii, lüi, lvii, lix; fucceed in
Africa, (the town of), is taken, Egypt, lxiii; his partisans

form a sect, xxxvii, which
Aga, a chief or general.

prevails throughout Persia,
Ajavats, officers who have never 228 ; fee Shiites.
had any places or employ- Ali Alan, grand vizier, II. 224,
ments in the seraglio.

242 ; is strangled, 251.
Aslabites, their party prevails in Ali Coumourgi, see Coumourgi.
Africa, I. lx, 1xiii.

Ali Picenin, a pirate, vanquished
Agliman, taken by the Floren. by the Venetians, III. 69, 70.
tines, II. 311.

Aliadoulet, fee Armenia.
Agria, lieges of that town, II. Alincourt (the marquis of), at

29, 225; III. 372 ; (battle the fiege of Belgrade, lv.
ot), II. 227.

dieja, wife to Mahomet, fuf- Almamon, caliph, I. Ixi.

pected of adultery, I. xiii; Almansor, caliph, I. liii.
opposes Ali, xxiii, xxvii, Altenburg, taken by the Turks,
xxx ; is vanquished and im-

I. 346.
prisoned, xxxi.

Amafia, taken by the Ottomans,
Ala vaad, jee Prophets.
Albania,conquered by the Turks, Ambassadors (Turkish) in France,
1.171; jee Croia, and Scana

1,213; II. 234, 329; IV.253.

Ambassadors at the Porte, their
Albaregalis, fieges of that town, functions, II.

II. 20, 252 ; III. 372. Ambassadors (English), fee Ben.
Alcaran, fignification of that dith, Paget.

word, I. v. ; its author, vi; Ambassadors from the Western
doctrine, vii; collection of empire, give place at the
its chapters, xxiv; respect Porte "to those from France,
of the Mahometans for that III. 86; one of them is in,
book, ix, x; if created or un- sulted there, II. 131 ; fee
created, Ixi ; alterations that Caprara, Talleman.


I. 40•


IV. 235.

1. 270.

1. 35

Ambasador's (French) at the

war with Perfia, 41, 49, 60; Porte excuse themselves from

has his brother Bajazet stran, carrying presents to the ful

gled, 51; resigns himself to tan, II. 172; take rank of drinking, 27; dies, 81. all other ambassadors there, Ancyra, or Angora, taken by the 266 ; fee Andrefel, Dara- Turks, I. 21; (battle of), 48. mont, Bonac, Debreves, Cefy, Andresel (marquis of), ambafia... Dechateauneuf, Desalleurs, dor from France to the Porte, Deferiolles, Deguillerague, Lahaye, Marcheville, De. Andronicus Paleologus, wants to noailles, Denointel, Sancy, dethrone his father, and is Villeneuve.

punished for it, I. 28, 30. Ambasadors (Dutch), fee Col. Antioch, conquered by the Turks,

liere. Ambassadors (Polish), fee Ra- Apollonia, taken by the Turks,

diouski, Troki, Zaluki. Ambasadors (Venetian), fee Ca- Arabians, state of their country

pello, Contarini, Soranzo. when Mahomet appeared, I.iz Amru, his artifice to get Moavia milled by this impostor, v; the califate, I. xxxiii.

their conquests, xxv, xlviii; Amuraih I. vainly endeavours to cultivate the sciences, lviii;

repeople the country which dispute about the Alcoran, he lays waste, I. 22, 34; af. 1xi; destruction of their em. cends the throne, 24; his af. pire, 1. Ixvii. fected piety, 27; his cruelty, Aramont, see Daramont.

30, 31; his death, 35. Armenia (the king of), behaves Amuratb II., 1.77; affects to be treacherously to the Turks,

very pious, 83; has his bro- I. 251; who put him to death thers put to death, 89, and and conquer his kingdom, the false Muftapha, 87 ; his 257 ; įr is repeopled, 50. conquefts in Afia, 90; from Armiaud, is liberally rewarded the Greeks, 87, 91;


for a generous action done a wives, 96 ; gains the battle

Turk, IV. 345 of Varna, 100 ; abdicates Arnaud, a knight of Rhodes, the throne, 104 ; re-ascends goes to Conftantinople on an it, 105; raises the fiege of embaffy, I. 199. Croia, 193; gains a battle. Arretzo, surrenders Negropont in the plains of Cafovia, 114; to Mahomet II. who has him

fawn afunder, I. 166. Amurath III. has his brothers Alaps, foldiers armed with ar.

put to death, II. 183, 184; rows. his manner of governing, 185, Aschraf, makes himfelf master 199 ; his vices, 198, 213, of Persia, IV. 282; defends 216; his death, 216.

himself against the Turks, Amuratb IV. proclaimed empe- 289; loses both his throne ror, III. 1; how he prevents

and life, 304 revolutions, 10,25 ; his fe. Afoph, fieges of that town, III. verity, 23, 64; his good ad. 54, 89, 91; IV. 38, 362 ; ministration, 10, 76; goes to demolished, 398.


dies, 115


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Afaks, concubines of the grand 209 ; goes to war with the feignior who have no parti. Venetians, 220; is like to be cular apartments allotted to affalnated, 227; abdicates them in the haram.

che throne, 235, 239; is poi. Alan, refigns the califate, I. foned, 243, his fuperftition, Xxxvii.

244 dihens, united to the Ottoman Bajazet (the fon of Solyman I.),

empire, I. 155 ; fer Setines. revolts againg his father, IÍ. Aubujon grand mafterof Rhodes, 58; who pardons him, 60;

defends that iland again attempts to poison his brother the Turks, I. 172; harbours Selim, 64; revolts again, 65; prince Zizim, 195; delivers escapes into Perfia, 71, where him to the pope, 213; treats

he is strangled, 73. with the Turks, 197. Bajazer (brother to Amurath Aubuffon (viscount), brother to IV.), is ftrangled, III. 51.

the grand master, I. 172, Bajazet (the pretended fon of Axvar, taken by assault, II. 67, Amurath IV ), disputes the Azamoglans (from agiam, foreign, throne with Mahomet IV.

and oglan, a child), children III. 165; is beheaded, 168.. from different countries, Baltagi, a freet porter. brought up in the seraglio Barbarola Aliadin), becomes to do the menial offices.

king of Algiers, I. 363 ; $oAzan, dey of Algiers, goes to lyman 1. makes him captain the fiege of Malta, Il. 100. bahaw, 363 ; his exploits,

364, 369 ; II. 13, 18; dies, B

Barutb, surrenders to the Turks, Baden (the prince of), commands

in Hungary, III. 310, 376; Bafcia, taken by the Austrians, gains a battle at Salanaken, . IV.8.


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11. 7

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Basbaw of the Bench, a counselo. Bafo (one of the family of), was lor of state,

mother to Mahomet III., II. Bajaws, governors; those with 218; her power in the reign three tails have a seat in the of her fon, 222, 230; rebel. divan. lion which fhe occasions, 236; Battori (Stephen), opposes Zais shut up, 258.

poli, I. 340. Bagdad, its foundation, I. liii; Ballori (Stephen), subje&s Tran

throws off the Persian yoke, fylvania to the Turks, II. and puts itself under the pro- 173; is elected king of Patection of the Turks, I. 359; land, 189.

is besieged, III. 30, 65. Battori (Gabriel), prince of Tran. Bajazet I., his cruelty, 1. 37 ; sylvania, is killed, II. 308.

makes war in Europe, 37,41; Battori (Šigifmund), waywode of

in Afia, 40, 45; dies, 53, Transylvania, H. 212, 221; Bajazet Il., I. 187, 235; con- cedes it to the emperor of the

cludes a treaty with the knights of Rhodes, 197 ; is Bavaria (the duke of), takes defeated by the Mammelukes, Belgrade, Ill. 372.


West, 229;

dies', 307,

Beaufort (the duke of), perishes Bragadin, capitulates in Fama. in the fiege of Candia, III. guka, 11. 154; is flayed alive 228.

contrary to the conditions of Becri, the drunkard, gets into the capitulation, 157.

favor with Amurath IV., III. Brancovan, prince of Walachia, 27, prevents his having the is put to death with his faChriftians mafsacred, 71; mily, IV. 212. dies, 81.

Breves, see Debreves. Beglerbeg, the commander in Broglio (chevalier), at the fiege chief of a province.

of Malta, Il. 83. Belgrade (sieges of), l. 97, 151, Buda, fiege of that town, I. 333,

288; 111.373, 390; IV.236; 345. (peace of), by which it is Bulad, causes an insurrection in

ceded to the Turks, IV.380. Natolia, II. 270 ; is stranBendish (Sir), the English

gled, 273, ambassador at the Porte, pro- Bursa, taken by the Turks, 1.9. cures justice to be done his. nation, HI. 197; for which

с he is badly recompensed, 108. Betlem (Stephen), opposes Ra. Caaba, the temple of Mecca, gotki, III. 48.

I. xviii. Beilem Gabor, prince of Tran. Cabugliane (George), I. 331. fylvania, II. 307.

Caderousse, at the siege of Cans Bithynia, taken by the Turks, 1.6. dia, III. 218. Birth, not respected in Turkey, Cadilesker. One of the mufti's

lieutenants. Also a provost Blanchefort (chevalier), conducts

Zizim into France, I. 199; Cadis, judges, I. 12. to Rome, 215

Cadisja, the wife of Mahomet, Blondel (Mr.), negotiates at the ' I. ii, vi ; dies, xi. Porte, III. 159

Caffa, taken by the Turks, 1.171. Bogdan, prince of Moldavia, Gagnoni (Mr.), the Russian mi

does homage for it to the nifter at the conclusion of the Turks, J. 348.

peace of Belgrade, IV. 379. Bolina, taken by the Turks,1.35. Caimacan, the next officer in Bonac (the marquis of), ambalo command to the grand vizier,

fador from France to the and governor of ConstantiPorte, IV. 252, 268.

nople, which town he never Bonneval (count), how looked

upon at the Porte, IV. 358, Cairo, taken by the Turks, S. 374, 376.

277 ; revolts, IV. 293. Bofangis, gardeners; who also Caitbeck, betrays the soudan of

guard the feraglio, I. 324. Egypt, -I. 268 ; is made baa' Boftcaie, prince of Tranfylvania, Thaw of Grand Cairo, 281. 11. 261 ; dies, 307:

Calamata, 'taken by the Vene. Bouk (chev. John), at the fiege

tians, III. 345. of Rhodes, I. 295.

Calender, a sort of Mahometan Boudcbaz (treaty of), III. 248;

ts to usurp the declared void, 254.

throne, I. 336.


I. 335

of the army





HII. 353.

III. 105

FH. 395:

Galender, Bashaw of Erzerum, Caraffe, commands in Hungary

revolts, If. 236; returns to
his allegiance, 268; is ftran. Cara Ibrahim, opposes the be.
gled, 270.

fieging of Vienna, III. 297, Calipb, vicar, a name given to 305 ; - is ftrangled, 324.

Mahomet's fucceffors, 1.xxiv; Cara Muftapha, grand vizier, their fucceflion, ibid; lose III. 269; his pride, 277, 279; their authority, lxvii,

loses a battle before Vienna, Calipbosi (Fatimate), l. lxiii; 316, 3r7, 3r8; is strangled,

follow the opinion of the 331.
Shiites, ibid; settle in Egypt, Caraman, the name of the loves

Ixiv; are destroyed, 1xxi reigns of Caramania, their
Calil, revolts at Aleppo, FF. revolts again it the Turks,

259; is accused of high trea- 1. 38, 98; fubjected to the son, 367 ; is unsuccessful in emperor of the Turks, 163.

Crimea, IIF. 5. Sec Patrona. Cardone (commander), I. 165. Califer, the molla's vicar. Carlowitz (the peace of), IV.61. Candia (war of), III. 96, 102, Cafimir, king of Poland, abdi. 152, 218, 227, 228.

cates the crown, IIF. 739. Cama, taken by the Turks, Cafovia (the battle of), I. 34,

114.. Canina, retaken by the Turks, Caljovia, surrenders to the Aur

trians, III. 343. Cannon, when the Turks began Castamona, taken by the Turks,

to make use of them, I. 107. Cantacuzenus, makes himselfmaf. Castelnovo, taken, II. 3; IFT. 356.

ter of the Greek empire, 1.17. Caftriot, his bravery at the fiege Cantimir (Conftantine),

is faithful of Malta, II. gt. See Scan. to the Turks, JIF. 345, 353.

derbeg. Cantimir (Demetrius), prince of Cefalonia, taken by the VeneMoldavía, goes over to the

tians, I. 22:46 Ruffians, IV. 139:

Cerda, fee Lacerda.
Capello (Martin), destroys the Eefurini (Julian), absolves La.

1. 40.

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Barbary corsairs, F. 69. dislaus, king of Hungary, Capello, the Venetian ambaffa- from his oaths to Amurath I.,

dor, ufed ill' at the Porte, HI. 156.

Ceftlin, taken by the Turks, III. Capi agafi, chief of the black

328. eunuchs, and governor of the Cely (count), ambaffador from pages.

France to the Porte, II. 329; Captain bashaw, the admiral of III. 22 ; detained by the

the fleet. Capitation, a poll-tax paid by Cbafs Ali, grand vizier, III. 12,

the Infidels among the Ma. 15 ; quells che troubles in hometans, I. xix.

Alia, r7 ; his succesfes in Caposwar, Jee Kaposwari

Perfia, 30; dies, 31. Capiggis, porters, tipftaffs, or Chaitan, Jee Shaitan. bailiffs.

Charles V.(emperor of the Wene Caprara (count), III. 299. takes Tunis, 1. 369; be'


I. 99.

Turks, 42.

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