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1. 28, 30..

treacherously to the Vene- Codjea, a preceptor. tians, II. 2; miscarries be. Colliere, mediator at the

peace fore Algiers, 13

of Carlowitz, IV, 64: Charles VI., succours the Vene. Colonna (Mark Anthony), II. 145.

tians, IV. 221; at war with Comnenes (or Comnenus), lote • the Turks, 363.

Trebizond, I. 158 ; a de. Charles Xil. (king of Sweden), scendant of this illustrious

defeated at Pultoway, retires family now living in France, into Turkey, IV. 113; re

ibid, turns to his own dominions, Cemorra, taken by the Turks, 210 ; repayment of the mo- I. 346; (treaty of), II. 263. ney which he had borrowed Confiantine Dracozes, does homage of the Turks; 373.

to the sultan for the Greek Château Thierry (the duke of), empire, I. 113, 114.

at the fiege of Candia, 111.218. Confiantine Paleologus, the last Chateauneuf, lee Dechateauneuf. Greek emperor, loses both Chelebs, officers who have been his empire and life, I. 133.

brought up in the offices of Conftantinople, taken by the the feraglio.

Turks, I. 133 Chiaus, mesiengers or tipstaffs. Contarini, ambasador from Ve. Chio, Jee Scio.

nice to the Porte, is arrested Children, how they inherit in there, III. 72. Turkey, I. xiii.

Contufus, the son of Amurath I., Choiseul, at the fiege of Candia, wants to dethrone his father,

Ill. 218. Chockin (battle of), II. 337 ; Copier d'Hieres (chevalier), at III. 257 ; taken, 258,

the attack of the Goletta, I. Chouriouli, grand vizier, is de- 371, at the fiege of Malta, posed, 1V. 129

II. 80.
Cbusain, grand vizier, deposes Coran, Jue Alcoran.

Mustapha I., 11. 374; his bad Corban, the distributing of meat conduct in Afia causes him and bread.

to be strangled, II. 13, 14. Corinib, taken by the Venetians, Chufain, defeated at Choczir, III. 356. See Morea. NII. 256.

Cornaro, commands in Dalma. Cialis, conimands in Afia, and tia, III. 356. is strangled, II. 259.

Coron, taken, I. 222, 353 ; III. Cigala, II. 232, 235; commands

345. See Morea. in Perfia, 248; is ftrangled, Coljacks, alarm Conftantinople, :250.

III. 7 ; submit to the Porte, Ciglos, taken by the Imperialists, 238 ; to Rusia, 279.

Commourgi Ali, the favorite of Circumcifion, of the princes, one Achmet III., IV.128; is no

of the resources of the fate, friend to Charles XII., 160; 1. 349; II. 265.

becomes grand vizier, 207 ; Cluis, Jee Decluis.

is killed at Peterwaradin, Codabonda, kir“ of Persia, his

ng war with Crimea, see Tartary.
', 192.

Croia, bebeged, 1.11.
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III. 353•

manner O

II. 134

word is poor

Curdisca, the mother of Achmet Deguillerague (Mr.), ambassador

III, removed from the re- from France to the Porte, III. raglio, IV. 96; returns thi. 288. ther, 106; her authority,107; Defterdar, the grand treasurer of favors Charles XII., 120 ; the Ottoman empire. dies, 222.

Delphino (Hierome), loses the Curtogli, a corsair, I. 291, 292.

Morea, IV. 219. Cutai, becomes part of the Ot. Denoailles (Francis), ambassador toman empire, I. 33.

from France to the Porte, is Cyprus, taken by the Turks, mediator between the Turks

and Venetians, Il. 170; re

fuses to carry presents to the D

grand seignior, 172.

Denointel (Mr.), ambassador from Dailly, at the siege of Candia, France to the Porte, III. 204; III. 218.

renews the treaties, 250. Daltaban, grand vizier, IV.52, Depoiseau (commander), at the 74; is frangled, 80.

siege of Tripoli, II. 42. Damaral, a knight of Rhodes, Defroches, makes his escape from

enemy of L'isle Adam, I. Tripoli with his men, II. 50. 290, 295, 296; is beheaded, Dervis, a sort of Mahometan 309.

monk; the meaning of the Damascus, submits to the Turks, I. 270.

Derviche, the feminine of Der, Dandclo (Nicholas), governor of vis ; fee Dervis.

Nicofia when it is taken by Defalleurs (count), ambassador the Turks, II. 143.

from France to the Porte, Dar amont (Lewis), ambassador IV. 155, 168.

from France to the Porte, Despotism, what it is, !. 7 ; how protects the Christians there, it was introduced into Tur. II. 39, 49, 117.

key, ibid; its fatal effects, Dardanelles (the castles of the), 283 ; Solyman I, endeavours built, I. 118,

to lessen it, 321. Darud, raises an insurrection, II. Dhierra, grand vizier, quells se. 350; is made grand vizier, veral insurrections, II.

253 ; 356; is deposed, 364, and dies, 258. ftrangled, 373.

Dianun Coggia, makes himself Debreves(Mr.), ambassador from master of the Morea, IV.

France to the Porte, II, 231, 266.

Diarbekar, fubmits to the Turks, Dechateauneuf (Mr.), ambassador I. 261.

from France to the Porte, Didimotica, taken by the Turks, III. 392, 393, 394 ; IV. 11,

Dignities, fold in Turkey, IV. Decluis (Peter), at the fiege of 242. Rhodes, l. 297.

Dilaver, grand vizier, II. 332; Deferiolles (Mr.), his embaffy

is massacred, 353; from France to the Porte, Divan, the council of state, IV. 53, !0!.

(also the chamber where the

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Il. 139:

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I. 89.

council afsembles) deposes an Elmas, grand vizier, IV. 29; is emperor, II. 374.

killed at the battle of Zenta, Divorce, how procured among

48. the Mahometans, I. xii. Emir al-Omra, lieutenant to the Domedès, grand master of Malta, caliphs.

Emir of Mecca receives tribute Doria (Andrew'), admiral to from the grand feignior, IV.

Charles V., II. Doria (nephew to Andrew), Emirs, the descendants of Ma. . admiral of the Spanish fleet, homet.

Emperors of the Ottomans, no Dorojan, is made grand vizier itranger is admitted into their

by the rebels, IV. 86; de. presence without a chiau on thrones Muftapha Il., 94 ; each side to hold them by the loses his place, 97.

arms, I. 227; how they must Dorozensko, ethman of the Cof

manage to know any thing sacks, III. 239, 279:

of their subjects, I. 285; or. Dragut, admiral to Solyman I., der of their succession, 236;

II. 31; takes Tripoli, 32 ; their enthroning, IV. 39; is killed at the siege of no longer marry, II. 23; Malta, 95

inconveniencies that attend Drufes, who those people are, those who marry their daugh

II. 314; their country is re- ters, 1. 334 ; facrifice their duced to a province of the brothers to their own safety,

Mahometan empire, III. 33. Dumont (chevalier), concludes a English, send an ambassador to treaty, as knight of Rhodes,

'the P te, II. 202 ; injustice with the Turks at Conftan- done them by the Turks, tinople, I. 199.

III. 286.
Dunalma, a festival with illu- Eperies, surrenders to the Aus.

minations and feasts which trians, III. 341.
lafts seven days.

Esseck, furrenders to the Impe. Duquesne, enters the port of Scio, rialifts, III. 353.

and takes the pirates which Eugene, of Savoy, gains the had taken shelter there, III. battle of Zenta, 1ỹ. 48; of 289.

Peterwaradin, 228 ; takes Durazzo, taken by the Turks, Temeswar, 232 ; Belgrade,

237. Dutch, send an ambassador to Eunuch, general of an army, II. Conftantinople, II. 287. 3 ; grand vizier, 365, 373 ;

adventures of the wife of an E

eunuch, 111. 96.

Extortioners, punished, II. 261.
Efendis, ecclesiastics, their pri-
vileges, II. 245.

Egypt, conquered by the Turks,
I. 266.

Facardin, prince of the Druses, Elias, grand vizier, takes Bel. II. 314; III. 32; is strangled, grade, IV. 376, 380.



1. 223

II. 154.

II. 234

1. 17

Famagusta, taken by the Turks, Forgats (count), capitulates in

Neuhausel, III. 183.
Fatima, favorite sultaness to Ach. Foscolo, takes Novigrad, III.106.

met II., her intrigues, IV. 19. France, its treaties with the
Fatima, the daughter of Maho. Porte, II. 266 ; ill. 250;

met, and mother of his de. loses its right of protecting
fcendants, I. xi.

the Genoefe, IlI. 203 ; (the
Farma, widow of Amurath IV., king of), ftiles himself emperor

treats Ibrahim with disdain, in all treaties with the Porte,

III. 88.
Ferdinand, emperor of the Weft, Francis I. concludes a treaty of

is elected king of Hungary, alliance with Solyman I., II.
1. 341, 353 ; is obliged to

carry on a war in consequence Frangipani, a chief of the Hun.
of it, II. 7, 13, 14, 62.

garian malecontents,III. 240.
Ferhad, the cook, becomes grand Friday, the Mahometan fab.

vizier, II, 185, 198, 207, is bath, I. xvii.
deposed, 200, 209; com- Friuli, ravaged by the Turks.
mands in Persia, 197, 202 ;
in Hungary, 223 ; is made

caimacan, 219, 220 ; is fran.
gled, 224.

Gallipoli, taken by the Turks,
Ferielles, Jee Deferielles.
Fetfa, a sentence or mandate of Gangea, taken by the Turks,
the mufti.

IV. 286,
Fetigrade, taken by the Turks, Garcia (don), goes to the fuc.
1. 110,

cour of Malta, II. 110.
Feuillgde, fee Lafeuillade, Gallilufio, loses the sovereignty
Fezula, mufti, IV. 28; abufes of Lesbos, I. 160.
-. bis favor, 81, 83 ; is massa. Gauri, foudan of Egypt, loses

the empire and his life, I. 266.
Fierville (the marquis of), does Gaxilbeck, deserts the foudan of

a service to Charles XII., IV. Egypt, I, 268; is made ba.

fhaw of Aleppo, 281.
Filleck, taken by the Auftrians, Gaza, facked by the Turks, I,

Finances of the Turks, what Geangir, dies of grief and rage
they are, I. 282 ; II. 209; at the loss of his brother, II,

Fires, ai Constantinople, II. 4; Genoese, 1.85; II. 202; conclude
III. 87; IV. 17, 247.

a treaty of commerce with
Five-churches, surrenders to the the Porte, III. 203.
Imperialifts, III. 353.

Georgia, ceded to the Turks,
Florence ; inutility of the coun. IV. 344, who give it up, 356,

cil held there for the union Gerai, Jee Khan of Crimea.
of the Greek and Latin Gerbes, taken, 74•

churches, I. 99, 120, Graur, a dog, a name given by
Florence (the duke of), Jer Tuf. the Mahometans to thote

whom they regard as Infidels.

cred, 92.

II. 210,



Giou, a commander of the Or.

der of Malta, at the siege of
that place, II. 103.

Haram, the women's apart-
Godard (battle of St.), III. 195. ments, looked upon as in.
Gonzalo de Cordova, forces the violable among the Mahoa

Turks to conclude a peace metans, III. 369.

with the Venetians, I. 223. Harcourt, at the fiege of Candia,
Goletta, siege of that fort, I. IIJ. 218.
367, 369.

Hardec (count), furrenders Raab
Gran, taken, II. 20, 221; ceded to the Turks, II. 211.
to the Turks, 264.

Haye, fee Lahaye.
Greek empire, pays tribute to Hegira, the Mahometan epoch,

the caliph, I. Ivi, lix; torn by 1. xvii.
diffenfions, 17; ravaged by Hell, of the Mahometans, I.
the Turks, 2,6, 17, 18, 20, 55, xiv.

91, 1-13'; is destroyed, 138. Heritages, how divided among
Greeks, introduce their love of the Mahometans, I. xiii.

science into Europe, I. 22, Herrera (commander), at the
and of love of literature,138; fiege of Tripoli, II. 42.
refuse an union with the La- Hufler, his .conquests in Hun.
tin Catholics, 99, 120; their gary, III. 353; IV. 12.
fituation under the Turks, Hoberloe (count), commands in
140, 144, 157 ; IV. 249 ; Hungary, III. 191.
Selim ). wants to oblige them Holy Sepulchre, given up to the
to turn Mahometans, I. 262; Latins, IV. 252.
but countermands the order Hungary, its government, I. 327;
which he had given for that falls to the House of Auftria,
purpose, 266; their priests o. 353; becomes a hereditary

bliged to pay tribute, III. 386. kingdom, III. 317 ; ravaged
Grimani, beaten by the Turks, by the Turks, I. 328, 346,

1. 220; for which he is pu- 351; II. 5, 221; and rent
nished at Venice, 221.

by civil wars, 63 ; III. 294,
Gritti, commands in Hungary,

I. 348.

Housain, puts himself at the
Grolée, commander of the Order head of the rebels, II. 238 ;
of Malta, 1. 371.

is killed, 247
Guastaldo, takes Lippa, II. 28; Hunniade, his exploits, J. 97,

gets Martinuzzi afraffinated, 101, 114, 15!; dies, 154.

Husain (Shah), king of Persia,
Guerras (chevalier), at the fiege dethroned, IV. 256; mura,
of Malta, II. 83.


, 303
Guillerague, fee Deguillerague. Husain, grand vizier, IV. 51 :
Guimeran (commander), at the deposed, 74.

fiege of Malta, II. 103.
Gumir, betrays his trust in Per.

fia and becomes a favorite of
Amurath IV., VII.51,71, 79; Jacaia, his adventures, II. 311.
is strangled, 87:

lacub T belebi, brother to Baja-
Guntz, besieged, I. 352.

zet I., is strangled, I. 36.


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