Public Documents of Massachusetts, Հատոր 1

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Էջ 28 - But if he have any objection to the passing of such bill or resolve, he shall return the same, together with his objections thereto, in writing...
Էջ 30 - All the provisions of the existing constitution, inconsistent with the provisions herein contained, are hereby wholly annulled.
Էջ 9 - State (the exaction, therefore, not being susceptible of exceeding the sum which might be leviable directly thereon), and if payment be not made a condition precedent to the right to carry on the business, but its enforcement left to the ordinary means devised for the collection of taxes. The...
Էջ 51 - To insure upon the stock or mutual plan vessels, freights, goods, money, effects, and money lent on bottomry or respondentia, against the perils of the sea and other perils usually insured against by marine insurance, including risks of inland navigation and transportation...
Էջ 17 - What is to be considered a reasonable time for this purpose, does not appear to be settled by any precise rule. It must depend on circumstances. If no cause for delay can be shown, it would seem reasonable to require the demand to be made within the time limited by the statute for bringing the action.
Էջ 3 - ... since the eleventh day of March in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-one and of all such corporations as may be hereafter incorporated by special law shall be subject to amendment, alteration or repeal by the general court.
Էջ 175 - ... (e.) If there has been any former application for a requisition for the same person growing out of the same transaction, it must be so stated, with an explanation of the reasons for a second request, together with the date of such application, as near as may be.
Էջ xviii - The power of pardoning offences, except such as persons may be convicted of before the Senate, by an impeachment of the House, shall be in the Governor, by and with the advice of Council : but no charter of pardon, granted by the Governor, with advice of the Council, before conviction, shall avail the party pleading the same, notwithstanding any general or particular expressions contained therein, descriptive...
Էջ 63 - Said board may cause examinations of such waters to be made to ascertain their purity and fitness for domestic use or their liability to impair the interests of the public or of persons lawfully using them or to imperil the public health.
Էջ 57 - This policy may be CANCELLED at any time at the request of the insured, who shall thereupon be entitled to a return of the portion of the above premium remaining, after deducting the customary monthly short rates for the time this policy shall have been in force.

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