Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress

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Includes index and appendices.

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Էջ 192 - President of the United States of America, have caused the said Convention to be made public, to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.
Էջ 184 - Dominion' means any of the following Dominions, that is to say, the Dominion of Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia, the Dominion of New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, the Irish Free State and Newfoundland.
Էջ 185 - The existence of the reciprocal conditions aforesaid shall be determined by the President of the United States, by proclamation made from time to time, as the purposes of this Act may require.
Էջ 182 - ... form parts of libraries or collections purchased en bloc for the use of societies, institutions, or libraries designated in the foregoing paragraph, or form parts of the libraries or personal baggage belonging to persons or families arriving from foreign countries and are not intended for sale: Provided, That copies imported as above may not lawfully be used in any way to violate the rights of the proprietor of the American copyright or annul or limit the copyright protection secured by this...
Էջ 189 - Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela; BEING desirous that their respective countries may be represented at the Fourth International American Conference, have sent thereto the following Delegates duly authorized to approve the recommendations, resolutions, conventions and treaties which they might deem advantageous to the interests of America...
Էջ 190 - The acknowledgment of a copyright obtained in one State, in conformity with its laws, shall produce its effects of full right in all the other States without the necessity of complying with any other formality, provided always there shall appear in the work a statement that indicates the reservation of the property right.
Էջ 1 - To enable the Librarian of Congress to direct the Law Librarian to prepare a new index to the Statutes at Large, in accordance with a plan previously approved by the Judiciary Committees of both Houses of Congress, and to prepare such other indexes, digests and compilations of law as may be required for Congress and other official use...
Էջ 186 - March 4, 1909, now exists and is fulfilled in respect to the subjects of Great Britain and the British dominions, colonies and possessions, with the exception of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Newfoundland...
Էջ 37 - France; spécimens de composition et d'ornementation architectoniques, empruntés aux édifices construits depuis le règne de Charles VIII jusqu'à celui de Louis XIV, par Adolphe Berty ... Paris, A.
Էջ 187 - States at the time of the first publication of his work; or (b) When the foreign State or nation of which such author or proprietor is a citizen or subject grants, either by treaty, convention, agreement, or law. to citizens of the United States the benefit of copyright on substantially the same basis as to its own citizens...

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