The Last Things: Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven

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Ignatius Press, 1 янв. 1998 г. - Всего страниц: 167
While much of the world remains in neurotic flight from death, from the Judgment that ineluctably follows, it is vital to the vocation of the Christian that he face, unflinching, the Last Things, including that eternity of joy or woe awaiting every man born into this world.

How will we face the end? On whom does our hope finally rest? What are the very Last Things ever to be remembered? These and other breath-catching questions are examined in this book, whose pages abound with insight and imagery drawn from the rich patrimony of the Church's wisdom. Here is a fresh compendium of the thought of saints and sages as disparate as Augustine, Aquinas, Dante, Newman, Hopkins, Eliot, Lewis, James Joyce and Flannery O'Connor who adorn the pages of this literary/theological look at Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell.

Here, then, is a complete canvassing of the Last Things, whose understanding remains fixed on Christ and his Church, thus awakening that sense of hope on which we depend in our journey home to God.

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