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Tailor, origin of the word, 717.
Talbot inn, Borough, 45.

Talkington, George, casualties that befell,127.
Tanner, Dame, gleaning cake of, 346.
Tasting days, 447.

Taverns and inns, notices of, 41, &c. 49, &c.
Taylor, John, of Birmingham, notice of, 595.
Temple of Health, Dr. Graham's, 561; for
smoking, Mr. Gliddon's, 673.
Temple, Sir W., disposal of his heart, 460.
Tenter, (Bear and) boys' play, $64.
Thales and other ancients, 819. See Ancients.
Theatres. See Plays.

Thunder, opinions on, 632.
Tippets and scarfs, 235.

Thomson, poet, notices of, 108, 378, 588.
Thou and you, in poetry, 332.
Thread and thread-makers, 603
"Thyestes," old play, 645.

Tides, opinions on, 634.

Tie and bob wigs, 434.

"Time, the defeat of," 335.

Titles, 759.

Virtue and Death, dialogue between, 19.
Voice, restoration of, by anchovy, 544.
Volunteer reminiscences, 55.
Vortices, doctrine of, 377.

Wagstaff, Mr. E., 185.
Wake-Robin, a plant, 869.
Wakefield, custom near, 21.
Walker (Willy) and John Bolton, 409.
Waller, sir E., his tomb at Beaconsfield, 469
Walpole, sir H., and Hogarth, 290, 291.
sir R., notice of, 192

Walls of plaster advised for fruit, 141.
Wards, court of, abuses of, 76.
"Wars of Cyrus," old play, 621.
Warwickshire, custom in, 466.
Watchmen, (London) 523.

Water having the effect of fire, 535.
Wedding. See Marriage.

"Weston Favel History, &c.," remarks on

"Whims and Oddities," by T. Hood, 559.
Whittington, revolution house at, 513.

Tobacco, or a substitute, ancient use of, Wight, Isle of, custom in, 714.

771. See Ancients.

Toll, ungallant, 243.

Tours, a curious one, 291.

Townsend, (Bow street) evidence by, 149.
Trade, good and ill of, 211.
Tradition, picture of, 366.

Tragi-comedy and pastoral comedy, 621.
"Traitor, (The)" old play, 580.
Transmigration, explanatory of antipathies,


Trashing, 348.

Travelling, precautions for, 852, 364.
Treasure-digging, patent for, 413.
Treaties; one between W. Penn and the In-
dians, 417, &c.; treaty of Uxbridge, 521.
Trees; skeletons of, 325; a memorable elm,
421; noble trees near Amsterdam, 461;
superstition about passing patients through
a split ash, 465; trees poetically and na-
tionally considered, 469; height of the
cabbage tree, 471.

Tricks of the Fairies, 339.

"Triumphant Widow, (The)" old play, 232.
Troller's Gill, (The) 653.
Tromp, Van, gallantry of, 773.
"True Trojans, (The)" old play, 328.
Turk, the Great, 754.

Turnpikeman, (The) 684.

Tuum et Meum, 850.

"Twins, (The)" old play, 829.

Ugliness, naif admission of, 414.
Umbrella, clergyman's, 101.

Usurers; life of one, 72; a liberal one, 808.
Utopia, (sir T. More's) blunder about, 413.
Uxbridge, town and treaty of, 521.

Vega, Francis de la, adventures of, 188.
-, Lopez de, mysteries of, 113.
Venice, 251.

Venison, potted, curious notion about, 334.
Vines, notices about. 33, 628. See Grapes.
Viper's poison, 764.

VOL. II.-55.

Wigs, formerly general, 434.

Wilson, Rev. Mr., curious tract by, 252
-, professor of moral philosophy, no-
tices of, 279.

Wiltshire, custom in, 197.
Winter flowers, 787.

Witchcraft, decree against, 144; “burning
the witch," 582; guard against witchcraft,
583; the wise woman of Littondale, 776.
Wives; Mr. E. Wagstaff's, 185; lively let-
ter from one, 442; consolation for loss of
one, 479; evidence of affection in wives,
544; a wife taking liberties, 751.
Wizard's Cave, 747, 750.
Wolves; forests burnt in Scotland to exter-
minate them, 324.

Women; customs at lying-in, 23; former
freedom of society with men, 40, 41;
Egyptian compliment to, 405; ingenuous
admission of ugliness by one, 414; a
young one's pocket-book, 404; women
sheriffs and justices, 571; antiquarians'
supposed dislike to, 572; dower of wo-
men, 573; an amiable woman described,
"The Wise Woman of Littondale,"
777. See Wives.

Wood feast, 455.

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Augsburgh, (Diet of) commemoration medal Hervey, (author of Meditations) birth-place

of, 321.

[blocks in formation]


appearance of the heart,

Burnsal Lich-gate, 271.
Cigar Divan of Mr. Gliddon, 673.
Cooke, John, saddler, of Exeter, 353.
Coward, Nathan, 257.

Desk, (my) 193.

French assignat, 209.

Gilpin, Mrs., riding to Edmonton, 79.
Gimmal ring, 1.
Grassmere font, 272.

Hagbush-lane, Islington, view in, 385.

of, 367.

[blocks in formation]

-'s pulpit in the rock, 495.
North, Robert, of Scarborough, 687.
Penn, W., and the Indians, 417.
Quintain, (the) 175.

Ravensbourne, source of the, 641.
Revolution-house, at Whittington, 513.

66 Running horse, (the)" at Merrow, 705.
Shorland, lord, monument of, 317.
Sketch, (A.) 129.

Tobacco-pipes, Irish, 769.

Tree, (ash) used as a charm, 465.

a last look at, 785. Velocitas, (the) fly-boat, 559.

Harpham, St. John's well at, 545.

Watson, George, Sussex calculator, 57".

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