The Berry Papers: Being the Correspondence Hitherto Unpublished of Mary and Agnes Berry (1763-1852).

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John Lane, 1914 - 448 էջ
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Էջ 13 - There, Madam, surely this anecdote may take its place in the chapter of local fame. If I have picked up no recent anecdotes on our Common, I have made a much more, to me, precious acquisition. It is the acquaintance of two young ladies of the name of Berry, whom I first saw last winter, and who accidentally took a house here with their father for this season. Their story is singular enough to entertain you. The grandfather, a Scot, had a large estate in his own country, 5,ooo/.
Էջ 14 - Berry has since carried his daughters for two or three years to France and Italy, and they are returned the best-informed and the most perfect creatures I ever saw at their age. They are exceedingly sensible, entirely natural and unaffected, frank, and, being qualified to talk on any subject, nothing is so easy and agreeable as their conversation — not more apposite than their answers and observations.
Էջ 448 - STARS OF THE STAGE A Series of Illustrated Biographies of the Leading Actors, Actresses, and Dramatists. Edited by JT GREIN. Crown 8vo. zt. 6d. each net. *»* It was Schiller who said: " Twine no wreath, for the * . . since his work is oral and ephemeral.
Էջ 15 - They are of pleasing figures: Mary, the eldest, sweet, with fine dark eyes, that are very lively when she speaks, with a symmetry of face that is the more interesting from being pale; Agnes, the younger, has an agreeable sensible countenance, hardly to be called handsome, but almost.
Էջ 192 - ... that could constitute present enjoyment. But I looked forward to a future existence which I felt, for the first time, would have called out all the powers of my mind, and all the warmest feelings of my heart...
Էջ 451 - man from God" who saved Europe from the terrible peril of a Turkish dominion ; triumphs in Tunis ; glimpses of life in the luxury loving Italy of the day; then the sad story of the war in the Netherlands, when our hero, victim of an infamous conspiracy, is left to die of a broken heart ; his end hastened by fever, and, maybe, by the
Էջ 289 - She was in her very best manner, and her conversation is certainly uncommonly lively, odd, and clever.* What a pity that she has not a grain of common sense ! not an ounce of ballast to prevent high spirits and a coarse mind allowing her to act indecorously and ridiculously whenever an occasion offers.

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