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we may say: 'There is no salon now to compare with that of the Miss Berrys.'"

Besides the Journals and Correspondence now in the British Museum, the principal authorities for the life of Mary and Agnes Berry are the Diary of Lord Colchester ;XThomas Moore's Journals ; Letters to Ivy from the first Earl of Dudley ; Harriet Martineau's Biographical Portraits ; Lord Houghton's Monographs, Horace Walpole's Letters; and Warburton's Memoir of Horace Walpole and his Contemporaries ; Letters of Harriet, Countess Granville; Cobbett's Memorials of Twickenham ;x Clayden's Samuel Rogers and his Contemporaries ; Mrs. Brookfield and her Circle ; Horace Walpole's Twin-Wives (Temple Bar, March 1891); and Captain Hamilton's Cyril Thornton.

I am much indebted to Mrs. Charles H. E. Brookfield for the loan of a copy of Miss Kate Perry's privately-printed and exceedingly rare Reminiscences of a London Drawing-room, which contains much interesting information concerning the Berrys; and to Mr. A. M. Broadley, who has most generously permitted me to insert letters hitherto unpublished from the Countess of Albany, Maria Edgeworth, and Lord Jeffery, to Mary Berry; and from Mary Berry to Lady Hardwicke, Elizabeth Montagu, Mrs. Lamb, and Kate Perry, the originals of which are in his library. To the Rev. Henry W. Clark, the author of the admirable History of English Nonconformity, I owe many thanks for assistance rendered during the preparation of this work.


LONDON, July 1913.




Mary Berry's Notes of Early Life-Her silence concerning her father's

forebears—Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe states that her maternal

grandfather was a tailor-Her great-uncle Ferguson's career-His

childless marriage-His sister's sons, Robert and William, his natural

beirs—Robert Berry's early life—His marriage with Miss Seton

alienates his uncle—The birth of Mary and Agnes Berry—The

death of Mrs. Robert Berry-Ferguson wishes Robert Berry to

marry again-His refusal brings about a breach between them-

William Berry is informed that he, not Robert, will be his uncle's

heir—Mary Berry's life-long bitterness at the loss of fortune-Robert

Berry's weakness of character—The girls live with their grandmother

in Yorkshire-Robert Berry rents College House, Chiswick-His

daughters' education-Sir George and Lady Cayley-Mary Berry's

first suitor-The death of Ferguson-Robert Berry's legacy-Mary

Berry's dissatisfaction-a tour in the west of England -A visit to

Weymouth-With the Craufords at Rotterdam-A Dutch tour-

Switzerland and Italy -An autobiographical passage-Florence-

Sir Horace Mann-Turin-Rome– Naples-Montpellier-Paris--

Return to England - The Berrys after their return from abroad

-Their meeting with Horace Walpole—Their acquaintance with

him ripens into intimacy-Walpole's account of them—His affection

for the sisters—He laughs at the discrepancy in age between him

and them- Mary his favourite-He writes his Reminiscences of the

Courts of George I and George II for their entertainment-He

dedicates to them his Catalogue of Strawberry Hill-He introduces

them to the Conways-Caroline, Lady Aylesbury-Anne Seymour

Conway-Her artistic instincts—Ceracchi's statue of her as the

Muse of Sculpture-Her marriage with the Hon. John Damer-

Damer's extravagance-He commits suicide-Lady Sarah Lennox

on the ill-fated marriage-Lord Milton's brutal behaviour to his

daughter-in-law, Mrs. Damer-Mrs. Damer goes to her father's

house-She goes abroad-She rents a house in Sackville Street-

Lady Sarah Lennox's pen-portrait of her—Mrs. Damer's later life .

with Horace Walpole--His letters—His affection for them-His

longing for their company-He refuses their offer to return-His

jealousy of their friends-Unpublished correspondence of Mrs.

Damer and Mary Berry—The Berrys depart for Italy,Mrs. Damer's

devotion to Mary Berry-Dr. George Fordyce-M. and Mme. de

Bouffiers — Edward Jerningham, the charming man” - Lady

Melbourne-Mrs. Damer winters abroad-Lady Elizabeth Foster

-Mrs. Cholmeley-General Charles O'Hara - The Duke and

Duchess of Richmond-Lady Bristol-Giardini-Richard Cosway

-The Countess Albany, wife of “The Young Pretender”-An

accident to Mary Berry-Her ill-health-The rivalry between the

French and English captains of passenger-vessels at Calais-

Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France-Horace Walpole's

jealousy-Mrs. Elizabeth Hervey-Mrs. Buller-Cicero's Letters,

Lucan-Lady Aylesbury-Mrs. Damer's studio-She falls from the

scaffold --- Protestations of friendship-Lady Duncannon-Mrs.

Damer slandered in the Newspapers-William Combe expresses his

desire to apologise for his statements, Lady Mount Edgcumbe-

Mrs. Damer's statue of George III–The fate of the French Royal

family–Lady Mary Churchill-Walpole's indignation that the

Countess of Albany does not recognise the Berrys' name-The

Countess of Albany and Alfieri - Lady Frederick Campbell — Lady

Craven, Walpole suffers from rheumatism--Foolish paragraphs

in the World-Edward Topham-Mrs. Damer at Felpham-

Horace Walpole desires the Berrys to live at Cliveden after their

return to England–The Countess of Albany proposes to visit

Scotland-Lord Frederick Campbell-Mrs. Damer and her mother

- Madame de Cambis-Walpole's anxiety about the Berrys return-

ing via France—His appeal to them to alter their projected route-

Field-Marshal Conway-German inns—The Berrys' carriage breaks

down near Bologna

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The death of Mrs. Damer's half-sister, the Duchess of Richmond

Horace Walpole's illness and death-Mary Berry's account of his

last days-His will— Mary Berry edits his collected works—The

Berrys and Mrs. Damer in 1798-9—The Hon. Caroline Howe-She

is mentioned in Walpole's LettersAn appreciation of her by Mary

Berry-At Strawberry Hill-Mrs. Damer's private theatricals—The

production by amateurs of Mary Berry's comedy, Fashionable

Friends—The cast – Joanna Baillie- The play well received- The

author determines to secure a public representation—The second

Viscount Palmerston- The Peace of Amiens-Mary Berry and Mrs.

Damer visit Paris-Berthier, Cambacérès, Macdonald, Fouché,

Masséna, Mme. Recamier, Mme. de Staël, &c.— Presented lo

Madame Buonaparte—Napoleon Buonaparte - Fashionable Friends

produced at Drury Lane - The Berrys go abroad in October 1802-

At Nice—The death of Caroline, Lady Aylesbury-Mme. de

Staremberg-Amateur theatricals at The Priory-Correspondence

with Lord Hartington and Mrs. Damer-The propects of a new

war-Death of the Duke of Bridgewater-His will — Reported death

of “Old Q."-Sir William Hamilton's estate-Bridgewater House. 196



Agnes Berry's engagement to her cousin-- It is broken off-Agnes Berry's

illness— Miss Kate Perry's appreciation of her—The salon in Curzon

Street_Some frequenters— Mary Berry and Sam Rogers—“The

Dead Dandy”—The Berrys receive everybody and go everywhere-

Parties at Tunbridge Wells- Paul Amsinck, Master of the Cere-

monies-A game of whist-Mary Berry presented to the Princess

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