Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome: Comprehensive Clinical Review and Related Health Issues

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Steven E. Lipshultz, Sarah E. Messiah, Tracie L. Miller
Springer Science & Business Media, 05 ապր, 2012 թ. - 378 էջ

In just under three decades, the world has witnessed an enormous rise in obesity with a parallel growth in cardiometabolic disease risk factors characterized by insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and hypertension, together known as the metabolic syndrome - conditions previously unheard of in children and adolescents. During this time, we have little knowledge of the global and cumulative detrimental health effects of childhood obesity. As obese children age, not only will their health be negatively affected, but infertility and pregnancy complications associated with the metabolic syndrome will affect generations to come. The work force will undoubtedly be affected because of increased sick days and decreased work productivity.

Identifying children and adolescents at the earliest stages of chronic disease onset should be the goal of clinical practice, yet there is no clear guidance for defining the risk of metabolic syndrome or appropriate risk-factor thresholds in these groups. If children are identified early in the disease process, lifestyle and clinical interventions can be instituted when they are potentially more effective.

Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome: Comprehensive Clinical Review and Related Health Issues approaches the pediatric metabolic syndrome by elucidating its effects on specific organ systems and by considering the problem through understanding the social, psychological and economic consequences of it. The Editors have recruited an invited group of esteemed experts in the field to provide the most timely and informative approaches on how to deal with this health crisis. Through educating our practitioners, our future researchers, our health and community organizations, our legislators and our families and children, we have the best chance at improving the health trajectory of the next generation.


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Chapter 1 Why Should We Write a Book on Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome? Commentaries from Worldwide Experts
Chapter 2 Epidemiology of the Metabolic Syndrome in Youth A PopulationtoClinicalBased Perspective
Chapter 3 Perinatal Epidemiology of Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors
Chapter 4 Metabolic Syndrome in Childhood as a Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes
Chapter 5 Effects of Metabolic Syndrome on Atherosclerosis in Childhood
Chapter 6 Metabolic Syndrome and Associated Kidney Disease
Chapter 7 Metabolic Syndrome and Related Liver Diseases
Chapter 8 The Relationship Between Asthma Sleep Apnea and Other Respiratory Disorders and Childhood Metabolic Syndrome
Chapter 11 Childhood Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Risk
Chapter 12 Neurocognitive and Psychological Correlates of Metabolic Syndrome in Childhood
Chapter 13 Genomics of Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome
Chapter 14 Physical Activity Assessment and Intervention
Chapter 15 Nutritional Evaluation and Intervention
Chapter 16 Pharmacological Therapies of Metabolic Syndrome
Chapter 17 Bariatric Surgery to Reverse Metabolic Syndrome in Adolescents
Chapter 18 Moving Clinic and CommunityBased Practice into Policy to Address Child Healthy Weight and Vice Versa

Chapter 9 The Relationship Between Components of the Metabolic Syndrome and Bone Health
Chapter 10 The Relationship of Childhood Obesity with Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure

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