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Let us, however, be just. The late excel. Now here is a sum very nearly amountlent and worthy Under-Secretary for Ire- ing to two millions sterling, which, upon land, Mr. Drummond, was made aware of the face of the account itself, every body in the real state of the case shortly before his Ireland knows cannot be due. It is, and death; and with the energy that was so cha- every part thereof is, and always was, directracteristic of all his thoughts and actious- ly charged upon the grand jury cess, and (would that he had bequeathed it to some of payable thereout by regular instalments, with his surviving friends !)—asked at once to legal interest thereon. The county and know practically how the preparation of a city grand juries are required, nay, they are counter-return could be set about. The mode, not allowed a discretion by the acts of parliawhich was simple enough, was intimated ; ment which authorize the Board of Works and ere there was time to carry it into effect, to advance them respectively such sums as Mr. Drummond was called away. We shall they require, to present these instalments never look upon his like again. His enthu- for the payment thereof. They are bound siasm in pursuit of truth, and unwearying by law and by their oaths to present all such zeal therein, died with him. But this is no sums, no matter what the circumstances of question of personal character; it is, or ought their county or city at the time may be. to be, a plain matter of public duty; and / The judge of assize, or of the commission although too much precious and irrecovera-, by whose signature their presentments are ble time has been suffered to roll by, we fiated, is left no option or discretion in rehope, and we have a right to expect, that gard of them; and all these high and learnamong the host of placemen and expectants ed functionaries, and all the grand juries in that every government has at command, two Ireland must have entered into the national or three will be set to the useful work of pro- conspiracy to defraud, and inust have sought ducing a complete and satisfactory discharge the attaininent of their crime through forty in account, of the huge sum we have been years of wilful and corrupt perjury, before thus dis-credited with.

ihese TWO MILLIONS of Bull money could As specimens of the facility with which, have run in arrear, or justly become chargeby a reference to the public accounts, vast able as a deficiency against our nation ! items of this pretended debt to England Partial deficiencies there may have arisen might be struck off, we subjoin the following: in other items; but let us have at least a Gaols

£486,995 fair national reckoning, ere the interests and llospitals

435,167 the honour ofthe country are again impugned. Court Houses

80,414 This wretched thing is no account; will no Roads


Irish member move for one, and drag the Bridges


truth to light ? £1,977,749




II. Oh ! wake that sigh of song and sorrow

How many things-the bright, the fieeting, Retouch that chord, tho'sad it be ;

Fond mem'ry's mirror shews again; For memóry's charm still will borrow

Long buried friendships warmly greeting, Yes, even in tears,-a light for me.

Come smiling back to bless the strain ; As o'er this heart, when last her pinion

Like the sweet rose, its fragrance lending, Fond music swept, how sweet the strain;

When even its hues no longer bloom ; While fancy thro' her bright dominion

'Mid sorrow's blights, thus song ascending, Long sought the lay, but sought in vain.

Shall memory bless with its perfume. How blest, untraced through winged years,

How blest, untraced, through winged years, To catch that fleeting strain at last.

To catch that fleeting strain at last. Play on-play on-to-night our tears

Play on-play on-to.night our tears In charming Music-in mem'ry's Music wakes the past ! In charming Music-in mem'ry's Music wakes the past !

J: F.

This song, adapted to a beautiful French air, and arranged by Mr. Haverty, will be published by Mr. Novello, of London, early in the present month.

[blocks in formation]






ORIGINALLY A experiences again what all had believed to be

the “ odour" of the coming " sanctity." The VERILY, it is an odd system and a laughable sneezing over, the chief (for he happeneth that taking of snuff. Who first invented to be the head sage of their ethical, as he is it ? At the bottom of whatever cogitation the head warrior of their bellicose councils,) this question cost me, I think I have found, continues his speech; but in the fullness of if not a certainty, at all events a probability, his wisdom he pursueth the true scent at that to accident the discovery must be last, for he had observed whence the dust attributed, as in the history of the medi- arose, and what it was that the “ruffian cinal bark.

blast” had blown into his face. He now What is more easy than to imagine, first, explaineth the cause of the sternutatory choa set of Indians grouped round one of their rus, and of its immediately consecutive infires, exulting in the loud yells of their war Auence-and, himself beginning, obligeth song, and in the grotesque performances of each of his subordinates to take a pinch of their war dance ? Secondly, what more the half-burnt tobacco-dust, and apply it to easy than to imagine some leaves of the to- his nostrils, to ascertain if a similar effect bacco-plant finding their way to the fire- can obtain. Well a similar effect does obplace with the other materials of fuel ? tain, and the chief thereupon, to the infinite Thirdly, what more easy than to imagine satisfaction of his auditory, winds up his some of these leaves getting but a partial oration by telling them that the displeasure roasting—that kind of cracked crisping ne- of their deity would shew itself in the infliccessary to make them pulverescent ?tion of some bodily suffering, rather than in Fourthly, how easy to imagine, then, a such pleasing convulsion, such healthful breeze springing up, bearing the lighter concussion, as that they had just undergone, particles of this primeval“high-toast," nose- together with the co-instantaneous change ward among the dancers—diffusing such in- that had wrought upon them such (he was fluence, that the choral yells of triumph are the very first to think so) "agreeable titilchecked in their throats, and degenerate into lation of their olfactory nerves," such dulthe less unnatural but more convulsive whiz cet feeling of sleepy stupefaction. 'Twas of their sneezes ? Fancy, then, an unusual impossible that an offended deity could wake sensation coming over them, opiate-like and up an aroma like this. “No, offended deipleasurable, but, because it is unusual and ties will always have an offensive incense in its cause not understood, a little alarming. their (invisible though they be) advances, They would deem this overpowering odour as too well some of you know, if you recolto betoken the approach of some offended lect the Marsh of Muddy-flat, where Death deity—they wax brown-(their pale)-the sacrificed so many of our brave compeers." war song is hushed—the war dance ceaseth In short, nem. con. it was resolved that they -they squat upon the earth. At length, a were all delighted at the accident, and that committee of the whole forest (their each should keep about his person what box “ House") sitteth upon the occasion, and his artistic ingenuity could fashion, (their's the chief addresseth the assembly. Elo- were the first snuff-boxes,) in which he was quently does he advise them of some deity to have and to hold certain of the half-burnt offended ; eloquently does he recommend to dust of the tobacco-leaf, to excite, when he them what measures of appeasement must pleased, the sternutatory convulsion and the be observed; what presents offered; what agreeable titillation." By habit, however, victims immolated—when lol-the speaker the former effect was not so uniform, while, (squatted, as he is, to leeward of the fire, and on the contrary, babit appeared to strengthen in rather close propinquitude thereto) finds the latter. his face, on the sudden, covered with dust, What, I say, more easy than to imagine feels a kind of spasm in his utterance, shuts, all this? Nay, much more than this,-that with an involuntary compression, his eyes, some of the Spanish discoverers of America corrugates his nose, opens his mouth, and observed these Indians preparing and using




this powder; that, thereupon, they believed dogmatic disregard to, and defiance of, conit, at first sight, to be some “elixir vitæ," sequences, present or to come, keep turning full of magical virtues; that, in due time up his nostrils ! He cannot help it. They they learned, and exercised, and delighted become, as it were, his twin nurslings; they in this their Black art; that, soon were they have a perpetual appetency-an insatiable "up to snuff" with them-nay,“ a pinch or craving for their confection ; their bias totwo above them,” being able (we'll suppose) ward their food is fixed and unalterable to grind the weed in mills which they pre- their Schneiderian palates cannot tolerate viously used for other purposes ; and, lastly, any other. Neither will they bear to be that when they sent over (as they really did) spoon-fed,"- the plain finger and thumb to Spain and to Portugal supplies of this feeding will alone satisfy them. Differing singular weed, they also sent an account of from all other nurses, he hath no hope of the manufacture and use of the powder. weaning them even for a day, for they are By the Aborigines this weed was called spoiled in their rearing; they are not of the

petun"_alias, named by Hernandez de unsnuffing, chameleon family—the totalToledo, “Tabaco"-alias, by the French, abstinence society of Nose; they will not “Nicotiana," on their being first acquainted live on mere air-tangible, solid, substantial, with it through a certain John Nicot, whose must be their dietary, and that, too, liberally several merits are doubtless set forth by their supplied.

Three hundred and sixty-five proper biographers. Great indeed must pence a year it taketh to support them crethey have been, for they have awakened an ditably, to say nothing of the heavy bills of unparallelled revolution in European tastes the laundry nymphs, for their daily supply and smells-a revolution which, year after of apparel for them in the shape of silk handyear, hath continued to be further revolu- kerchiefs. For, though they drivel much, tionised down to this very day. Attributing yet are they not insensible to the propriety what verisimilitude you please, kind reader, -"emunctæ naris.” And, grey beard Anto this our origin of snuff, be it for you now tiquity, did I not bear an ill-will against to observe what happened in its progress. thee, I might speculate upon thy mossWhat at first was the genuine pulverized“ pe- grown nomenclature; first, taking my stand tun,"was afterwards adulterated with other in- upon the Nares, I might be tempted to prove gredients, as errhines- -but, hold--I have that thou hadst given this surname to the too great a solicitude for the unitiated to enu- nostrils, from some similarity of drivelling merate the errhines, narcotics, perfumes, &c. observable between them and thy Umbrian that are now available with the professors of river, Nar, that whilome (and may still, this Black art. I should not forgive myself " mutato nomine,” for aught I know) paid if I were thus to give an opportunity of more tribute to the Tiber. Avaunt, old dotard, I extensive imposition. Enough that the have not sympathy for thee. schools of this art are but too numerous al- Reader, dost thou not now recognise in ready in our several cities, if we judge from the midst of this twin family—these Siamese the men of colour, collossal and diminutive, Epiphyses,-my own especial that stand boldly over the shop windows, or, Dost thou not see them solicitous for my more ignobly, are hooked by the back to the countenance, and hungering pruriently for jambs of the doors. And, by the bye, this their accustomed sustentation ? Or, the use of black statues giveth a great colouring sooner to dissolve this figurative paternity, to my conjecture of the art having been a dost thou not see with what a meritorious liBlack art; for, may it not be probable that berality my left hand offereth the snuff to the Spanish manufacturers, for the speedier my nostrils, even while I am writing this-sale of their commodity, imported into their yet offereth so as with a sense of rightshops, as shopmen, some of the Americo- moreover, so as not to be eleemosynary, a Indians, or Negro slaves,-aware that at thing to raise a blush—but so as to lower traction was everything; and that our mo- down to zero all other“ voluntary systems” derns, without knowing it, are commemo- whatever, in the scale of the cheerful rating this custom in “ still life," as best is giving ? suiting to each one's taste for design. But beshrew all doubt and digression.

IN PRAISE OF MY WALKING-STICK, Now, it seemeth odd—very odd, that, al- Reader, art thou, like me, a bachelor ? though the snuff-taker hath ocular, or auri- And, if so, hath Nature afflicted thee, like cular, or gustatory, or all together, besides the myself, with an undue length of upper exdirect olfactory testimony touching the con- tremities, of which you know not how to disstituents of his snuff, yet doth he, with a pose when abroad, unless some young lady

care ?"


or old gentleman lean on you, or you lean thy waistcoat, of “ Fra Diavolo,” of “The upon somebody who may be willing to allow Mountain Sylph," or of“ La Sonnambula ?" the familiarity, as a conjuncture preventive Canst thou yet work up a stout-worthy spiagainst the gaucherie of movement which rit-an unstuinbling steadiness ? No;would inevitably arise, were the disengaged these performances cannot effect it; the unsupported arms to sway about ad libitum, co-opera-ting stick hath the only influence. against every rule of every sencing and every The arcs and circles, see how much bolder dancing master ? A happy alternative is -inore elevated—more enlarged are these left you, however, if you have not these which the stick maketh!

Sublimi feriam helps to get on; you have one excellent sidera vertice," whizzeth the stick' in its and often more satisfactory help-your twirlings; and, if the musical imagery be walking-stick.

“ still so gently o'er you stealing,” art thou When performing thy ambulatory sub- not in the light of Signor Negri, or other urban solo, didst thou deem it, as I have conductor, beating most excellent time for often deemed it, a kind of day-light som- whatever orchestra happeneth to perform in nambulism, in which, while the senses were thy head ? awake, all the vibrations—the impulses of But it must be a stick, not a stair-rod; thy cheerful temperament, were sleeping, while of an unpretending, it must not be of and slept on, till, first, the dawn of the a shillelah calibre; while simplex mundiexpected companionship broke gray upon tiis," I will, nevertheless, allow it eyes with and seemed to stir a little their sleepiness, a silver rim to them, and a tasselled string then shone at length, in the brightness that of unambitious colour and weft; while sufficompletely awakened them. And 'tis a ciently elastic, I must have it smooth, (I brightness-that which beameth from friendly hate the affectation of a stick which is a luintercourse; and more is it felt, deeper it sus naturæ, knarled, tortuous, full of wens goeth to the soul of such somnambulist, I and warts, and the like unsightly excresdare surmise, than to that of other man. sences) but not a whalebone contrivance, Now, in the absence of the friend you like that I once saw a fool give nine shillings lean upon, or of the friend who leaneth upon for the most truly effeminate utensil (I you-ere the coming--the approach of the don't call it stick) I ever saw. What, think wished for dawn and the brightness, how you, was its handle ? An ebony cigar tube ! have you got on? How could you get on with a little square speck of silver insertion, with a mind at ease, if deprived of your alter- for the engraver to mark fool upon it, the native—the walking-stick ? Under these name of the purchaser. Below this handle circumstances you hunger after a something was a little circular band of silver, to which companionable, the stiek becometh a sub- was appended a small ring, to which was stitute for you; you thirst after the gush- fastened a very bushy tassel, almost as big ings of mirth, 'tis the wand (if you are Irish) as that of a bell-pull! Think of a huge that striketh and bringeth them out of you; bulky man, in his senses, in the open day, you are cold, 'tis your third leg to help on in a large city, going into a shop to purthe circulation ; you are lamed, 'tis a crutch chase this! Look at him in the crowded to you; you are blind, verily, it is a staff street endeavouring to walk with it! See, to you. I defy you to get on with the sure he scarcely toucheth the flags with it! It footedness,—the untroubled tramping of feeleth light-fragile to him as a very barley straightforwardness, do what you may or straw! Nevertheless, mightily is he proud can, without the aid of your stick. Aye- of it, and why? Alas! for the very reason do-do if you like-yes, yes—take off the of all others that would induce any other glove from the left hand and place it in the man to leave it in the Bazaar, viz., because already gloved right hand; coax, if you like, he seeth no other man using the like; beyour left thumb into the arm-hole of your cause he panteth after novelty! No, no, a waistcoat, leaving the four fingers without stick to be a stick is not to be a curiosity; to play pianowise upon your breast. Let or, if it be, then let it have place in the mume see you move on now. I put it to you seum of an Academy of Arts, as a specimen

- your hand is on your heart-I put to you, of the crooked perverseness, the plastic cado you feel yourself walking independently ? priciousness, the unmeaning eccentricity Of what avail how much or how often thou that artistic skill will, in its periodical fits of mayest twist and twirl that glove ? Of what insanity, exhibit, just as it does in another avail the aerial arcs and circles thou art de- walk of art among our Cruikshanks. I scribing with it? Of what avail the imagi- would, on the contrary, have your stick give nary "uvertures" thou wouldst play upon you a certain share of support. In the prosy




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