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he had met the evening before at dinner, tell him I-Mr. Cornelius O'Sullivan, you'll that he would do him the favor of an early remember-solicit the honour of a word visit, in which his lordship proposed to ac- with him. Asleep! you say--pho, pho, company him.

wake hiin up, then, and tell him that I To hear was to obey with Ulick. His wouldn't have troubled him to-night if my toilet was made, himself seated in his friend's business could keep till morning. Go away, cab, and his interview commenced and con- and shew me to his sitting room. cluded with the minister in a space of time On Ulick's entering his drawing-room, in incredibly short—and confortably conclu- answer to this summons, he discovered a sive to our hero, on whom it imposed an good humoured, merry-eyed, middle-aged office of no great labour, with a hundred man, seated at a table with various deeds and pounds each quarter day as a set off against papers spread before him. fatigue.

“ I have travelled so far and fast," he said, Meantime the Eltons proceeded in their as he rose to meet Ulick's bow, “ to impart bustle, and elated as he was with his own my pleasant intelligence, that I wished to escape from poverty, it still was a drawback have it told before I slept another night on his joy to witness their departure; and it upon it. You are of course aware of your was not until the coach had whirled away, close relationship to Lord Kilroan, Mr. and he had time to analyze his own sensa- Blake ?”. tions, that he began to suspect that his sor- Perfectly aware of it, sir.” rows were not single, and that the quiet and He is dead, and by this time buried. gentle beauty and never tiring kindness He caught cold shooting wild geese on his of Fanny Elton, had made and left im- own lake, and so, poor gentleman, a fever pressions which added pangs to parting, and finished him. You will also, doubtless, remade him miserable amidst all his good for member that he had a brother ?” tụne. It was not, indeed, the first time that “ Remember it—surely." he had checked the feelings in her favour “ It was a strange circumstance, but we which he felt it impossible altogether to have a very peaceable gentleman in our withhold ; but he did so, and from the neighbourhood, that wouldn't raise his hand honest feeling that, with a fortune of £15,000 to a cat, nor never did in the way of anger, she was a prize to which he had no right to until he was cruelly provoked to it by have aspire. “ But now," he said, “now that I ing the lie thrown in his teeth by your unhave placed my foot on the first step of For- fortunate cousin ; and then, faiih, the first tune's ladder, let me try whether industry pistol he erer fired went souse into the and integrity of purpose cannot advance me, bowels of the man that offended him, leaving and then

him a dead man as well as his brother; so Thus thinking, he commenced his career that you see it is said by their ill-wishers, in the immediate department of the Mar- that the one got himself shot like a goose, quis's friend, and under his own patronage, and the other got his death by goose shootfilling up his spare hours in study, in order ing.” to do honour to his friend and credit to him- “ This is strange news, sir.” self; and always welcome to that table and “But mighty pleasant for you, sir; for I fireside, which, amidst all their warmth and am deputed by your mother to carry you splendour, exhibited nothing so genial or her blessing, this letter, and the tidings of brilliant as the kind heart that presided your being for the last three days my Lord there.

Viscount Kilroan, with as pretty an estate Months, three-four-six rolled by, and as any nobleman need wish to hunt over. at his first vacation, he was preparing for a And now, my lord, that I have told my tale, week's trip to Bath to see his friends the I will leave these credentials, and call at ten Eltons, when late at night—so late as to to-morrow morning.” He made his bow make the thing remarkable, the hall-door of and withdrew, leaving his auditor literally so his lodgings was visited by a sharp and in- astounded with the suddenness of his good cessant clamour, which sent the “man of all fortune, as to render thought or utterance for work” from his position at the kitchen fire, the present all but impossible. reeling and staggering along the passages, His visitor had withdrawn, and he had sate and up the stairs, to quiet the vehement de down to reflect calmly on his elevation, mand.

when once more the servant appeared to say “ Mr. Ulick Blake-he lives here ? So. that another man, who had arrived at the Is he at home ? Yes, very well-in bed, same time as his former visitor, was still you say no matter, give him this card and waiting below and demanded to see him.

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" Shew him up by all means,

John.” and all this re-commencement of a foolish The man entered the room, very dissimi- career bears date from the arrival of his lar in appearance to Mr. O'Sullivan. It friend, Mr. Chapman, in Bath—is it not was Elton's old and confidential servant, so ?". Thompson. He looked jaded and harassed. * It is indeed, sir. I fear that even my Ulick started forward on seeing him. dear young lady's fortune has not escaped.

“Good heavens, Thompson ! you here, I heard Mr. Chapman urging him the other and at this hour. What, in the name of day to use it.” mercy, has happened ? Your master—is “ I never was mistaken in Mr. Chapman. he well or ill ?'

He is a fox who it must be my business to “ Well, sir,

unkennel, and I will and can do so-or I “ And-and-Miss Elton ? How is she? am mistaken. I have got on his track, and -how does she ? Why do you put your it will be my own fault if he escape ine. handkerchief to your eyes ? Speak! Can

you bear the fatigue of an immediate “I have a right to grieve for her, sir.” return ?"

“ Then she is-am I to understand—that “ The chaise is waiting, sir; my poor she is dead ?"

young lady's last directions to me were to “ Good lack, no sure, sir,” said the old entreat of you to come to her if possible man rapidly, “ I didn't say that—bad as it without delay, as my master's temper and is, it aint so bad as that."

habits are so greatly changed that she is in Ulick felt a mountain removed from his despair about him." breast; he threw himself into a seat, and • Ulick sat down, and wrote a note of apothe man proceeded to tell his story, sad in logy to Mr. O'Sullivan, begging of him to its details, although not altogether unex- follow him to Bath if possible, whither urpected by the hearer, froin recent reports gent business had obliged him to go : and which had reached him.

this done, another half hour saw him on his “And so, my good Thompson, this is the road to Bath, determined on two things—to sum total of your inelancholy story. Your save the brother from destruction if he could, master is, as you fear, ruined by his own im- and to marry the sister if she would have prudence-positively rejected by Sir Jasper, him. whose doors have been closed against him;


“ But what the dickens is a poor fellow to into a sort of an uneasy slumber, Mr. do, Mr. Patrick, when he's in for it, and Patrick; but so sure as I begin the morning can't help himself ?”

by resolving not to think of her, the devil a “ Can't you try and reason yourself out haporth else I can do for the remainder of of it, Denny ?"

the day." “Raison myself out of it! and sure I “ Pho I forget her, man, forget her; there did try and raison myself out of it, 'till I are as good fish in the sea as ever were bothered the heart and sowl out of me with caught, and as pretty girls in the parish as the fair dint of trying to forget her, and her Mary Dacey; why can't you fall in love eyes, and her ways, and them words of her with some of them ?" that slidders out of her mouth, as if every Aye, faith! why can't I ! that's just the one of them was butthered with honey, and question I ask myself, too, a hundred times so they do, and be danged —, ha! ha!” and a day; and so I would fall in love with one the lover cut at a thistle, and laughed, and or other of them, only just as I'm about it, blushed at his own vehemence.

up starts Mary Dacey plain before my face, “Well, well, and the result of all your and damn the tve-God forgive me for reasoning - ?"

swearing—but not a sweet word more can I “ Result, is it ? the devil a result it had squeeze out of myself for love or moneyat all, only to leave me worse than it found that's the truth for you, Mr. Patrick.”

See here, sir; this is ever and always “ It's a hard case, I acknowledge, Denny ; the way with me; now and then I'm easy but what can I do for you

? for a start, when I try and coax my thoughts " That's what brought me here, sir; they


are your tenants as well as myself; and if “ But I'm not jealous of her, sir, thanks you'd speak for me ?"

be to God! she's like Phil Bradley's filly; “ I did so.”

if I can't catch her myself, no one else can “ But again, sir; they say a girleen is —but then the filly comes to the hand after never so sure of her own inind as not to wish her frolic's over, there's the difference," and to change it now and then, may be ; she's he closed his simile with a sigh.” better and handsomer than others—at least “ But couldn't you contrive to make her in my eyes, God help me, but still—sure jealous of you? Now do you take me ?" isn't she but a woman after all ?"

“ Never take me if I do, then, Mr. “But she doesn't love you, it seems ?" Patrick, until you insense me a bit farther if

“Who says that ? she didn't go so far- you please, sir.” did she ?" said the lover, with a face glow- "Why every one knows that you're a ing like a furnace.

likely young fellow, that might pick and Why-no, not to me, for I never asked choose out of the whole parish if you liked, the question; but if she loves you, why don't only for this love fit of yours for old Dacey's she marry you ?"

daughter." “The devil a know I know, Mr. Patrick, “ He is old, sir, but he's a dacent man, what's the raison of it, saving, that like the too." pigs, she is always bent on being contrary." • Very true, now let me see; to-morrow Then you think she does love


?" Keeran's child is to be christened, isn't it ? The poor young fellow saltered—then Yes; bye the bye, I am to be the godfather sniggled a little—then pulled up the waist- - I promised him I would. Well, as it his band of his breeches, and then suddenly first, and a boy; and coming into snug said

quarters, of course all the neighbours wilí “Why, then I think she does—tho', by be there-girls and all, to welcome it home.” the gorra's, I don't say that neither, for if " I suppose so, sir; Tom's not the man she does, why doesn't she tell me so out of the to keep his bottle corked or his neighbours face. I'm well enough to do in the world— dry.” but then, again, she ever and always had Very good; there will be a dance of ways of her own with her.”

course; now couldn't you contrive to dance « Queer ways, Denny-eh ?"

with another girl, and to sit by her and pay “ Quare enough, sir; for what she thinks attention to her-in short, what I mean is, handsome that she'll stick to, like a burr to that by seeming to neglect Mary for another, a breeches, or a mouse to a meal bag—not you will make her think of you, and regret a lie I'm telling you, sir, though you may your loss." laugh at my hillus-teration, as Mr. Coghlan If I could think that, Mr. Patrick ?" below, the schoolmaster, calls it."

And, under the influence of his young Well, now, Denny, if you think she landlord, he did think it at last, and between loves you, why don't you teaze her a little ?" them a plan was concocted (indeed we should

“ Taize her, is it? by the sun that shines rather give the credit of it to the friend, as I dursn't only think on such a thing, man. the lover was induced to join it by strong Taize her! why she's as unaisy to come intreaty,) by which Denny was to exhibit near in the way of kindness as a gallopping a spirit of contumacy, which, according to pig in a potato furrow-never take me if the views laid down, was to try the loving she isn't. For a shake hands or that a-way mettle of pretty Mary Dacey. Nay, so she's quiet and friendly enough, and she decided was the trial io be, so minute the loves the boords, and takes to a jig as kindly preparations for that event, that it was even as another; but as to putting an arm round arranged who was to be the favoured fair for her waist, or slipping it over her neck, or the time being; and although the selection stealing or struggling for a kiss, just as a of Ellen Niall was rather the suggestion of gentle taizing, as you called it

Mr. Patrick than his own, still as she was “Yes, but I didn't mean that sort of admitted on all hands be a very pretty teazing, Denny."

girl, and supposed by many to have a sort “Didn't yon, sir; I'm sure I know no of sheep's eye after Denny himself, he could other; that comes natural to one, I think.” offer no feasible objection, and therefore sub“So it does, but it won't do in this case." mitted, merely observing that, " after all,

Augh! I know that,” said Denny with may be Ellen was as good as any, for she a dejected air, as he thought of it.

was always ready for fun, no matter who Suppose you try what jealousy would was the promoter of it; ever on the floor, do ?"

whoever pays the piper ; a neat hand at a

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joke, wherever she foundit; like a young grey- forth her fruits in summer, and she that can
hound, the man that followed the hare was do it so gaily. Sure it's a sort of midwife
her master. To be sure there were people," I am to her, sir, and well she pays me, I'll
he continued, “who said she had two ways not deny it. If I help her at a pinch, she
in her, and neither of them good; but many is always sure to return the favour. Well,
a man says more than his prayers; and as sir, about the lease, if you please ?"
for the women, God bless thein, and send But Denny, with all his eloquence and
them civiler tongues in their heads, sure the humour, could get no promise of any kind.
man that said they butter their bread with It was in vain that he reminded his land-
scandal, might have told a lie—and no doubt lord that his forefathers and his forefathers
he did-although," argued Denny, “when I always found it handy to know each other's
hear them betimes over the tea-pot, I can't mind; but Denny forgot to add (or indeed
help thinking it a pity he came so desperate he did add it without apparent effect at pre-
near the truth without hitting it.”

sent) that none of his progenitors had had Mr. Patrick laughed, and so did Denis; his own prudence and proper agricultural and that plan arranged, Denny looked serious education. With all his natural love of frolie again, and set off on a new and very differ- and waggery, there wasn't a grain of vice or ent score.

idleness in his composition. It must be an * And now, Mr. Patrick, if you've another early lark whose song was heard before moment to spare, sir, I'd like to ask another Denny was a field in the morning; and question or two respecting that lease.” never a horse in his yoke, as he was wont to “What lease, Denny, do

you mean ?" say, worked harder, or supped better than “ The lease of my farm, sir, surely." himself. Signs on it, every thing throve

Why it's not out yet, nor won't be for with him, for every thing was done on sysGod knows how long-seven or eight months tem. His neighbours called him one of I believe; time enough between this and the new lights, but he laughed at or banthat to think of it, you know.”

tered them; sowed clover with his barley; “ True for you, sir,


father used to took only one corn crop where they had say that he's the best manager that provides three; had the best swedes and the heaviest beforehand ; the never an egg a bird lays mangel in the country; took as much care 'till she has a warın nest under her—no one of his manure heap as he did of his cows, but a cuckoo does that, and every one knows, and as much care of his cows as he did of the thief of the world, that she daren't shew himself—“ more, by dad !" as old Dick her nose in the day light.”

Dacey used to say, *“ for they had a range “Well, you are no cuckoo, at all events." of stalls that might sarve a duke, and better

“God forbid, sir; I wouldn't leave any- bedding than thousands of Christians." His thing willingly to chance, if I could pre- ploughs and harrows were perfection; his vent it honestly; it's not my way, and that's system of draining equal to every thing else; the reason I'd like to make a bargain with he had built a new barn, added a room or you about a renewal of my little place, in two to his cottage, squared his fields-pho! order that I may know how I ain to stand, he was a man after Martin Doyle or Mr. and for fear I should owe any man a penny.” Blacker's heart—and, above all, was a sub

“Why, I haven't made up my inind on scriber to the Irish Farmers' Magazine, and the matter;


land is the the only man in-God knows where, who best in the country ?"

possessed a sub-soil plough, and--and a“So it ought, faith, sir; feed a lean cow lactometer !! It is unnecessary to hesitate on clover, and it's not thinner she'll be get- about naming the instrument, for few of his ting any way; don't I treat it as Brian treats neighbours could pronounce it at all. At a his flashy wife—always dressing her up to word, he was a sample of what a sober, inkeep her in humour."

telligent, and provident agriculturist ought “You have been an improving tenant cer- to be in every country; of what they really tainly," said his landlord, coolly.

are in most, and of what we hope never to “ I couldn't be otherwise, sir; there isn't comb a grey hair until we see them become an inch of the ground that I haven't played in our own dear country. over-aye, in my grandfather's time, before For good and racy humour, an honest and ever my own father came into possession confiding heart, and an enthusiastic love of that was; and, by the powders, I think it his hearth and homestead, no human being would look like a sort of manslaughter to could surpass him. He loved industry and let my ould play-fellow, as I may call it, go integrity, because the first brought him a without giving her plenty of help to bring weighty purse, and the other secured bim

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a quiet conscience; he exulted in his labours, in her vicinity that would have forgiven the and added item by item to his hoard, in theft, and willingly compromised with the order that this again might be expended on felon. Let us hear her speak : his darling fields—the play-fellows of his “ I'll dance with him certainly, mother; infancy, as he called them in his national that is, if he asks me." poetical idiom--and while he spent guinea “ No fear of that, Mary; though to tell after guinea on them, and on his offices and heaven's truth, you don't deserve it at his houses, perhaps the last thought that came hands, poor fellow." into his head was any thing that even ap- “And why, mother dear ?" proached towards a doubt that his new lease "I'll tell you why, then," said the father, wasn't as secure as if it lay by the side of from the inside of the large fire-place, where the old one in the mahogany drawer beside he sat smoking his evening's pipe. “I'll the parlour fire. Major M'Neill, his pre- tell you why, then, you don't deserve it, sent landlord's father, had promised it; true, Mary Dacey ; because you use the man he was dead; but Mr. Patrick was his oldest like a dog, and worse than many a dog is acquaintance—the most intimate of his early treated—that's the reason, so it is.” playmates; their degrees were different, but " It is without my knowledge and against childhood laughs at rank and links with con- my will, then, father, if I do," said Mary, geniality; he had followed his gun, hunted meekly; "he's not the man to be ill treated his hound, landed his salmon, shared of without a cause, and he never gave me any." his cup

and his couch, and wept at his de- I believe you, faix,” said the mother, parture " for some foreign college, Cam- if making a fool of himself for your sake something he thought they called it.” Mean- isn't doing it. I tell you what, Mary dear, time, he himself was drafted off to an agri- neither myself nor the father beyond can cultural school, and had buried his parents, make you out at all respecting that boy. assumed their place, and profitted amply by You say you don't mislike him. the knowledge he had gained, long before “No, mother; God forbid !" Mr. Patrick had returned from London and “ And every one knows that he doats on Paris, to close his father's eyes, and take the very ground you tread upon.” his place.

A gentle sigh was her answer. We have seen what his advice was to “Well and good; no one can deny that Denny Dolan, and having done so, let's sol- a better woinan than ever stood in your shoes low our story into the cottage of the capri- might go further and fare worse.' cious colleen whom he loved, if not wisely, “ I won't deny it, mother dear, at all but too well—the pride of his heart, the events," said her daughter with a smile. apple of his eye-and the one drop of bit- “ Hasn't he full and plenty ? isn't he quiet, ters in his otherwise sweet and well sea- sober, and industrious? who is there in the

whole barony can touch him for good huShe was an acknowledged beauty, and yet mour or fine talking ? the never a one, I'll no one could tell where her beauty lay. be bound, and what more would you have ? She was not a portrait painter's beauty cer- answer me that ?" tainly (let us except Lely and Rothwell); Nothing, mother; I would wish for there were no picturesque points about her. nothing more.” There are passages in M•Cready's acting- Then, in the name of the Father, why in Madame Caradori Allen's singing-in don't you take him, and not be waiting and Wordsworth's best sonnets—in Shakspeare's waiting until Bessy Brian, or Mag Fahy, or Richard the Second, as old Kean used to re- Ellen Niall she stopped short, for at cite them and there are a thousand scenes the moment Mr. Patrick M'Neill entered as you sail up the Shannon, that would be the room. apt to remind such a man as Charles Lamb “Ellen Niall," he asked, “wasn't that the of her, for instance, and tempt him to fur- name you mentioned, Mrs. Dacey ? what, nish her forth in his quaint but excellent have you heard the report, too ?" manner

" What report, Mr. Patrick ?"

“ About her and Denny Dolan; they say She stole upon my heart, and ere I knew I liked he is going to marry her.” By heaven I loved her.

Who says ?" said old Dacey, from his Long life to old Beaumont and his 'twin hob, in the manner of one who asks after star! Yes, she stole upon you—that's the tidings that are sure to be any thing but proper phrase; and when she had a furtive pleasant when told. possession, there were more than one or two Why, I can't say particularly who says

soned cup.

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